The Bachelorette spoilers reveal what happens in Season 14 from Las Vegas onward -- including which two bachelors make it to the final Rose Ceremony and who wins her heart, as Becca Kufrin's journey to find love on continues.

[Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: Keep reading only if you want to learn Becca's Final 4 picks, runner-up, winner, and more season details].

The Bachelorette's fourteenth season has reached its halfway point.

In the next The Bachelorette episode, airing on June 25, Becca is going to roll the dice when it comes to love, as she'll be taking her 12 remaining suitors to Las Vegas, where there will be an epic two-on-one date.


But before we dive into episode-by-episode spoilers, let's reveal the winner of Becca's season.

According to photos obtained by TMZ, Becca chose Garrett Yrigoyen at the end of the process.

Becca has already revealed she is in love and happily engaged, and after the TMZ photos surfaced, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone confirmed Garrett is the bachelor whom Becca gave her final rose to, and he in turn proposed marriage.

The final Rose Ceremony was reportedly taped on May 10 at the Shangri-La Resort in the Maldives. In the photos, Becca looked stunning in a long, white, sequin gown and was kissing a man after handing out her last rose of Season 14.

Garrett and the 28-year-old publicist from Minnesota were also surrounded by The Bachelorette's production team, who appeared to be cheering for the couple, in the pictures.

This marked the first time paparazzi ever released photos of the Final Rose Ceremony before the first episode of a season even aired.

If Garrett and Becca are truly engaged, the brunette beauty will become the fourth The Bachelorette star in a row to select the man who had received her first rose -- and the first kiss of the season.

(Kaitlyn Bristowe, Rachel Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher are all still engaged to the bachelors they selected at the end of their respective The Bachelorette editions).


Becca has never been married before, but she will become Garrett's second wife. He was previously married to a girl named Kayla Cunningham. The pair exchanged vows on September 19, 2015; however, Nevada court records indicate the couple filed for divorce six months later.

Now, let's get back to the upcoming June 25 episode.

According to ABC, Becca and Colton Underwood will enjoy a one-on-one date in Las Vegas, exploring the vast desert by riding on camels and taking photos of the panoramic Virgin Mountains.

After their adventure, the couple will relax in a hot tub and later enjoy an intimate dinner as well as a private double-decker bus trip along the neon-lit Strip.

But will Becca be able to move past her issues with Colton in regards to his dating history with Becca's friend from Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s The Bachelor season, Tia Booth?

According to Carbone, Becca will be just fine because she ends up giving Colton a rose on their solo date.

ABC also revealed nine bachelors will visit iconic entertainer Wayne Newton and his wife Kathleen McCrone Newton at their lavish estate for the week's group date.

The nine guys allegedly are Garrett, Jason Tartick; Wills Reid, Blake Horstmann, Chris Randone, Lincoln Adim, Leo Dottavio, John Graham, and Connor Obrochta.

Wayne will challenges the group to write new lyrics for his classic 1963 hit "Danke Schoen," showcasing their love for Becca, and then sing them in front of a live audience.

"Afterward, one man acts immaturely and considers leaving for good, but Becca entrusts the group rose to an unsuspecting, charming bachelor," according to the network.

Becca will also embark on the dreaded and confrontational two-on-one date in this episode with rivals Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz. It will be an "intense showdown," according to ABC, as the trio drive through the Valley of Fire to a rest area.

Carbone reports Becca will send David home during the two-on-one date, however, she'll also eliminate Jordan that day! Becca will allegedly deny Jordan a rose during the night portion of the two-on-one date.

And at the cocktail party, ABC disclosed more drama will ensue, as the man who threatened to leave earlier will spiral out of control in his attempt to stay, alienating the other guys.

Only nine men will remain by the end of this week, and Carbone alleges Becca will eliminate John Graham at the Rose Ceremony.


In Episode 6 of The Bachelorette that will air on July 2, Becca and her remaining suitors will travel to historic Richmond, VA.

Becca allegedly eliminates three more bachelors this week, bringing her count down from nine to six suitors.

According to Carbone, Jason will receive a one-on-one date with Becca in which they'll make donuts and visit the Poe Museum.

