The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock's style is apparently quite different from Bachelorettes before her.

"Desiree is very fun. She has a touch of tomboy during the day. She's very athletic, she likes to do every sport that all the boys are doing. Then at night, she likes to pull out the super glam sexy short dresses. She's got those legs that are killer when she's in a short dress," The Bachelorette's wardrobe stylist Cary Fetman, who's been dressing the show's stars since 2008, told Entertainment Weekly.

"She's also more classic, she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry. Last season I could pile as many necklaces [on Emily Maynard] as I wanted to, but this Bachelorette brings something different as to how to she carries the clothes... She went a lot shorter on dresses. I was shocked that she loved sparkles as much as she did."

Hartsock was apparently willing to take risks with her ensemble choices when working with Fetman but didn't stray too far from her comfort zone.

"She would tell me things that would make her less comfortable and things that she'd be willing to try," Fetman explained.

"She was like, 'I want to try to experiment, let me try the concept.' What can you afford to take a chance on? Are you willing to take the chance if you're not sure that you're going to be comfortable? We all have a tendency to wear what we would normally buy [instead of] taking a chance. With Desiree, we could do things that maybe in her real life she wouldn't have tried."

Hartsock, a 27-year-old bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA, actually designed one of her own gowns for a Rose Ceremony this season.

"It's a very pretty purple stretch silk jersey with crystals. She did crystal bibbing. You can sketch something, then to put it into a concept -- I want this fabric, I want this kind of beading, I want that kind of chunkiness, I need it to look like this instead of normal crystals -- we had fun doing that process. That was one of the few times that we've ever had that option to work like that with somebody. Desiree was the first Bachelorette to design her own dress. That part was very fun," Fetman told EW.

While Hartsock had a variety of clothes featuring designer labels, Fetman said The Bachelorette's entire wardrobe wasn't high-end.

"I always like to mix expensive with cheap... So I like to take an inexpensive tank top or something that anyone can buy. [This season] I really hit Old Navy. I did a ton of Old Navy things where I mixed and matched with stuff... All of the sudden, Old Navy had all these spring and summer goods that were bright and amazing. It gave [Desiree's look] that boldness and excitement," she explained.

Hartsock unfortunately didn't get to wear some of the beautiful, sexy clothes she picked out however, as Fetman said the weather was often too cold when traveling to pull off certain looks.

"We used the same leather jacket, jeans and boots over and over again because no matter where we'd arrive it would be cold. A lot of the clothes we pulled the audience won't even get to see. They'll be sitting there like, 'Wow Desiree must have really liked that leather jacket!' or 'She must have been crazy about those boots!' When you travel for a show sometimes you can't prepare for everything," Fetman added.