The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which featured Peter Weber and most of the bachelorettes he had denied roses to during The Bachelor's 2020 season, was controversial, explosive and heartwarming all at the same time.

Monday night's The Women Tell All special for Peter's season of The Bachelor might've had more drama and catty behavior than ever before, especially thanks to Tammy Ly and the issue she had with multiple girls.


But also, Kelsey Weier preached how it's perfectly fine to be vulnerable and emotional, shutting down haters and trolls.

And Victoria Fuller took the hot seat and cried to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison about how her relationship with Peter might have been different had she dropped her walls sooner and let him love her the way he wanted to.

When Peter sat in the hot seat, he was a bit overwhelmed to see his ex-girlfriends all in one room, but he was able to give a few bachelorettes closure they needed. Peter was open about the fact he had made a lot of mistakes this season but attempted to follow his heart the whole way through.

Below is a list of highlights from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All broadcast:

Chris Harrison teases The Bachelor finale

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All broadcast began with footage of Peter eliminating Victoria F. and giving his Final 2 roses to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett in Australia.

Chris then teased Peter's two-night finale next week airing on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10.

"It is a finale so unexpected, so unprecedented, there is not a single person who knows how Peter's journey will end -- not even Peter," Chris announced.


Chris went on to introduce the ladies on the stage from Peter's season of The Bachelor.

The participating women were Katrina Badowski, Alayah Benavidez, Lexi Buchanan, Alexa Caves, Sarah Coffin, Mykenna Dorn, Victoria Fuller, Maurissa Gunn, Sydney Hightower, Deandra Kanu, Shiann Lewis, Tammy Ly, Savannah Mullins, Kiarra Norman, Victoria Paul, Kylie Ramos, and Kelsey Weier.
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Natasha Parker and Kelley Flanagan, however, were noticeably absent from the filming.

Chris asks the women about Madison Prewett's "ultimatum"

Chris asked Lexi if Madison waited too long to tell Peter about her Fantasy Suite expectations and the fact she's saving herself for marriage.

Lexi replied, "I think when you go on this show, you know what happens in Fantasy Suites. It's not a surprise. I just don't think it was fair to him to give him that ultimatum."


But Sydney disagreed, saying she and Madison are from the same community and were always looked at to set a certain standard.

"I don't think of it as an ultimatum. I think of it as Madison saying, 'This is who I am and, Peter, if you take this route, it's going to make me feel a certain type of way.' And she stuck to her guns and I respect her for it. I do," Sydney explained.

Victoria Paul vs. Alayah Benavidez

Sydney offered her take on Victoria P. and Alayah's feud by saying Alayah is "scripted." Sydney prides herself on being a good judge of character and insisted "something was just off with this chick," meaning Alayah.

Sydney said cameras would go on and Alayah would become a "production" with a booming voice.

Lexi said Alayah treated the process like a beauty pageant competition, noting how Alayah was afraid to get "disqualified," which is beauty-pageant talk.

Lexi and Sydney also accused Alayah of going home after her first elimination and reading Reddit and coming back to throw other girls under the bus. Lexi said Alayah had lied about other people and it was "malicious."

Alayah said she had word vomit and has always had a pitchy voice with many octaves. Alayah pointed out her mother has always called it her "princess voice" and so she wasn't trying to put on an act.


Shiann called Victoria P. out for essentially talking bad about Alayah only to wipe her tears or hold her hand during Rose Ceremonies. Victoria P. called herself "weird," but Savannah argued it's "fake" and she was "the fakest person in the house."

So much crosstalk and yelling ensued afterwards that words couldn't be made out and Chris had to break it up.

"You have some f-cking nerve to talk because that's all you do with your group," Shiann told Lexi, getting the final say once things quieted down.

"Oh, okay," Lexi replied.

Chris pointed out he had never expected the Tell-All to be "this feisty" and it was "silly" of him to think that.

ChampagneGate scandal is brought to light

As fans probably recall, Hannah Ann popped a bottle of champagne Kelsey had brought from home to the mansion to share with Peter.

Kelsey thought she had told everyone in the house about the bottle of champagne, and so once she heard the bottle pop, she went absolutely "balls-to-the-wall crazy" and overreacted."

Shiann told Kelsey that she handled the situation irrationally, and Kelsey replied, "I totally agree with that. I'm not going to say I was justified in my reaction but I was just fighting my emotion."

The women accused Tammy of calling Kelsey "an alcoholic" and "a pill popper," but Tammy denied the allegations and said those words never came out of her mouth.


Kelsey said she never claimed she was sober that night she was crying -- but it was just "one night."

Victoria P. essentially admitted to starting the rumor about Kelsey popping pills, saying she knew, as a nurse, Kelsey was on Adderall. But then a girl snapped at Victoria P. calling her a nurse for a dermatologist.

