The Bachelor twins Emily Ferguson and Haley Ferguson are reportedly finalizing a deal for their own spinoff.

According to a source, the franchise's blonde and bubbly twin sisters are in the process of getting a reality show after memorably appearing on Ben Higgins' The Bachelor season, Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, Us Weekly reported.

Emily and Haley's show would reportedly air on Freeform and feature the girls' personal and professional lives in Las Vegas.

The source added, however, that the project is not a done deal yet. It also remains unclear whether Freeform is looking to replace Higgins and his fiancee Lauren Bushnell's spinoff with the twins' new show.

Emily and Haley, both 23-year-old bloggers and models, frequently appeared on Happily Ever After? -- which just concluded its first season last month -- because of their friendship with Bushnell. The twins offered some laughs and light-hearted storylines.

It's likely Emily and Haley's potential Freeform show would also chronicle their love lives.

The girls confirmed to Us in November they're currently in relationships with men who are not members of Bachelor Nation.

Emily is dating trainer Vince Pezzuto, according to an insider, while Haley is romantically involved with a 26-year-old accountant.

"Obviously, I don't like everything about the guy that Haley's dating, but I think... he's good for her, and it'll work," Emily told the magazine about her sister's man.

"I think we're accepting of each other's guys, so that's all that matters."