The Biggest Loser's twelfth season eliminated Bonnie Griffin during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's ninth episode.

Bonnie, a 63-year-old retired payroll supervisor from Picayune, MS, became the ninth contestant ousted from the competition's twelfth season after she finished with the lowest weight-loss percentage at the Week 9 weigh-in, which featured the seven remaining contestants weighing-in individually as singles, and was subsequently voted off by the rest of the season's cast.

"Tonight, it's a good feeling. I feel like I've accomplished what I came here for. I don't have to stay to the very end. I can go home and continue this journey at home. I just can't thank you all enough. You've really given me an opportunity of a lifetime and I'll never forget the nine weeks that I spent here. This Biggest Loser ranch changed my whole life and I feel like my world is just beginning all over again," Bonnie said following her ouster.

The Biggest Loser's ninth twelfth-season episode began following the elimination of Joe Mitchell, a 46-year-old home health therapist from Knoxville, TN, after the competition's eighth weigh-in.

The season's remaining contestants met with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney and learned they'd be competing in a pentathlon challenge over the course of the week. Alison explained they would participate in five different events but would no longer be able to rely on their teammates, as for the rest of the competition, they must fend for themselves as singles.

Each contestant could earn between one and seven points for each event based on the rules or finishing order. The person to do the best in a challenge or come in first place would receive seven points, the second-place finisher would earn six points and so on, until the person to do the worst at the event or come in last place would earn only one point.

Alison told the contestants the person at the end of the week who accumulated the most overall points would win immunity at the weigh-in, while the person with the least amount of points would receive a one-pound disadvantage on the scale. 

Alison went on to explain that for the first time all season, there would be a yellow line at the upcoming weigh-in in which two individuals with the lowest weight-loss percentages would fall below a yellow line and face elimination, forcing the safe contestants to vote one of them out of the competition.

The pentathlon's first event required the contestants to rank the other players in the order they thought they most deserved to be The Biggest Loser based on any criteria but they could not judge themselves. Once they cast their secret votes, the votes would be tallied and the results revealed at the weigh-in.

The second event instructed the contestants to line up behind their name. Each contestant had three pegs, had to run across a tennis court and grab a cover with their names on it, and then place the cover over an opponent's pegs. Once all three of a player's pegs were covered, they'd be out of the competition and the last person standing would win the seven points for the challenge.

Sunny Sinclair finished the event in first place and was followed by Rebecca "Becky" Comet, Antone Davis, Bonnie, Vencent "Vinny" Hickerson, John Rhode, and Ramone Medeiros.

The third event required the players to compete in a trivia game in which Alison asked them seven multiple-choice questions about nutrition. Each contestant received one point for every question they answered correctly. Antone won the game with six points, Vinny came in second place with four points, Becky, Bonnie, and Ramon tied for third with three points, John received two points, and Sunny came in last and only got one point. 
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The pentathlon's fourth challenge featured the contestants using ropes to pull themselves across the length of a pool. If they fell into the water, their turn was over in that spot and the players could only watch their opponents perform the task once their own turn was over.

Sunny finished with the fastest time in first place. She was then followed by John, Vinny, Antone, Becky, Ramon, and Bonnie.

The last of the pentathlon's events required the contestants to run a mile as fast as they could, showing how much they've improved from their first day on the ranch when they attempted to run a mile at their heaviest weight.

Ramon ran the mile the quickest and was followed by John, Sunny, Antone, Becky, Vinny, and Bonnie.

All the contestants worked out with The Biggest Loser trainers Bob Harper, Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince between challenges.

Later on, The Biggest Loser's ninth twelfth-season elimination weigh-in commenced. Alison reiterated how the yellow weigh-in line worked and then revealed the voting results from the week's first of five challenges and the overall results of the entire pentathlon.

Antone and Becky received seven points from the vote, Sunny earned five, Bonnie, Ramon and Vinny got four points, and John only received one point.

As for the overall results, Antone won the pentathlon with 26 total points and received immunity for his success. Sunny came in second place with 25 points and Becky finished in third with 22 points. Vinny received 18 points, John and Ramon each earned 17, and Bonnie came in last place with 13 total points. Bonnie received the one-pound disadvantage.

The contestants then stepped on the scale one by one to learn their fate.

Antone, a 44-year-old restaurant manager and former NFL player from Knoxville, TN, shed nine pounds over the course of the week after he dropped from 348 pounds to 339 pounds.

Bonnie fell from 213 pounds to 208 pounds after she lost five pounds. She posted a 1.88% weight-loss percentage, which included her one-pound disadvantage.

John, a 40-year-old special education teacher and football coach from Mesa, AZ, posted a 2.82% weight-loss percentage after losing nine pounds. He dropped from 319 pounds to 310 pounds.

It was then time for Vinny, a 27-year-old songwriter and entertainer from Nashville, TN, to weigh-in. Vinny shed 10 pounds and posted a 2.90% weight-loss percentage after falling from 345 pounds to 335 pounds.

Sunny, a 41-year-old fifth grade teacher from Frisco, TX, dropped from 216 pounds to 207 pounds after losing nine pounds total and posting a 4.17% weight-loss percentage.

Becky, a 51-year-old math teacher from Benton, AR, posted a 2.15% weight-loss percentage. She shed four pounds after she fell from 186 pounds to 182 pounds. 

Ramon, a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Florence, CO, was the last contestant to step on the scale for the week. He dropped from 280 pounds to 273 pounds after he lost seven pounds and posted a 2.50% weight-loss percentage.

As a result, Bonnie and Becky fell below the yellow line and the other contestants had to deliberate to decide which of the two contestants would be eliminated from The Biggest Loser's twelfth season. 
Bonnie told the group she wanted them to vote her off the ranch because she felt she was in a good state of mind where she could walk away, see her family again and begin the next chapter of her life. Bonnie pleaded that she wanted Becky to stay instead and hoped she would succeed.

The contestants then revealed their votes and Alison announced three votes cast for Bonnie were enough to constitute for her elimination. If the vote ended in a tie, the person who posted the lowest weight-loss percentage would automatically be eliminated. 
In a post-elimination update, Bonnie, who started The Biggest Loser weighing 254 pounds, said she currently weighs 186 pounds. She explained she felt like she was 40 years old again and wanted to show the world that it doesn't matter how old you are, it's never too late to get fit and healthy.