The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis sent three bachelorettes packing during Monday night's episode of the ABC reality dating series' eighteenth season.

Victoria Lima, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Boca Raton, FL, was eliminated right after the week's group date because she got too drunk and had an emotional breakdown. Amy Long, a 27-year-old local news reporter from Orlando, FL, and Chantel Forrest, a 27-year-old account manager from San Diego, CA, were ousted traditionally by Juan Pablo during the second episode's Rose Ceremony.

"I don't understand it. I thought I was going to be around for a long time, but it does hurt. I don't want to go yet. I really did come in here with an open heart, open mind. I gave up a lot. But I do know that I'm not what he's looking for, so I am disappointed," Amy said following her ouster.

"It's very hard to be vulnerable. I put myself out there in the past, but I haven't found my one. I haven't found the person I'm supposed to be with, but I'm still ready for a relationship and I still want to find love, and who knows who it will be with."

The Bachelor's second eighteenth-season episode began with Clare Crawley, a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, CA, getting the first one-on-one date of the season, and she called it "surreal." She said before the show she had "an average, mundane life" that got a little lonely at times, especially because she didn't go on dates at home.

Juan Pablo couldn't wait to surprise Clare, and he blindfolded her before they got into his car. After a short drive, they pulled up to a winter wonderland in Los Angeles, which Clare was shocked to see and called "ridiculous." Juan Pablo said her reaction was worth more than $1 million, and the couple went sledding during the date Clare had described as "a perfect fairytale."

Clare felt alive with Juan Pablo, like a kid again. She admitted she had dated guys prior to the show who just weren't emotionally all there, but she was ready to open up and be vulnerable.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Kat Hurd, a 29-year-old medical sales representative from Scottsdale, AZ, learned she'd be accompanying Juan Pablo on the next one-on-one date.

Back on Clare's wintry date, she thought Juan Pablo was "so sexy," and they ended up relaxing in a hot tub.

Clare decided to share her story with Juan Pablo, beginning with how she had lost her father five years ago and it crushed her spirit. She said she shut down once her dad died, and Juan Pablo said he wanted to make her feel safe. They both realized they had "high standards" on relationships, and according to Juan Pablo, Clare needed someone who could treat her like a princess just as her father had.

Juan Pablo then asked Clare to accept the date's rose and she said, "I would absolutely love to." They shared their first kiss in the hot tub and Clare noted it was the beginning of their love story -- one she hoped would be just like her parents'.

After the hot tub, the pair enjoyed a private concert from former The X Factor finalist Josh Krajcik, and Juan Pablo said he felt happy with Clare. It then began snowing as the couple danced to the music.

The next day, Juan Pablo picked up Kat for their one-on-one date. He said he had selected her for the next special date because she loved to dance, which he found very attractive about her.
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They then pulled into an airport and stepped aboard a private jet. Juan Pablo handed Kat neon-colored clothes that glowed in the dark and they eventually landed in Salt Lake City, UT. Once all dressed in tacky clothing, the pair walked into a crowd of neon lights and people dancing and screaming in the streets.

That's when Kat realized they were standing at the starting line for the Electric Run. Juan Pablo called the event "frickin' awesome." It was a 5k-walk during which they'd pause and dance every now and then. Kat said she felt electricity with The Bachelor star and found him "incredibly sexy." She also noted it took a lot of self-control and restraint not to just grab and kiss him.

Meanwhile, Victoria; Chantel; Chelsie Webster, a 24-year-old science educator from Columbus, OH; Christy Hansen, a 24-year-old marketing manager from Chicago, IL; Kelly Travis, a 27-year-old dog lover from Atlanta, GA; Cassandra Ferguson, a 21-year-old former NBA dancer from Rochester Hills, MI; and Andi Dorfman, a 26-year-old federal prosecutor from Atlanta, GA, discovered they'd share the upcoming group date with Juan Pablo.

The other girls going on the group date were Renee Oteri, a 32-year-old real estate agent from Sarasota, FL; Lauren Solomon, a 26-year-old music composer from Austin, TX; Alli Restko, a 26-year-old nanny from Chicago, IL; Nikki Ferrell, a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kansas City, MO; Elise Mosca, a 27-year-old first grade teacher from Forty Fort, PA; and Lucy Aragon, a 24-year-old free spirit from Santa Barbara, CA.