Tammy insisted she was "coming from a place of concern" because she thought the drinking was a red flag and it wasn't the first time she had seen Kelsey act that way.

"I'm sorry, but we are all swapping saliva with the same guy -- it is my business!" Tammy said.

Sydney called Kelsey out for dubbing her "a stupid f-cking B," which she thought was too much. Kelsey denied saying "stupid," but she didn't deny saying anything else. It appears, however, Kelsey apologized to Sydney after the show wrapped filming and they were fine by The Women Tell All.

Savannah told Tammy she was shaming Kelsey for having emotions.

Kelsey said Tammy claiming she was mentally unstable and excessively drank painted this image of her that she's not. Kelsey also said it's rude to those people who actually suffer from such diseases and feel belittled for the disease that they have.

"And I'm not okay with that!" Kelsey shouted with tears in her eyes.

Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn spar

Tammy alleged Mykenna put on a show, but Mykenna said Tammy was the one who had all the one-liners.

"I thought Mykenna was so annoying because she was so emotional and crying all the time. And I'm like, 'I'm a nanny. I know childish behavior, and that's exactly how she was acting,'" Kiarra said.

Kelsey told Tammy owed Mykenna an apology, but Tammy disagreed.


Mykenna wanted to move forward from this situation, but she pointed out Tammy had made her feel horrible about herself.

"I didn't feel worthy of being there. But if anything, you have taught me, like, how I don't want to treat people and how I don't want to be. I don't have a place in my heart for that," Mykenna said on the verge of tears.

"How long did you rehearse this?" Tammy asked, rolling her eyes.

Kelsey called Tammy "rude," and then Mykenna said she still respected Tammy as a person. But then Tammy claimed Mykenna "danced like a buffoon" every time a camera was on and she would "spread her legs."

"How dare you!" Mykenna repeated. "You call me nasty?! How dare you!"

Mykenna told Tammy to come to Canada, where she'd teach her how to treat people with more love, respect and kindness.

Kelsey Weier on the hot seat

Kelsey experienced a lot of emotions watching her time with Peter back. Kelsey said it was really hard to be eliminated because she had pictured her future being with the Bachelor.

"I was definitely in shock," Kelsey recalled of the time when she was denied a rose. "If I wasn't, I probably would have cried more, honestly."

Kelsey admitted she missed Peter because she valued how he had accepted her for who she is. She said Peter made her feel important, loved and special. Kelsey also noted she had learned a lot from Peter.

Kelsey laughed off her ChampageGate scandal but noted she was really pissed at the time.

When Chris asked whether Kelsey thinks it's fair she's been made fun of because of her emotions, Kelsey replied, "I think emotions are a good thing. Men and women should be empowered by that, and they should appreciate vulnerable and accept it."

Kelsey appreciated how Peter never ran when she cried.

"I am an emotional person, and I'm proud of that."

With that being said, The Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti came out onstage and gave Kelsey a hug as well as a giant bottle of champagne.

"This is my girl! Like, I feel her so hard," Ashley I. announced.

"Thank you for, you know, representing us emotional girls this season. I also just want to say, 'Way to go for standing up to the emotional shamers out there.'"

Tammy made a face when Ashley I. said that.

Victoria Fuller on the hot seat

Victoria F. cried watching footage back of her journey on the show with Peter.

"I think I'm frustrated with myself because I didn't realize how much he cared about me. It just breaks my heart. I wish I let him love me the way that he wanted to -- sooner," Victoria F. cried.

"I think it would've been a lot different. But you can't go back."

Victoria F. was more upset with herself than with Peter for getting in her own way of finding true love.

Victoria F. said she just didn't know how Peter felt about her, even though he would try to reassure her and show that he cared. For instance, he once wrote her a letter expressing his feelings for her.

"I think Peter was the one good thing I actually got to have. I had, like, a glimpse of that, and I was like, 'Wait, there's no way he's this good.' And it was easier for me to push him away because it was just easier to not have him at all than lose him at the end of it," Victoria F. shared.

"I was in love with that boy, absolutely."

Victoria F. acknowledged The Bachelor was a big learning experience for her and she hated the way she acted sometimes. Victoria cried about how much she had put Peter through and how he had to "put up with a lot."

Victoria F. said she was going through a breakup and it was "just hard."

Victoria Fuller denies she broke up marriages

"A serious accusation was made about you," Chris said.

"Very serious," Victoria F. interjected.

"About breaking up relationships -- breaking up marriages," Chris told her.

"Multiple," Victoria F. added.

Chris asked Victoria what it was like to watch that footage back and see those accusations, and Victoria F. explained it was "extremely frustrating" for her.

