The Bachelor host Chris Harrison feels Sean Lowe has returned The Bachelor to the show's roots.

"He's great. He is kind of a throwback to what the show was made for. It's finding that diamond in the rough, that guy that if it weren't for The Bachelor, you would maybe never know in America. [He's] just sincere and great," the host of The Bachelor told Entertainment Tonight.

"He's maybe the most sincere guy we've ever had on the show."

Harrison also promised fans a great season starring the 29-year-old business entrepreneur from Dallas, TX.

"I mean, if you put a star and a cape on this guy, he's Captain America for crying out loud -- but with better abs even. And yes, he will have his shirt off a lot... It's a fantastic season. The girls are great, he's great," he added.

The Bachelor's seventeenth season will premiere on Monday, January 7 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Lowe will be live tweeting during the broadcast, which will feature the introductions to his 26 bachelorettes and Lowe handing out only 19 roses.