The Bachelorette winner Erich Schwer's ex, Amanda Kaylor, is calling "bullsh-t" on Erich's response to her allegations about their pre-show relationship on After the Final Rose.

On The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose that aired Tuesday night on ABC, Erich was asked about Amanda's recent claims he had continued dating her right up until he left to film the show, which he allegedly only did for "clout" and new career opportunities, and had planned to resume dating her when he returned home.


"I met this girl about a month before this all started, and I had no idea I was going to come here [on The Bachelorette]," Erich explained to host Jesse Palmer on AFR, with his fiancee Gabby Windey by his side.

"And ultimately, I realized it was not a connection long-term and it was about the same time the show reached out. So I handled it poorly, 100 percent, I led her on -- and I want to own that."

But Amanda told Us Weekly, "He sent me two dozen roses two weeks after I ended things [in March] because I didn't wanna stay with him while he went on the show... With a note saying, 'I'll never stop thinking about you.'"

Erich's ex added on Tuesday, "[His finale explanation was] such bullsh-t, but I wish them the best."

Amanda also said Gabby "will learn" the truth about Erich once she gets to know him better in the real world.

On After the Final Rose, Jesse displayed one screenshot of text messages Amanda and Erich had exchanged back in March, before Erich met Gabby.

Erich apparently wrote to Amanda that The Bachelorette "isn't real," adding, "I know this isn't ideal. I wanted to do this to see if there was something else I could do with my life. I really like you. I didn't think it would be a big deal... I'm sorry."

The 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, NJ -- who moved to California at age 29 -- explained how he had taken "the cowardly way out" and used the show as an excuse to not confront the woman about their relationship needing to end.

Erich told Jesse that they were "having fun" but he "couldn't see a future" with this woman.


In terms of going on the show for attention and a career boost, Erich said, "I was probably the last person that people expected would be on this show."

"You can ask my friends and family, they were incredibly shocked," he elaborated.

"I came into this just being like, "Make it past Night 1, and let's see what happens. I honestly watched one episode before; I've never seen the show. What changed is I met Gabby on the first night... and then I didn't care about the show or the other guys here."

Erich suggested he had entered the show with skepticism and a lighthearted attitude, but then he said he fell in love with Gabby and now loves her with "all of [his] heart," which he "never expected."

Erich insisted that he had "no hard feelings" toward Amanda and he could understand why she reacted to his The Bachelorette stint with anger.

Erich acknowledged he had taken "the easy way out" to avoid a hard conversation but he learned a lot from that "mistake."

Amanda told Us that she initially leaked her messages with Erich in July because of his "lack of honesty" with her.

"I feel like [going on The Bachelorette] was something that he, maybe, had in his mind longer than... obviously, I found out right before," Amanda claimed, referencing how Erich likely went through an interview and casting process before being offered a spot on the show.

"He let me introduce him to [my toddler son] the week leading up to that and then in my head, that's kind of messed up to do knowing that [The Bachelorette is] a potential option and I don't believe that he just got the news March 10 because they're filming two weeks later... I was just blindsided and hurt."


Amanda admitted she and Erich were never official boyfriend and girlfriend, but she claimed their relationship was "very intense." (Amanda previously told Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone that she and Erich dated from January through March).

"We were obsessed with each other," Amanda alleged. "Every single day that month he was texting me, 'I need to be with you, I need to see you.'"

Amanda told the magazine that she and Erich "really enjoyed each other" and his desire to compete on The Bachelorette and leave her "came out of nowhere" and "really crushed" her.

"Him and I were going back and forth on how upset we were," Amanda claimed.

Amanda said she hasn't heard from Erich or Gabby since the texts were made public. Amanda claimed Erich had last reached out to her in July, when he apologized for hurting her and ending their romance before The Bachelorette's nineteenth season premiered on ABC.

Despite the scandal, Gabby and Erich put on a united front on After the Final Rose, and they are still dating and engaged.

"It's hard, [but] Erich told me about the text messages way before they were leaked... We're just doing what's best for our relationship, so he wasn't just thinking about himself or hoping he could skate by. He was thinking about me," Gabby announced on the live finale.

Gabby said she and Erich had many conversations about this after they got engaged and their communication continues to improve.

"He's gracious and he's honest, and I do believe what he says. So, I'm not saying [he] was right in his actions. [He] was kind of an assh-le to her... but his honesty and [willingness] to take accountability is all I can really ask for and something I want in a partner," Gabby declared.

Gabby said she and Erich are "trying the best" they can to make it work and so she's chosen to forgive him.

"If I were her, I would be questioning it," Amanda told Us of Gabby and Erich's relationship. "If I were her, I would definitely be a little taken back that he went on the show with bad intentions and had been leading someone on until the day he left."

"But I don't know her," Amanda conceded. "I don't know their relationship. All I know is that what he did to me is very messed up and they can take what they want."

Amanda said that if Erich and Gabby's relationship is real and Gabby knows "the full truth," then she's happy for him.

"I just hope that this isn't just part of his plan to gain something from this because I mean, he really had me fooled," Amanda concluded.

As for what's next for Gabby and Erich, Gabby said she's just looking forward to combining their lives, and she's currently competing on Dancing with the Stars' 31st season.

Gabby also posted photos with Erich on Instagram following The Bachelorette finale, calling it a "hard launch" of their relationship. Erich also gushed on social media how he loves Gabby a "stupid" amount.


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