The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation switched up Dolvett Quince and Jennifer Widerstrom's teams and eliminated Sarah Gilbert during the second half of Monday night's double episode on NBC.

Sarah, a 27-year-old make-up artist from Perry, GA, became the fifth contestant ousted from The Biggest Loser after she fell below the red line by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage on her team. As a result, she was automatically cut from Dolvett's red team, who lost the weigh-in to Jen's black team.

The broadcast began with host Bob Harper announcing the teams were going to be switched up. Most contestants were comfortable with their teammates and trainer, so no one was really excited about this game-changer.

Dolvett's new red team was comprised of Sarah, Jacky Kmet, Roberto Hernandez, Stephen Kmet, Rob Kidney and Felicia Buffkin.

Jen's new black team was made up of Tonsheia "Toy" Grandison, Luis Hernandez, Colby Wright, Lauren Clark, Erin Willett and Vicki Clark.

Heading into the weigh-in, Jen's team had a two-pound advantage on the scale. They gained a three-pound advantage for winning the week's main challenge, but then one pound was taken away after they lost the "Last Chance Challenge," which happened to be a treadmill relay inside The Biggest Loser gym.

Having lost the least amount of weight on the losing team, Sarah dropped from 229 to 226 pounds, losing three pounds and posting a 1.32% weight-loss percentage.

Felicia was close to going home as she posted a 1.46% weight-loss percentage. She nearly fell below the red line after falling from 205 to 202 pounds, losing three pounds.

Jacky dropped from 269 to 265 pounds, losing four pounds and posting a 1.49% weight-loss percentage.

Rob shed eight pounds and posted a 2.80% weight-loss percentage after falling from 286 to 278 pounds.

Stephen fell from 277 to 269 pounds. He lost eight pounds and therefore posted a 2.89% weight-loss percentage.

Roberto had the most success this week on Dolvett's team. He lost a whopping nine pounds, dropping from 300 to 291 pounds and posting a 3.00% weight-loss percentage.

Once everyone learned Sarah would be going home, Rob asked if he could switch places with her. It seemed like Bob was considering the idea, but then Sarah refused and said it was her time to go.
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In a post-The Biggest Loser update, Sarah started the show weighing 267 pounds. After losing a total of 62 pounds, she currently weighs 205 pounds. Sarah finally discovered her self-worth and began making better choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise.