Darrell Hough and Miggy Cancel were eliminated from The Biggest Loser: Couples during last night's ninth-season episode of the NBC reality weight-loss competition.

Darrell, a 46-year-old press operator/mechanic from Ann Arbor, MI who had been competing on the show with his daughter Andrea Hough, was eliminated in the broadcast's first few minutes. 

NBC's last pre-Winter Olympics broadcast of The Biggest Loser had ended with Darrell and fellow contestant Cheryl George facing elimination and beginning to compete in an endurance challenge after falling below the yellow line at the competition's last weigh-in.  Darrell subsequently lost the challenge to Cheryl, a 50-year-old store owner from Ardmore, OK.

"I let myself down... I'm confident I'm going to do good at home, but yet there's something within me that lost with leaving the ranch," said Darrell, who lost 75 pounds during his six-week stay on The Biggest Loser ranch.  "Saying goodbye to my partner, my teammate, my daughter is hard, it hurts.  I'm going to miss her."

"The person who is leaving the ranch today differs very much from the person who showed up here six week ago," he added.  "The Darrell today is very self-confident in what his abilities are, he's not just going to sit behind a TV screen in a chair and let life just roll and push him.  I'm going to go take life by the horns."

Miggy, a 48-year-old chef from Pemberton, NJ, was eliminated after the season's original two-person teams were disbanded and the remaining contestants began competing as two new six-person Blue and Black teams that were trained by trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels respectively.

Miggy's Blue team lost the subsequent first Blue vs. Black weigh-in, resulting in her squad having to vote off one of its members.  After discussing the matter, the team was torn between voting off Miggy, who had posted a team-low four-pound weight-loss at the weigh-in, or Lance Morgan, who had lost five pounds but had posted the team's lowest weight-loss percentage. 

"It's okay.  It's time.  It's my time.   I'm going to go home and take everything I've learned and I am going to put it to practice," Miggy told her teammates after she lost their 4-2 vote to Lance.

"The house is not going to be the same without me. Oh no, there is not going to be that spice anymore, so I'll be missed," she added afterwards.

"I lasted seven weeks and I got a privilege that so many people out there dream of.  Being part of The Biggest Loser, being able to recover [my] life back.  Because losing weight is not only recovering a nice body shape or looking better, it's about feeling better. it's about finding that lost self that you have inside you."

The new Blue team lost its initial weigh-in despite the best efforts of Michael Ventrella -- who had stacked it with the biggest contestants after winning a Temptation Challenge that allowed him to decide each team's roster.

"You can't be serious.  How is this even fair?  You didn't even give them a chance!" Jillian vented at Michael after learning that her new six-person Black team would feature one man and five women while Michael's Blue team would feature four men and two of the stronger remaining women.
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"Why don't you say here based on hard work, not on manipulation?" Jillian asked.

"I didn't make the game Jillian, so don't make me look like the bad guy," replied Michael, a 30-year-old deejay from Chicago, IL.

"You ARE the bad guy!  I've never seen anyone do anything like this before!" Jillian shouted.

"I have to look out for myself," Michael fired back.

But much to everyone's surprise, the Black team managed to win the first weigh-in by recording the larger weight-loss percentage.

"It shouldn't have been us," Michael repeatedly said in disbelief as his team struggled to determine who to vote out.