The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis eliminated three more bachelorettes during Monday night's fifth episode of the ABC reality dating series' eighteenth season.

Danielle Ronco, a 25-year-old psychiatric nurse from St. Louis, MO; Alli Restko, a 26-year-old nanny from Chicago, IL; and Kelly Travis, a 27-year-old dog lover from Atlanta, GA, were ousted traditionally by Juan Pablo during the season's fifth Rose Ceremony.

"As depressing as it sounds, I knew that there wasn't a strong connection and I was hoping that I would have that time to really explore that, and I didn't. I could tell that he was emotional from the beginning and the hardest part was seeing him crying," Danielle said following her ouster.

"You put your life on hold and you put your family on hold, your friends on hold, and you just hope for the best. And when it doesn't work out, it just stings. But he's a really good guy, so he deserves someone good. I want him to have it work. I really do," Alli said.

The Bachelor's fifth eighteenth-season episode began with Juan Pablo traveling to Vietnam for a week of dates with his 11 remaining bachelorettes.

Nikki Ferrell, a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kansas City, MO, wanted to put the last week behind her and move on in better spirits with her focus on building a connection with Juan Pablo.

Once the girls got settled in their new hotel suite, Renee Oteri, a 32-year-old real estate agent from Sarasota, FL, learned she'd be accompanying Juan Pablo on the first one-on-one date.

Renee thought the environment was the perfect setting for their first kiss. She had been anticipating a kiss for awhile but respected the fact the Bachelor wanted to take things slow between them since they're both single parents. Renee, who has an eight-year-old son named Ben, liked and had feelings for Juan Pablo.

The couple walked through the streets together and Juan Pablo pushed her in a pedicab. Juan Pablo believed they wanted the same things out of life and were on the same page with everything, which was refreshing. Renee then got fitted for a custom tailor-made dress to be created just for her and the pair bought presents for their children.

At dinner that night, Renee and Juan Pablo had a restaurant all to themselves. Renee noted she was feeling butterflies in her stomach and felt like a kid again. She explained to Juan Pablo that she makes her relationship work with Ben's father for her son's sake, and Juan Pablo thought she set a great example for her child and knew how to be a great mom.

Meanwhile, the following girls at the hotel discovered they'd be sharing the group date with Juan Pablo: Kelly; Alli; Danielle; Chelsie Webster, a 24-year-old science educator from Columbus, OH; Cassandra Ferguson, a 21-year-old former NBA dancer from Rochester Hills, MI; Sharleen Joynt, a 29-year-old opera singer from Heidelberg, Germany; Clare Crawley, a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, CA; Andi Dorfman, a 26-year-old federal prosecutor from Atlanta, GA; and Kat Hurd, a 29-year-old medical sales representative from Scottsdale, AZ.

Nikki therefore was getting the remaining one-on-one date and was thrilled because she was running out of patience. Andi was a little frustrated, wondering how long she had to wait to get her first one-on-one date.

Back on Juan Pablo's date, he was apparently really into Renee.
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"Honestly, there could be something here. Renee is not just only a mom. She's a beautiful woman. Her eyes hypnotize me every time I see her. They're so pretty. And she's just so full of life and is on the same page as me. I see her and I see myself," Juan Pablo told the cameras.

Juan Pablo told Renee he had so much fun with her and loved their conversation. He then offered her the rose and Renee was keeping her fingers crossed that he'd kiss her that night. She wanted to kiss him so badly but was waiting for him to make the first move.

"I think Renee is a pretty girl and I have this feeling that I want to kiss her, but she has a son, so I want to make sure that it's at the right time at the right moment and that her son is not disappointed in her. He's old enough to understand. He's eight-years-old. 'Mommy, what are you doing? Why are you kissing this guy? Is he going to be my stepdad?' Those kind of things, and I want to take my time. So tonight, not going to happen," Juan Pablo said in a confessional.

The next day, Juan Pablo and the girls on his group date took out two-person bamboo boats. He asked them to pair off, and because everyone had a partner and friend but Clare, she got to ride in a boat with Juan Pablo. Andi was confused and pissed off, agreeing with most of the other eight bachelorettes that she was observing a one-on-one date.

Afterward, the group picked their own food out of a local garden to eat in Tra Que Village. Andi tried to get some alone time with Juan Pablo, and he reassured her position in the competition by just telling her to smile until her cheeks hurt and trust him. He said he wanted her there. Andi automatically felt better and relieved.

Kelly was noticing that Clare went after what she wants and was therefore getting what she wants. Clare was getting a lot of alone time with Juan Pablo during the date, and Kelly was aware she couldn't even really hate Clare for pushing for that time. Meanwhile, Clare didn't care what anyone thought about her. She said she wasn't going to change who she was or how she acted for anyone else.

During the relaxing night portion of the date, Juan Pablo grabbed Clare first to talk -- again. No one was expecting that and it was clear he was gravitating towards her. Kelly joked with the girls that maybe they should just carry the rose down to Clare and give it to her. They also jokingly wondered if Clare had made it to second base yet.

During their private time, Juan Pablo escorted Clare to his suite and wanted to make her feel special and comfortable. They swam in a pool and kissed.

"I think he's melting the ice queen," Clare said.

Afterward, Sharleen walked with Juan Pablo on the beach. She said in a confessional she wanted him to see her "as a panda in a room of brown bears." They also shared another kiss and Andi noted it was "gut-wrenching" watching him with other women.

Andi then got some time with the Bachelor. She still had her doubts but Juan Pablo promised her they had a good time together. She laughed in a confessional that she and Juan Pablo were quickly "sucking face again."

Juan Pablo then offered Clare the group date's rose for getting out of her comfort zone.

