The Biggest Loser: Glory Days eliminated Howard "Woody" Carter and determined the competition's Final 3 contestants during Thursday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's sixteenth-season.

Woody, a 46-year-old car salesman and former Arena League football player from Las Vegas, NV, was ousted from The Biggest Loser right before the finale after losing the final weigh-in on the ranch by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage of all the remaining contestants.

"When I first got here Week 1, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, I was in very bad shape. Without a doubt, The Biggest Loser has definitely saved my life. The quality of life now I have to share with my family, it means so much that my kids are at peace. Their dad's going to be around and they don't have to worry about losing another parent," Woody said following his ouster.

"I was [Comeback Canyon] champion and now I'm working at 'At Home' champion. So it's just a different title. It's like in football, there's different Bowl games, and I'm still in the game."

The Biggest Loser episode began with Today show lifestyle and fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe serving as the four contestants' guest trainer for the week.

For the Week 17 challenge, host Alison Sweeney explained each player must "put their weight back on." They were required to race through a stadium and run up and down thousands of steps while stopping at 16 different checkpoints scattered throughout that represent every weigh-in this season. At each checkpoint, they'd take off the weight they lost at that particular weigh-in.

The first player to cross the goal line would win a one-pound advantage on the scale in addition to $5,000, and that person was Toma Dobrosavljevic, a 33-year-old senior project manager and former high school soccer, football, volleyball and baseball player from Addison, IL.

The contestants then watched highlight videos of their journeys on The Biggest Loser and participated in their final last-chance workout.

Once the weigh-in commenced, Alison revealed there would very simply be a red line to determine everyone's fate. The Final 3 standing will weigh-in at next week's finale in the hope of winning the $250,000 grand prize.

Toma dropped from 202 to 199 pounds, losing three pounds and posting a 1.98% weight-loss percentage with his one-pound advantage.

Rob Guiry, a 26-year-old head rugby coach at Western New England University and former rugby player from Springfield, MA, fell from 315 to 302 pounds, shedding 13 pounds and posting a 4.13% percentage of weight-loss.

Woody lost four pounds and posted a 1.46% weight-loss percentage after falling from 274 to 270 pounds.

Sonya Jones, a 39-year-old PE teacher/coach and former All American softball player from Springfield, IL, dropped from 169 to 163 pounds, losing six pounds and posting a 3.55% weight-loss percentage.
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Woody was therefore eliminated.

The episode concluded with an update on Woody's weight-loss progress since leaving the show. He started The Biggest Loser weighing 398 pounds and lost 148 pounds over time. He currently weighs 250 pounds and has been working out with his kids. Woody is no longer afraid to try adventures in life and feels he's making his late wife proud.