Victoria F. said the woman -- Peter's ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence -- simply didn't like her and Victoria F. didn't know why she would say something like that.

"Maybe she just wanted to come on the show," Victoria F. said.

"So just to be clear, have you broken up marriages?" Chris asked.

"Absolutely not," Victoria F. responded. "I think it's just hard to have this guy I'm dating -- who could potentially be my husband -- now think that about me. And once that's out there, people think that about you."

Chris called Victoria F. very articulate and said she was owning her emotions, adding that she's the person whom Peter had fallen in love with.

Victoria F. admitted she was a little scared and nervous to see Peter again.

Peter Weber takes the hot seat

Peter confessed he had no idea what he was getting himself into by being The Bachelor star.

Peter said he lived, learned and made a lot of mistakes, but he really tried to be present in each relationship and with each woman.

Peter was so thankful to have met so many amazing women and experience those relationships bloom.

Kelsey told Peter that he had taught her so much about herself and now she know what she wants in a man and what she deserves. Peter called his relationship with Kelsey "unique," saying they had connected on a "deep, emotional level right from the beginning."

Peter admitted it was tough to realize Kelsey wasn't his person during the process.

"That wasn't easy for me at all," Peter said.

Victoria F. was asked to sit next to Peter on the stage, and he told her that she looked beautiful.

Victoria F. thanked Peter for being so patient with her, saying that while watching the season back, she wondered how he dealt with her the whole time.

"Also, I'm sorry, because I put you through hell, and you didn't always deserve it," Victoria F. said.

Peter said he believes love is patient and he's not the type of guy who would give up on love so easily.

Victoria F. acknowledged there was "no animosity" between Peter and herself because the love she had for him was real.

"I adore you," Victoria F. insisted. "I know I learned so much from you and our relationship, and I'll carry that into my next relationship."

The women wished Peter well -- for the most part

Mykenna didn't understand why Peter kept her around on a two-on-one date just to send her home at the subsequent Rose Ceremony that same night.

Peter told Mykenna that he never would have put her through the Rose Ceremony had he known during her two-on-one date with Tammy that he was going to send her home as well. Peter insisted he wasn't sure what his Rose Ceremony decisions were going to be.

Tammy told Peter that she was happy he followed his heart.

Savannah asked Peter whether he regretted giving the women who caused drama more opportunity to get to know him instead of the girls who were genuine and on the show for the right reasons.

Peter had been criticized for being a Bachelor who rewarded the drama, and he said, "There are definitely a lot of things I would have handled differently, but I only do have my perspective... and I truly was just following my heart."

Peter said he tried his best not to focus on others' opinions or perspectives on him while following his heart. Peter also said criticism can be good to a certain extent because he's learning from it.

"I made a lot of mistakes and I own up to that... But if I can be a stronger and a better man at the end of that, I'm okay with that," Peter announced.

Sydney said she respected Peter and the whole group just wanted to see him happy.

Peter told his bachelorettes they were all brave because they had opened up their lives to millions of people. People said he was grateful for each relationship and hoped each and every one of them will find love.

Rachel Lindsay discusses bullying on social media

Rachel sat down next to Chris to discuss a line that has been crossed when it comes to negative criticism on social media.

Rachel was at a loss for words and admitted she was "really nervous" to discuss online harassment and hate. Rachel said people have become comfortable with being really mean, and if no one talks about it, the hate continues and those haters feel empowered to keep going.

"In order to fix this problem, we have to acknowledge the problem," Rachel shared.

Rachel said she represented women on The Bachelorette who look like her who hadn't been represented in the leading role on the franchise. She feared her efforts were in vain because things have just gotten worse.

Rachel read messages aloud The Bachelor bachelorettes have received online, warning viewers they're "graphic" and "explicit" and "shocking."

"You're an emotional stupid bitch. Kill your self. You're useless," one person wrote.

After Rachel read a threat to hurt one of the bachelorettes, she read a couple of very racist messages.

"Of course you pull the black card. You're so [f-cking] jealous holy [sh-t]... Stop being a jealous bitch it doesn't look good on you and you need all the help you can get looking good because you're the ugliest girl in the house," someone wrote.

In a message that appeared to be directed at Sydney, a person wrote, "No one cares about a half-[?], half-Mexican bitch's opinion. You are disgusting and you are jealous."

Rachel asked people to imagine how uncomfortable it is for a woman to receive such messages in their Instagram DMs and more. Every girl on the stage admitted to receiving hate, and Tammy even received death threats.

Rachel said people can't change the color of their skin or how they're born and so being bullied for that is impossibly tough.

Sydney cried about how such attacks made her and her mother feel. Sydney said the hate "has to stop."

"None of us are perfect, but none of us deserve this," Sydney said, adding that she wants to be a voice for the girls like her who don't think they could do something like be on television.


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