"At the end of the day, I kind of just wonder, 'What am I doing here?'" said Andi, who figured she might get the rose.

Once the night died down, Clare explained she didn't want the night to end. She told the other bachelorettes she was going to bed, but she had never swam in an ocean before and wanted to do it for the first time with Juan Pablo at her side. It was 4AM and Clare ran up to his suite, knocking on his door and asking him to cross something off her bucket list with her. Juan Pablo was tired but agreed to take a swim with her. 

The two bobbed in the ocean together and seemed to makeout for awhile wrapped up in each other's arms. Clare said it was so romantic, "like heaven on earth." Juan Pablo noted that Clare was "on fire" and they "got a little wild" in the water. He said they shared a type of connection he didn't think he had with any of the other girls. Clare loved feeling safe in Juan Pablo's arms and allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Clare insisted it was one of the best nights of her entire life, and viewers have since been questioning whether the pair actually had sex in the ocean that night. 

"We went for it and I don't regret it. Pure bliss... We all deserve to feel that amazing, amazing feeling," Clare said.

The following day, Juan Pablo and Nikki embarked on their first one-on-one date together -- although the Bachelor admitted he was still thinking a lot about Clare.

Juan Pablo explained he thought Nikki was gorgeous, sexy and smart. The pair walked through the grounds of Marble Mountain and went rappelling down into a deep cave they called "hell." Nikki was afraid of heights and was so scared she was picturing herself plummeting to the bottom.

"I either live or I die or I poop my pants," Nikki joked.

However, Nikki trusted Juan Pablo and he guided her down the cave. While comforting her, they kissed halfway down. Once they made it to the bottom, they kissed again and she felt she never would've done that for someone she wasn't falling for.

"Even though we're in hell, being with Juan Pablo here, it feels like heaven," Nikki said.

That night, the couple enjoyed a quiet dinner inside a more romantic type of cave lit with candles. She said it was beautiful.

Nikki then tried to be realistic with Juan Pablo, saying she's a "kick ass girlfriend" but isn't a morning person at all. Juan Pablo liked how she wasn't trying to act like she was perfect, and Nikki explained everyone has something they need to work on or could improve upon. She then talked about her job and how she loves helping people, who in turn help her. Nikki insisted although it may not be obvious to most people, she's a very compassionate person and has a huge heart.

The couple then discussed Juan Pablo's four-year-old daughter Camila. Nikki admitted she was a little hesitant at first about him having a child but knows she's mature enough to handle it and become a stepmom. She said he probably wouldn't be the man he is today without her, so she'd be willing to take the risk for him.

Juan Pablo then gave Nikki the date's rose. He was so glad she opened up to him and she was on Cloud 9 -- giddy with butterflies. She told the cameras she felt "electrified," while Juan Pablo saw a potential wife in her.

The next night, the all 11 bachelorettes met with Juan Pablo for a cocktail party. Andi needed to find out if they were beyond the friend and physical zone. Meanwhile, Juan Pablo was having a really tough time because he was realizing he liked a lot of girls at once.

Once Juan Pablo felt confident Renee's son wouldn't be pissed at him for kissing his mom or have high expectations of a marriage that might never come, he finally went in for their first kiss. He called it "the perfect time" and admitted he had wanted to kiss her for about three weeks. Their kiss solidified his strong feelings for her.

Juan Pablo then started wondering if he had taken things too far with Clare in the ocean the other night. He didn't want to make mistakes or have regrets in the process, so he confronted Clare and told her that he felt what they did was wrong. Juan Pablo explained there were 10 other girls in the house and it was just unfair of him to dedicate so much intimate time to Clare.

Clare tried to argue that The Bachelor isn't about being fair, it's about feelings and what's in his heart. Juan Pablo was afraid his daughter would see what happened that night on TV and be upset or disappointed in him. Clare started crying immediately, saying the last thing she'd ever want to do it upset or disrespect little Camila. She felt "embarrassed and stupid."

Juan Pablo attempted to calm Clare down, insisting everything was fine between them and he just wanted to let things go and move forward. He said he just wanted Clare to understand where he was coming from, but the conversation still blindsided and shook up Clare. Clare told the cameras Juan Pablo was onboard with everything when they were in the ocean -- no misunderstanding or miscommunication.

"It's confusing and I don't know where we go from here," Clare said in a confessional.

"My feelings were really, really hurt. I am just trying to follow my heart and I do have nothing but like the best intentions. What Juan Pablo told me tonight is that his daughter's going to see this, and I just feel so bad because that was never my intention, to disrespect his daughter. It takes a lot for me to even open up. Do I want to crawl back in my little turtle shell? Yeah."

Clare told Juan Pablo she felt like he wanted to take the rose back, and he said it was fine.

"Just delete it," Juan Pablo asked of Clare, referring to the whole incident.

Clare asked why Juan Pablo didn't just turn down her offer to swim in the ocean if he didn't think it was right. He replied that he didn't want her to lose the emotion she was feeling and he took half the responsibility by saying they "both" made mistakes.

"If he didn't think it was right, he shouldn't have done it. I would've respected that -- 1,000 percent I would've respected it," Clare told the cameras.

Clare cried away from the girls for awhile and told them she was just experiencing some allergies. No one believed that, and Nikki felt a "somber vibe" coming from Juan Pablo. She thought something bad was happening and tension was in the air.

The Bachelor's fifth eighteenth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced. Renee, Nikki and Clare already had a rose in their hands.

Juan Pablo then handed out additional roses to Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, and Andi.

When he was forced to say goodbye to Kelly, Danielle and Alli, Juan Pablo broke down into tears. He said it was a horrible night and it was the first time Juan Pablo cried this season. He cared for the girls he sent home.

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