The couple will also reportedly visit the Veil brewing company, where two of Jason's friends from Buffalo -- David Arduin and Hawk Jameson -- will meet Becca.

For the week's group date, Colton, Garrett, Chris, Lincoln, Wills, Blake, and Connor will all have to answer questions about Becca in a "Beccalection." Each guy will try to prove why he is the best match for Becca.

The debate reportedly turns into a Chris vs. Lincoln showdown. The other five guys stay out of the drama, for the most part. Chris and Lincoln will allegedly body shame each other, with Chris accusing Lincoln of taking steroids.

Chris will also announce that Lincoln and Jason were talking badly behind Becca's back, according to Carbone, and Lincoln will become very defensive.

Blake, however, will reportedly prove himself to be popular among the guys, while Garrett must battle a case of stage fright.

Becca will allegedly oust Chris -- who finds himself frustrated over a lack of time spent with the Bachelorette -- during the group-date afterparty.

In addition to Jason, Leo will reportedly receive the other one-on-one date in Virginia, and the pair will enjoy a Morgan Evans concert.

Becca's time in Virginia will reportedly with both Lincoln and Connor being denied roses at the Rose Ceremony.

Now onto Episode 7, Becca and her remaining group of six suitors will reportedly travel to the Bahamas.

In this July 9 broadcast, viewers can expect to see three men going on one-on-one dates with Becca. Those lucky men are Colton, Garrett and Blake, who have been frontrunners since the start of the season.

Colton allegedly goes on a romantic boat ride with Becca, Garrett rides in a seaplane with the Bachelorette to a private island, and Blake listens to a concert by the Baja Men.

As for the group date in the Bahamas, Becca will reportedly take Wills, Jason, and Leo out. Carbone says Jason will receive the rose on this date and it was a no-brainer for Becca because she had already booked his subsequent hometown date by the time her three-on-one date commenced.

Becca will then travel across the country to her Final 4 bachelors' hometowns in Episode 8.

Jason's hometown date reportedly taped on April 18 in Buffalo, NY. Blake introduced the Bachelorette to his loved ones on April 20 in Bailey, CO, claims Carbone. Colton and Becca's date allegedly filmed April 22 in Aurora, CO. And finally, Becca met Garrett's family on April 24 in Manteca, CA.

Jason and Becca will reportedly skate at Harborcenter and then enter a wing-eating contest at Anchor Bar during their time together.

Becca and Blake will take in a Betty Who performance, Colton and Becca will walk around the Stanley Marketplace, and Garrett and Becca will pay a visit to his high school and parents' farm.


Before this significant Rose Ceremony, Tia will allegedly show up to tell Becca that she still has feelings for Colton.

"Not sure how Becca took it, but considering Colton was eliminated at this Rose Ceremony, I gotta imagine it played some sort of role," Carbone writes in his blog.

In Episode 9 of The Bachelorette, Becca will reportedly enjoy overnight Fantasy Suite dates with the Final 3 bachelors in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

According to Carbone, Becca will send Jason home after their night together -- setting up Blake vs. Garrett in the Final 2.

After Blake and Garrett meet Becca's family and enjoy final one-on-one dates with her, Becca will allegedly reject a devastated Blake at the Final Rose Ceremony and get engaged to Garrett.

Below is the list of 12 bachelors who are still in the running for The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin's heart:

- Blake Horstmann, a 28-year-old sales representative from Bailey, CO

- Chris Randone, a 30-year-old sales trainer from Orlando, FL

- Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old former professional football player from Denver, CO

- Connor Obrochta, a 25-year-old fitness coach from St. Petersburg, FL

- David Ravitz, a 25-year-old venture capitalist from Denver, CO

- Garrett Yrigoyen, a 29-year-old medical sales representative from Reno, NV

- Jason Tartick, a 29-year-old senior corporate banker from Buffalo, NY

- John Graham, a 28-year-old software engineer from San Francisco, CA

- Jordan Kimball, a 26-year-old male model from Crystal River, FL

- Leo Dottavio, a 31-year-old stuntman from Studio City, CA

- Lincoln Adim, a 26-year-old account sales executive from Los Angeles, CA

- Wills Reid, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA

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