The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard has revealed some shocking additional details about why she chose to eliminate bachelor Alessandro Goulart immediately after their brief one-on-one time during Monday night's The Bachelorette broadcast.

Although viewers saw Maynard send Goulart home during the cocktail reception because Goulart told the 26-year-old single mom he'd consider a life with her and her six-year-old daughter Ricki a "compromise," there was apparently an even more suprising reason as to why she didn't want to pursue a relationship with him -- he thought he was a vampire hunter.

"Alessandro's comments definitely threw me for a loop, but that wasn't even the craziest thing he said. What you all didn't get to see is that he thinks of himself as a 'Vampire Detector' and let me know that not only was there a vampire in the house, but he also had me join him in the woods, which explains my combat boots as I was walking him out," Maynard wrote in her People blog. 

"When he took me out to his special place in the woods, I saw that he had hung crosses from every limb on every tree and in that moment I knew we were living on completely different planets. I do appreciate Alessandro's honesty, but maybe he should try to keep a house plant alive before we test his skills out on my daughter!"

While Maynard kicked the 30-year-old grain merchant to the curb for his behavior, Goulart's comments weren't the only ones that rubbed The Bachelorette star the wrong way during Monday night's episode. Ryan Bowers told Maynard in front of her girlfriends that if she gained weight after they got married, things would change because he'd still love her but just wouldn't "love on her as much."

"One of my biggest fears going through all of this is that I'll get to the end with the person I truly think could be my husband, only to find they saw me as a trophy at the end of a game that they just won. I want the person I fall in love with to fall in love with my heart, not my appearance, so that's why Ryan's comment really struck a chord with me," Maynard explained.

"I think every Bachelor/Bachelorette should get to have their best friends on call, because they saw a lot of things that I never would've known!"

However, Maynard's date with Arie Luyendyk Jr. left her feeling an entirely different set of emotions. Maynard was seemingly smitten with the 30-year-old race car driver, whom she firmly believed was sincere and on the show for the right reasons.  

"My date with Arie will always go down as one of my favorites, because we had an instant connection that I was worried I wouldn't find coming back as the Bachelorette. Not only is Arie a gorgeous man, but he has a heart of gold and he's a great kisser! Does it get any better than that?" Maynard explained, adding she was extremely nervous before their date.

"I swear, I think I changed my outfit 20 times before I was pulled out of my house, because I just wanted everything to go perfectly. As nervous as I was, within five minutes of being in the car with Arie, he had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt!" 
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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