The Biggest Loser: Glory Days eliminated one contestant for good and sent a second to the show's new Comeback Canyon during Thursday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's sixteenth season. 

Mike Murburg, a 58-year-old attorney and former Princeton University football player and wrestler from Darby, FL, was ousted from the competition for good after he lost the weigh-in at Comeback Canyon to Matthew Miller, a 31-year-old business entrepreneur and former high school football standout from Grove, OK.

"I came here to fulfill my son's request that I get healthy.  You go through the death of a kid -- I'd given up on life. Getting the will to live, and the desire to live back was a big deal.  Now I have it, and I'm not going to let it go.  My son would say, 'Hell yeah, Dad! Nice job, way to go.'" Mike said following his ouster.

At Comeback Canyon, veteran trainer Bob Harper continues working with two contestants who have previously been eliminated from The Biggest Loser's primary ranch competition. At the end of each week, there's a separate weigh-in after which the person with the higher percentage of weight-loss gets to stay at the canyon location for another week and the losing contestant must go home for good.

Eventually, Bob will take only one contestant back to the ranch so they can rejoin the original competition and resume competing for the $250,000 grand prize.

Mike dropped from 326 to 315 pounds, losing eleven pounds and posting a 3.37% weight-loss percentage. However, Matt fell from 333 to 317 pounds, shedding sixteen pounds and posting a 4.80% weight-loss percentage.

Later in the episode, Gina Haddon, a 41-year-old makeup artist/photographer and former cheerleader from Rowlett, TX, was automatically eliminated from the Blue Team led by newbie trainer Jessie Pavelka after she the lowest weight-loss percentage on her team and fell below the Red Line at the Week 6 weigh-in.

Gina only dropped from 210 to 207 pounds, a 1.16 % weight-loss percentage.  She now joins Matt at Comeback Canyon and will train with Bob.