The Bachelorette alum Becca Kufrin has revealed if she's ready to get engaged to boyfriend Thomas Jacobs, and if so, how her dream marriage proposal would play out.

Becca and Thomas, who began dating on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season last summer, appear to be falling more in love with each other every day.


Thomas revealed during an April appearance on the "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" podcast that Becca wants an elongated cushion-cut diamond ring and it's possible he may pop the question by the end of this year.

And according to Becca, she'd be absolutely thrilled to get engaged in 2022, or any time thereafter.

"Have you talked about a ring in the near future?" Michelle Young asked her co-host Becca during a recent episode of their "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast. "Is Thomas thinking about proposing?"

"Yes, and yes," Becca replied. "We've talked about it, and it's actually something we've talked about for quite a while now."

Becca revealed that Thomas already "jokingly proposed with a paper-clip ring."

"I was like, 'I would say yes to this paper-clip ring except it cuts my finger all the time!' So yeah, I mean, it's definitely on the horizon. He does, and he knows this, need to ask my mother for her blessing," Becca shared.

"So he can't get down on one knee until that happens. And yeah, I mean, life has just been so crazy right now with the [Bachelor Live On Stage] tour, and obviously I've been back and forth."

Becca acknowledged how she has to get "back into [her] groove" and settled after being on the road for quite some time.

"I think it would happen," Becca said of Thomas' potential marriage proposal. "I know it will one day. I just don't know when. But, you know, he knows what I want," Becca noted with a giggle.

"I know what he wants, too. So who knows! I'm not all about the traditions, so we'll see."


Michelle pointed out how Thomas is very "creative" and so she could see him coming up with an "elaborate" proposal or something that would be very intimate and "personal" to Becca.

Becca said Thomas is "very well aware" of the fact she's already had "two very public engagements," referring to her broken engagements to Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garrett Yrigoyen.

"I do not like that," Becca confirmed. "I do not want that again... For me, I've been there, done that."

Becca had her heart broken by Arie on The Bachelor's 22nd season in 2018, when he decided to end their engagement because he was still in love with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, who is now his wife and the mother of his three children.

Becca also had her very public breakup with Garrett, her The Bachelorette 14 winner, in 2020.

"I think sometimes people look so much into the proposal and the wedding itself and not the actual marriage," said Becca, who insisted her heart is in the right place.

Becca noted how she's just focused on being with Thomas from now until forever.

"I'm at the point where I want to spend my life with him and I want to be with him. I don't need anything big or extravagant or public in any way. I just want it to be us," Becca disclosed. "And so, he knows that."

Becca shared how she didn't even need to tell Thomas that because he "just knew" what she would or wouldn't want from getting to know her this past year.

Thomas suggested he may have already purchased a ring for Becca.

Thomas teased on "Click Bait" last month of potentially proposing marriage, "Am I aware if I have one in a safety lockbox in my bedroom? I don't know, time will tell. We'll have to find that one out later on this year."

He also confirmed of the pending proposal, "I don't have a full plan yet, but I know it's going to be small and intimate. There will be a camera. I'll have a photographer, but the last thing that I want for Becca is to have another grand spectacle."


Thomas also revealed how he and Becca have discussed the possibility of moving to New York City for a brief period of time, before putting roots down in San Diego, CA.

"We love Manhattan. We're thinking about potentially following in the footsteps of [Joe Amabile and fiancee Serena Pitt] and signing a lease out there just for a few months," Thomas said.

"It's something, before we really settle down, there's a bucket list thing of items that we want to do -- and living in a big city for a little bit is one of those... That's in the talks. It's in the talks."

Thomas told Hollywood Life in November 2021 that he was pretty sold on marrying Becca because they had "the most healthy, normal relationship" at the time.

During an October episode of the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast, Thomas gushed of Becca, "I don't want to spend my life with anybody else... I wouldn't want to wake up next to anybody else."

On Bachelor in Paradise's seventh-season finale, Becca was shown breaking up with Thomas and crushing his heart before overnight Fantasy Suite dates because, despite having "an incredible start" to a relationship, Becca didn't want to leave The Bachelor franchise for the third time with a man unless she knew everything about him, including how he'd face adversity and real-life challenges.

However, the finale concluded with an update on Becca and Thomas' relationship, revealing how they had reunited after filming ended and were dating, "happy and in love."

During Becca and Thomas' appearance on "Talking It Out" last year, Becca revealed she's the one who tracked down Thomas' phone number and initiated their reunion.

"After we ended things, I think I waited a couple days. I didn't have my phone right away and he didn't have his phone right away, so I think I gave it two days," Becca said.

Thomas recalled, "I was waiting for my bags in the San Diego airport when I got a text."

While Thomas confessed he was "mad" and "hurt" about his Paradise breakup, he had faith they'd have "a future conversation."

"I was just waiting for the moment and opportunity to see her again," Thomas shared.

"When she first texted me, she started off, 'I know I'm probably the last person you want to hear from right now.' And it couldn't be further from the truth, that's the one text I was waiting to hear."

Thomas shared, "That's the one person I wanted to see. That's the one person I wanted to hold... [Our split] showed us that we experienced something and it was taken away from us for a moment."

Becca said she met up with Thomas in San Diego and they picked up right where they had left off, and Thomas told Hollywood Life that he had no hesitation or reservations about giving Becca another chance.

Becca also boasted about how Thomas is different from her past relationships because he's so passionate about a life with her and was prepared to fight "tooth and nail" to save their romance.

"He is so supportive and he's just funny and quirky in the cutest ways. Everything about him, I just felt safe with, unlike anything I had in the past. I was just like, 'This guy is my guy,'" Becca gushed.

Becca even told her mother last year, not long after Paradise ended, that she wanted to marry Thomas.

Despite having been engaged twice before, Becca admitted, "It's the first time I've ever actually said that out loud."

Since the pair began dating in the real world, Becca has defended Thomas and stood up for their relationship on more than one occasion considering he had been portrayed as a villain on Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette.


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