The Bachelor star Sean Lowe says there's still a lot of drama to come before his season of the show is over.

"There is so much more drama left. I wouldn't consider myself a very emotional person. Outside of [AshLee Frazier] telling me the story of meeting her father for the first time, I couldn't tell you the last time I cried before that. But before the next episode's rose ceremony, I remember putting my suit on, getting ready to face the day and I broke down. I realized the magnitude of the day. It hit me all at once," Lowe told People.

Going into the overnight dates to be featured in tonight's episode, Lowe -- who is reportedly a born-again virgin -- said he was certainly stressed out and feeling the pressure with Frazier, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter still in the running.

"I had no idea how the three remaining women stacked up. I didn't have them ranked 1,2,3. It was like splitting thirds, because I was falling for all of them for different reasons. They are all wonderful girls with their own unique and special qualities. At the end of the week, I had to make a decision, and ultimately I would end up breaking one of their hearts," he explained, also reiterating he's annoyed with all the gossip of his overnight dates since he believes it's no one's business but his own.

Lowe admitted he actually wished he had learned some unsettling news about one of the women during the overnight dates to make his choice easier -- but that apparently didn't happen.

"No. I was hoping that might be the case, and I wish it had been, but it wasn't," the Bachelor said. 

Lowe summed up what was so special about each of his three remaining bachelorettes.

"I can go down the line. Lindsay was sweet, supportive, an incredible girl, and we get along so well together. She was someone I could picture marrying. AshLee has everything I'm looking for. Despite everything she went through as a child, she came out this strong, confident woman," he told People.

"She truly has a heart where she just wants to love a man, and I can tell she will be a wonderful mother. And Catherine fits the best friend mold. We have fun together, can be passionate at times and she's also very intellectual, which is an attractive quality to me."

Frazier's highly criticized "intense" openness with Lowe and her desire to tell Lowe early on she loved him also apparently didn't scare The Bachelor star off as some viewers might believe.

"No, not really. I know AshLee is a passionate person, and that translates into being very emotional. She admitted early on that she has a hard time trusting guys because she has abandonment issues. So she let me take control, and... it was comforting to know that we'd already reached that level," he insisted.

Lowe also commented on how Giudici's sisters had expressed during hometown dates the bachelorette may not be ready to settle down, get married and have kids just yet.
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"Let me clarify. I'm not in a hurry to be a dad. I'm looking forward to that next chapter because I've been a single guy for so long. But kids can wait for a while as we get to know each other. I do want someone who shares the same vision of the future as I do. That's a no-brainer," he explained.

Despite the bumps in his journey, Lowe surprisingly said he's looking forward to the Women Tell All special and facing all his eliminated bachelorettes once again.

"For the most part, I am anxious and eager to see the girls. I have such great memories of all of them," The Bachelor star added.