The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is weighing in on the brewing tension between her bachelors Lee Garrett and Kenny Layne.

"I asked for a diverse group of men because I don't have a type and I truly thought that would give me the best opportunity to find my husband, but sometimes opposites and different types don't attract -- at least when it comes to a house full of guys," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

"I didn't foresee how much conflict would arise between the men, but it never stopped."

The feud between Lee and Kenny began when Lee interrupted his buddy's alone time with Rachel at the cocktail party during Monday night's episode. Kenny acknowledged that the incident allowed Lee two conversations with the Bachelorette that night -- leaving Kenny feeling robbed, played and dismissed.

Rachel said drama is to be expected in The Bachelor franchise, but a huge "blowup" fight is out of line.

"I remember how it was on [Nick Viall]'s season to have an argument with another person on this journey. We're not all here to be friends with each other -- we're here for one relationship," Rachel explained.

"But when you let that anger get the best of you and I can hear you screaming at top of your lungs at another guy while I'm trying to have a conservation on the other side of the mansion and can't focus because of your tantrum, it's a problem!"

Kenny was the guy yelling at Lee, who eventually called the pro wrestler "aggressive." However, Kenny later confessed to Rachel he regretted losing his temper and overreacting.

"I understand Lee cut Kenny's time short, but the fit Kenny threw was so big it bled into important one-on-one conversations I desperately needed to have with the more patient men. I was honestly disappointed in a lot of the men that night," Rachel admitted in her blog.

"Yes, I only have two eyes, but if someone is on this journey who doesn't belong, I'll figure out that for myself even if it takes me longer than it should. It was sweet of guys like [Peter Kraus] to ignore that fighting and focus on me, but I had already heard enough."

Rachel therefore cut the cocktail party short and went right into the Rose Ceremony on Monday night's episode when she eliminated Bryce Powers, Brady Ervin and Diggy Moreland because she wasn't feeling the "romance" with them. 

But the drama followed Rachel and her group of guys to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. During the week's only group date, tension heightened when Kenny discovered Lee had warned Rachel about his temper.

"As you saw, the drama I had hoped was left back in [Los Angeles] instead carried over into the after party that night. Every other one-on-one conversation I was having ended up being about one of the other guys' issues instead of about the relationship that I was supposed to be forming with the man sitting in front of me," Rachel vented.

"I did my best to dig for answers to lay some beefs to rest, but I wasn't getting much clarity from Kenny or Lee."

The episode concluded with Kenny pulling Lee aside for a chat outside as other bachelors anticipated a huge brawl and maybe even some blood shed.