The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis says when Sharleen Joynt confronted him at his hotel suite following their one-on-one date, he knew she had come to say goodbye.

"I definitely wanted to clear my doubts about Sharleen. During all of the conversations that we've had, (sorry you guys didn't get to see 90 percent of them) I knew she was having a very hard time in this process. When I saw her at the door my first thought was 'she is gone' and I was right... I was very sad but I was prepared because of her struggles over the weeks," Galavis wrote in his People blog.

"It was very hard for her to talk to me and she felt terrible telling me that she didn't think I was the man of her life. She has all my respect. She has been the most honest, realistic and mature of all the women. She was going to have a hometown date and things maybe would of changed after that."

The 32-year-old former pro soccer player from Venezuela thought things were "perfect" between them during their one-on-one date because his relationship with Joynt just felt "smooth" and natural. At that point, the Bachelor dropped his concerns.

"I loved listening to the words she used and we had a great time talking about anything and everything. Unfortunately you were only able to see a little bit of Sharleen and I understand the way people might judge her. But remember, you judge by what you see on TV and not everything makes it to the screen," Galavis wrote.

"In this situation, a single word can change my way of seeing or thinking about someone and that's the reason I took everybody and everything they say so seriously. I'm glad she put her life on hold to come see if we could have a future together, because I met a great woman. Like I said -- I'd rather not be appreciated and be honest, than be appreciated and not being honest."

For the Bachelor's second one-on-one date, he brought Nikki Ferrell to his four-year-old daughter Camila's dance recital, where she also met Galavis' parents and ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez.

"I needed to bring somebody who I felt a strong connection with and who would appreciate my surprise of meeting Camila. The reason I decided to take Nikki was because she has been making me feel more and more comfortable since Vietnam," he explained.

"Nikki got to meet Camila for a few minutes as well as my dad, mom, aunt and Carla. After the recital, I took her to eat Venezuelan food, which I always do after a dance recital."

Galavis also felt very close to and comfortable with Andi Dorfman, and the connection they shared apparently didn't happen overnight.

"Since week two, Andi has been one of my favorites and that's the reason I gave her the [group date] rose. It was a hard decision, but I knew she needed that extra confidence boost. It was hard to see the girls leave halfway through the date," said Galavis, who took Dorfman to a concert afterwards.

"Dancing with Andi was so funny! She told me she was a horrible dancer but she picked it up pretty quickly. Andi was a little stiff, but she had the will to learn. Seeing her so happy made me smile all night."
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At the end of the week in Miami, FL, Galavis chose to send Chelsie Webster home.

"The Rose Ceremony was terrible. Sending Chelsie home broke my heart because she is fantastic and full of life and good vibes. Our connection faded over the weeks. I know she will be a great friend for years," he wrote.

Also in his People blog, Galavis seemed to take a shot at all the people who voice their negative opinions of him on social media.

"In the past three weeks, I felt exactly like when I played soccer -- everyone on the stands had their opinions while the ones sweating and playing the game were loved or hated. The only answer I always had for them was the same one: here are my cleats, let me know if you want to borrow them for a bit so I can see you play from the stands," Galavis explained.