The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is ready to settle down and hopes to find a man who's on the same page during her adventure on ABC reality dating show's upcoming thirteenth season.

ABC has announced Rachel -- who got dumped by The Bachelor star Nick Viall after their overnight Fantasy Suite date -- will begin her The Bachelorette journey with a record-breaking 31 suitors when the new season premieres Monday, May 22 from 9-11PM ET/PT on ABC.

After moving into the show's infamous Los Angeles mansion, Rachel will embark on many exciting dates in the United States before traveling with some of her lucky suitors to the romantic destinations of Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Geneva, Switzerland.

Season 13 of The Bachelorette will begin with the 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, TX, sitting down with some of her close friends from the latest season of The Bachelor to talk about her journey ahead and receive some advice. Rachel will catch up with Alexis Waters, Astrid Loch, Corinne Olympios, Jasmine Goode, Kristina Schulman, Raven Gates, and Whitney Fransway to discuss her hopes and dreams.

Rachel will then be introduced to the eligible suitors willing to fight for her heart and her final rose.

Many of Rachel's bachelors will attempt to make memorable and lasting first impressions during their limo arrivals -- including a guy who carries a sledgehammer with him to "break the ice," another "mild-mannered" suitor who "waddles in wearing a penguin costume," and a man whose entrance is accompanied by a marching band, according to ABC.

As fans probably recall, Rachel loved dancing through the streets of New Orleans with Nick to the sound of a marching band on The Bachelor last season.

But when the four men who initially met Rachel on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose get a second chance to make a first impression, jealousy sparks among the rest of the bachelors.

At the cocktail party, the men will try to dazzle the Bachelorette during their short but precious one-on-one time. Meanwhile, Rachel will attempt to talk to every single one of the guys who took time out of their lives and showed up to get to know her.

A fellow attorney opens up to Rachel about his troubled past, a former childhood classmate admits he has been carrying a lifelong crush, one man shows up with a surprise friend and hilarity ensues, and the Bachelorette is charmed by one man who describes himself as "the good kind of trouble," which could possibly be too much too soon for the classy and grounded yet fun-loving woman.

One "disgruntled" bachelor also confronts an "obnoxious joker" accused of appearing on the show for the wrong reasons.

The pressure will mount as host Chris Harrison brings out the coveted First Impression Rose, and Rachel will be impressed by the apparent sincerity of a single dad devoted to his daughter.

The night will conclude with a Rose Ceremony in which eight men will be cut and only 23 bachelors will remain. 

Some of Rachel's U.S.-based dates will include a group date in which actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Mila Kunis, a power couple in Hollywood, judge the guys' performance in a "husband material obstacle course," and a group date in which NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar puts 10 men through several drills on the basketball court before revealing they'll need to play each other in front of a huge crowd.

Six men will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and provide the audience with a money-making striptease as well as a game of "Never Have I Ever" in which they must reveal some secrets, and during a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC, Rachel and one lucky guy ride on the Goodyear Blimp and enjoy a private concert by emerging country music star Russell Dickerson.

As for Rachel's around-the-world dates, the Bachelorette and her remaining suitors will first travel to Oslo, where a group of men are put through the ringer while playing some of the country's biggest sports, Rachel explores the city with one guy and relaxes in a hot tub right out in the open, a group of suitors learn to use swords and shields for a Viking competition, and Rachel and one guy take a boat ride to nearby Sweden for the day.

Geneva is the next scenic stop, where Rachel discovers the finer things the destination has to offer with one bachelor. She heads to Old Town Geneva with another bachelor and journeys to the Swiss Alps to spend time on a glacier with another suitor.

Rachel will be forced to make important decisions before heading back to the United States for hometown dates. The season concludes with Rachel and her Final 3 bachelors heading to "a secret location," according to the network, where she will find out what the future of her love life holds for her.

The Bachelorette's thirteenth-season cast of suitors will be announced at a later date.

Following the Season 13 premiere, the reality dating series will return to its regular timeslot of 8-10PM ET/PT on Monday nights beginning on Monday, May 29.