The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin met 28 bachelors and eliminated seven of them -- including a man from her hometown prior to the Rose Ceremony -- during Monday night's premiere of Season 14 on ABC.

Becca, a 28-year-old Minnesota publicist, eliminated Jake Enyeart, a 29-year-old marketing consultant from Minneapolis, MN, before the season's first Rose Ceremony because they had met multiple times in real life before Becca became The Bachelorette star and he had never expressed interest in dating her.

Becca therefore determined Jake was on the show for the wrong reasons.


"I don't get it. I came here with an open head and open heart to find out if there could be a future between Becca and I, and she looked at me and said, 'That's very nice, thank you.' I believe in love. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in love. Ask anyone, I'm one of the most romantic people there is," Jake said following his ouster.

At the Rose Ceremony, Becca denied roses to Chase Vergason, a 27-year-old advertising vice president from Sanford, FL; Christian Estrada, a 28-year-old banker from San Diego, CA; Darius Feaster, a 26-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, CA; and Grant Vandevanter, a 27-year-old electrician from Danville, CA.

The other men who didn't make the cut on Night 1 were Joe Amabile, a 31-year-old grocery store owner from Chicago, IL, and Kamil Nicalek, a 30-year-old social media participant from Monroe, NY.

The Bachelorette broadcast began with fans reliving the moment The Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke Becca's heart on-camera weeks after getting engaged.

Becca couldn't believe that she was chosen as the Bachelorette, saying she's just your "normal, average girl who had my heart broken on TV." She claimed, however, she had moved on from Arie and was ready to find her future husband.

Becca then met three former The Bachelorette stars in the mansion -- JoJo Fletcher, Rachel Lindsay and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Rachel advised Becca to pull her head out of the clouds and keep herself out of the fantasy world that is The Bachelorette in order to make solid, logical decisions.

JoJo also told Bachelor Nation to keep an eye on the guy who receives Becca's First Impression Rose because Rachel, Kaitlyn and herself all selected the men who had received the first rose of their respective seasons, as well as the first real kiss. Each couple is also still together and happy to this day.


Introduction packages then rolled for a handful of The Bachelorette's fourteenth-season suitors.

Home viewers met Clay Harbor, a 30-year-old professional football player from Chicago, IL, who is in his ninth year with the NFL. Clay revealed he's biracial and doesn't fit the stereotype of a professional athlete, as people consider him a "big sweetheart."

Garrett Yrigoyen, a 29-year-old medical sales representative from Reno, NV, is an outdoorsy guy who can't wait to go fly-fishing and more with a woman by his side.

And then there was Jordan Kimball, a 26-year-old male model from Crystal River, FL, who likes to portray a "pensive gentleman" while modeling.

Jordan explained modeling is an incredibly taxing career, with all of that spray tanning and time spent in the gym. Oh, and don't forget about the salt-water spray he has to put in his hair to look fresh.

Lincoln Adim, a 26-year-old account sales executive from Los Angeles, CA, was born in Nigeria and said he's ready to get married and has a good feeling he'd be the guy to win Becca's heart.

Jean Blanc, a 31-year-old colognoisseur from Pensacola, FL, then shared his cologne collection with Bachelor Nation, which features over 100 different scents.

Jean Blanc told the cameras, "Becca needs a man who smells good, and I'm going to blow her nose away."

Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old former pro football player who now runs a cystic fibrosis charity from Denver, CO, played for the San Diego Chargers, but he had an injury that forced him to stop playing.

Colton said he's only been in one serious relationship before and he's ready to have a real person in his life whom he loves, other than his dog.

Before meeting her 28 bachelors, Becca admitted to cameras she didn't want a proposal at the end unless both individuals were invested in the relationship "110 percent" and they're sure it's what they want.

Becca then dressed in a dazzling white, embellished gown and met her suitors one by one as they stepped out of a limo.

Becca called Colton "so handsome," and Connor Obrochta, a 25-year-old fitness coach from St. Petersburg, FL, got down on one knee and asked Becca if she was "ready to do the damn thing" with him, reenacting her entrance on Arie's The Bachelor season.

Jordan gushed about his fashion sense and making himself look unique, and Mike Renner, a 27-year-old sports analyst from Cincinnati, OH, brought a cardboard cutout of Arie with him, cracking the joke that he should watch Becca have a great time getting to know other men.

Garrett rolled up in a minivan and had it stocked with children's toys to signify he can't wait to be a husband and father, and he immediately noticed Becca's quick wit and great humor.

But Blake Horstmann, a 28-year-old sales representative from Bailey, CO, topped the minivan entrance, as he rode in on an ox and told the Bachelorette his feelings for her were "strong as an ox." Blake had met Becca on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, and he said he struggled to get her off his mind.

