The Biggest Loser eliminated one contestant and saw a second contestant quit during Sunday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's fourteenth-season premiere.

Thomas "TC" Pool, a 31-year-old purchasing manager from Albany, OR, was eliminated after his White Team posted the lowest weight-loss percentage at the season's first weekly elimination weigh-in.  As the team member with the lowest weight-loss percentage, he was then automatically ousted.

"This journey that I started -- that I waited so long [for] -- is ending too soon, but I also feel I'm getting what I needed out of it.  I changed this week, I am a changed person," TC said afterwards.

"I met 'Bad Ass TC' at that Last Chance Workout... the real me was there, you know?  I've been burying him so long, it feels good to let him out.  And I did it, I did exactly what I wanted to do."

Nicole "Nikki" Davis, a 26-year-old make-up artist from Chatsworth, CA who was also part of the White Team, also opted to quit the competition prior to the season's first weekly weigh-in.

"I was ready for the hurt, I knew it was going to be tough. [But] I wasn't ready for the emotional [aspect]," Nikki explained.  "This experience isn't just physical, and it was my naivete that thought it was.  It's more emotional than anyone can ever imagine."

"This was a thousand, million times harder than I ever thought it was going to be," she added.  "I know I am letting everyone down, but in my heart I know I can't do this here.  I'm going to do it at home with my family, with my husband.  I'm going to go see a therapist when I get home and just get my head right, just my heart right. I promise that."

"I don't know Nikki well enough to know why she's overweight or why she's here," returning The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels said after Nikki's exit.

"But obviously she issues are pretty dark and pretty scary for her and she's not ready to deal with them.  It's that simple.  And in essence, it can be more harmful than positive for her to confront things that she's not ready to confront

The Biggest Loser's fourteenth-season premiere began with host Alison Sweeney greeting a studio audience and announcing that, for the first time in the show's history, the season would tackle childhood obesity and feature three teenage participants: Lindsay Bravo, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Fillmore, CA; Noah "Biingo" Gray, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from New Windsor, MD; and Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar, a 16-year-old eleventh-grader from Rochester, NY.

In addition, Sweeney explained the teens -- who will not weigh-in on-camera -- would work with The Biggest Loser trainers Jillian, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince but not be eligible for elimination and only visit The Biggest Loser ranch periodically.

Sweeney then revealed the identities of the season's 15 adult contestants -- all of whom were already seated in the studio audience. Later, after arriving at the ranch, the adult contestants then learned which teams they would compete on.

Jillian's White Team would be comprised of Dannielle "Danni" Allen, a 26-year-old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, IL; Nathan Montgomery, a 25-year-old financial advisor from Colorado Springs, CO; Nikki; Pamela "Pam" Geil, a 43-year-old executive assistant from New York, NY; and TC.
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Bob's Blue Team would feature Alexandra "Alex" Reid, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Carrolton, TX; David Jones, a 51-year-old police officer from Kiefer, OK; Gina McDonald, a 47-year-old attorney and law firm owner from Hoover, AL; Jeff Nichols, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical representative from Monroe, MI; and Michael Dorsey, a 34-year-old college professor and communications consultant from Baltimore, MD.

Dolvett's Red Team would include Cate Laughlin, a 28-year-old student from Ransomville, NY; Francelina Morillo, a 25-year-old student and store manager from Albany, NY; Jackson Carter, a 21-year-old volunteer coordinator for LGBT resource center and movie theater assistant manager from Layton, UT; Joe Ostaszewski, a 43-year-old senior sales executive from Williston, FL; and Lisa Rambo, a 37-year-old high school special education assistant from Houlton, WI.

However, Jillian also told the contestants that, despite the teams, all three trainers would be available to all the contestants.

In addition, the contestants also learned Lindsay would be considered part of the Red Team and Sunny and Biingo would be part of the White Team and Blue Team, respectively.

Once the introductions were over, the cast participated in their initial workout, with two of the trainers taking turns working with the adult contestants in the gym as the third worked outdoors with the teens.  Most of the adults struggled during the first workout -- especially Jackson, Nathan, Nikki, and TC,

"This first workout was nuts, everyone was dropping like flies.  I mean it wasn't just a couple of people, it was the majority of the athletes in the gym," Bob noted afterwards.

The next day, the three teams and their associated teen competed in their first challenge, which awarded a five-pound advantage at the season's first weigh-in.  The White Team won the challenge, giving them the weigh-in advantage.

Nikki decided to quit The Biggest Loser during the Last Chance Workout after Jillian confronted her about her poor workout performances and Nikki explained she wasn't prepared for the emotional aspect of the experience.

"You're already quitting on me, you're not ready for this," Jillian told Nikki.  "Unless you're willing to do that work and to get angry, and get sad, and get uncomfortable, and all of those things that need to happen for change to occur -- then you're right.  The choice is yours, what do you want to do?  Don't say you don't know, it's really easy -- there's the door, or you do the work."

"I'm going to take the door," Nikki replied.

Jillian then broke the news to the four remaining White Team contestants as they worked out with Bob. Pam took her former teammate's decision particularly hard while Bob argued they probably hadn't seen the last of Nikki.

"She's going to come back!" Bob shouted.

"No she's not!" Jillian fired back.

"Jillian!" Bob replied.

"Come on, we've been doing this long enough to know who is ready to work and who isn't.  She's not ready," Jillian said.

"But maybe," Bob said.

"There is no 'but,'" Jillian interjected.  "It's not fair.  You can not work with someone who will not be worked with."

The contestants and trainers then met with Alison for their first weekly elimination weigh-in and the host revealed that (unlike usual) the losing team would not get to decide which of the two team members that posted the lowest weight-loss percentage would be eliminated.  Instead, the member with the lowest weight-loss percentage would automatically be eliminated.

The players then stepped on the scale one by one to learn their fate. 

TC went first and lost 15 pounds from his starting weight, going from 376 pounds to 361 pounds.  He was followed by Pam, who dropped 10 pounds and went from 237 pounds to 227 pounds, Nathan, who lost 20 pounds and went from 359 pounds to 339 pounds, and Danni, who shed 19 pounds and went from 258 pounds to 239 pounds.  Combined with their five-pound advantage, the White Team lost 69 pounds and posted a total weight-loss percentage of 5.61%.

The Red Team members weighed-in next.  Lisa was the first member to step on the scale and dropped 16 pounds, going from 246 pounds to 230 pounds.  She was then followed by Jackson, who lost 22 pounds and went from 328 pounds to 306 pounds, Francelina, who lost 18 pounds and declined from 267 pounds to 248 pounds, Cate, who shed 12 pounds and went from 237 pounds to 225 pounds, and Joe, who lost 26 pounds and went from 364 pounds to 338 pounds. Together, the Red Team lost 95 pounds -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 6.59%.

The Blue Team was the last team to weigh-in. Jeff went first and lost 29 pounds, going from 388 pounds to 359 pounds.  He was then followed by Michael, who dropped 21 pounds and went from 444 pounds to 423 pounds, David, who shed 20 pounds and went from 307 pounds to 287 pounds, Alex, who only lost nine pounds and went from 240 pounds to 231 pounds, and Gina, who dropped 15 pounds and went from 245 pounds to 230 pounds. 

Combined, the Blue Team lost 94 pounds -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 5.79% and left the White Team as the weigh-in's losing team.

Alison then revealed that TC had posted the lowest weight-loss percentage on the White Team, resulting in his automatic elimination.
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