Becca had so much gratitude and respect for the guys for taking time out of their lives to meet her and give love a chance.

But she was surprised to see Jake in the cast given they had met in Minneapolis before yet he never made a move.


Kamil didn't make the best first impression, as he asked Becca to walk towards him "60/40." Becca was rubbed the wrong way, insisting a relationship should be 50/50, and she didn't think it was a very gentlemanly or chivalrous move on his part.

Trent Jespersen, a 28-year-old realtor from Naples, FL, showed up in a hearse for his entrance, telling the Becca he "literally died" upon finding out she's the Bachelorette.

David Ravitz, a 25-year-old venture capitalist from Denver, CO, showed up in a chicken costume on Night 1! He joked he wasn't on the show to ruffle feathers and hoped to build an "eggcellent relationship" with her.

But Chris Randone, a 30-year-old sales trainer from Orlando, FL, stole the show by having an entire choir sing to Becca, and she thought the entrance was "so cute" and special.

After the guys met Becca, they all agreed she's the "ultimate girl next door" with great personality and looks. They gushed about her being the "whole package."

Becca then addressed the men before the cocktail party commenced, saying she had so much love to give and could tell her husband and teammate was going to be in the room.

Connor decided to steal Becca away first, which clearly rubbed some bachelors the wrong way -- as the act does every season.

Jordan called Connor "a smooth criminal," but Leo Dottavio, a 31-year-old stuntman from Studio City, CA, joked, "There's a real estate term: 'You never buy your first home.'"

Throughout the cocktail party, the bachelors attempted to woo and impress Becca with tricks and original ideas. Clay had Becca play with actual clay; Christon Staples, a 31-year-old former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles, CA, dunked a basketball right over Becca's head; and there was salsa dancing and poetry reading to follow.

But Christon's dunk not only wowed Becca, it also impressed the guys watching nearby. Everyone agreed they had to step their game up after such a show.

But Lincoln later gave Becca a bracelet from Nigeria, David made Becca laugh in his chicken suit, and Garrett taught Becca how to fly fish in the pool. Becca reminisced about fishing and hunting with her father, and she figured her family would love Garrett.

Becca gushed about having "the best group of guys" who really all seemed to be on the show for love.

Blake then stole some time with the Bachelorette, explaining he was in a serious relationship before the show that ended abruptly. Blake said he learned what he does and does not want in a relationship thanks to his past.

"If I was able to love the wrong person that much, how much could I love the right person?" Blake said to Becca.

Becca admitted she and Blake just got each other and he had made a huge impression on her. Blake being in the competition made Becca feel hopeful.

Some drama then unfolded between Chris and Chase. Chris accused Chase of being on the show for the wrong reasons because he's friends with Chase's ex, who had texted him about Chase being all about hanging with his boys and revamping his marketing company.

Chase argued, however, he had dated this girl for only two weeks about two years ago. Chase didn't want this information to jeopardize his chance of getting to know Becca, so he decided to be upfront with Becca about the situation.

But instead of Becca appreciating Chase's candor, she realized things just weren't adding up for her, and she didn't seem to believe his story.

On that note, Becca then opted to eliminate someone she was certain didn't go on the show for the right reasons -- Jake. Becca reprimanded Jake for never asking her out at home even though he had multiple opportunities since they hung out in the same group of friends.

Jake insisted he had a very "transformative year" and would have asked Becca out if they met in a bar the next day, but she wasn't buying it.

Becca didn't understand why Jake would wait to date her on The Bachelorette, so she let him go. She didn't want to have to question his intentions and motives throughout the whole process.

Becca ultimately decided to give the First Impression Rose to Garrett because she thought he was wonderful and he made her laugh. Becca also already felt comfortable around him. Becca admitted she was "smitten" with him from the second he stepped out of the minivan.

The couple sealed the deal with a sweet little kiss.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now," Garrett said.

The episode concluded with the season's first Rose Ceremony, and Garrett was standing off to the side with his rose pinned already.

Becca handed out roses in the following order: Lincoln; Blake; Rickey Jasper, a 27-year-old IT consultant from San Diego, CA; Jean Blanc; Christon; Clay; Wills Reid, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA; Connor; and Jason Tartick, a 29-year-old senior corporate banker from Seattle, WA.

John Graham, a 28-year-old software engineer from San Francisco, CA, also received a rose, and he was then followed by Ryan Peterson, a 26-year-old banjoist from Manhattan Beach, CA; Alex Templeman, a 31-year-old construction manager from Atlanta, GA; Nick Spetsas, a 27-year-old attorney from Orlando, FL; Trent; Colton; David; Jordan; Leo; Mike and Chris R.


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