Amy L.; Chantel; Sharleen Joynt, a 29-year-old opera singer from Heidelberg, Germany; and Danielle Ronco, a 25-year-old psychiatric nurse from St. Louis, MO, were the only girls who didn't receive a date in any form.

Back on Kat's date, she and Juan Pablo got up onstage and danced in front of the entire crowd. Juan Pablo, who said he was having fun with Kat and that she was a great sport, ended up giving her the date's rose while onstage. She said she could see herself falling in love with him.

The following day, all 13 girls on the previous date card met up with the Bachelor for their group outing. The bachelorettes walked into the setting for a photo shoot. The girls were each paired up with a dog for a "sexy photo shoot," which was for a good cause, Models and Mutts. The organization consists of some of the top fashion models in the world and they raise money and awareness for different dog rescues.

All the dogs were from shelters and looking for a home. The photo shoots had different themes and costumes, as they ranged from really silly to cute. Juan Pablo called Nikki sexy.

Unfortunately for Chelsie, she had to wear a giant afro wig, and Lucy was given a fire hydrant to wear. Elise and Andi were each given only a small cardboard sign to cover up their parts. Andi was especially upset about basically being naked because it was completely out of her comfort zone.

"I'm not the girl that walks around naked. I can't even say it without feeling panicked," Andi told the cameras.

Elise was also disappointed in her assignment because she's a first-grade teacher and wanted to set a good example for her children. The photo shoot director just reminded Elise that it was all for a good cause.

Still unsettled with the idea, however, Elise then asked Lucy to switch costumes with her, and Lucy said "100%" she'd do it. Lucy loved being naked. She had already been walking around the mansion nude. Lucy noted she was thrilled to "take off her top as always," and Elise felt relieved.

Juan Pablo modeled with all the girls and their dogs. Kelly was dressed as a bald, spotted dog. Juan Pablo called Cassandra beautiful and elegant. He wanted to get to know her a little bit better, while he thought Renee looked stunning. Renee planned to go in for a kiss if the opportunity presented itself that night.

At the end of the day, Andi kept reminding herself the photo shoot was for the dogs and a good cause, so she tried to convince herself it was okay to strip down. Juan Pablo told Andi not to panick and tried to comfort her. Andi admitted to the Bachelor she was the girl in the house who packed a one-piece bathing suit, but it made the situation a little easier for her knowing Juan Pablo would be modeling with her.

Andi said Juan Pablo had a knack for melting her fears away. She found him very comforting and said the photo shoot could've been terrible and disastrous but Juan Pablo "made it great."

Later that night, the girls hoped to snag some alone time with The Bachelor star on a rooftop.

Cassandra told Juan Pablo she talks to her mother about 10 times a day and then revealed she has a two-year-old son named Trey. She said her son is "the best baby ever" and told the cameras later she felt butterflies with Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo seemed pleasantly surprised with her motherhood news.

Renee then pulled Juan Pablo aside to chat. She explained she had been writing to her son every day. They hugged outside and Renee hoped to kiss him, but it didn't happen. One by one, more girls got some time with Juan Pablo. Everyone was nervous and couldn't forget that one rose on the table was staring them in the face.

Nikki then pointed out to cameras that Victoria had "several" glasses of wine. She confronted Victoria, saying she needed to tone it down because everyone thought she was a little "hammered and crazy." Victoria said she was sober but just happened to be so fun it appeared like she was drunk all the time. She slurred her words while telling the camera, "Juan Pablo is my boyfriend."

Victoria continued to make random comments such as she saved Juan Pablo's life. She also danced provacatively in the pool alone and was running around. The girls all agreed she was "gone" and Kelly called her "desperate."

"She's digging her own grave and it makes me look better," Kelly noted in a confessional.

While Juan Pablo was sitting down and talking with Nikki, whom he wanted to get to know better, Victoria interrupted them. She walked in swearing, and Nikki warned Juan Pablo that Victoria had been drinking quite a bit that night. Victoria then ran into the bathroom and started crying because she hadn't gotten one-on-one time with Juan Pablo yet. Renee tried to calm her down, but it clearly wasn't working.

"I don't give a f-ck Renee!... I'm done. I'm going home," Victoria said, as she walked out of the bathroom and tried to leave the building. "I'm done. Send me home, I don't give a sh-t. I want to go home. I don't give a f-ck. I'm going home. I'm going home. I'm done, done, done."

Producers were shown telling Victoria that she couldn't leave without her shoes and they were forcing her to stay for her own safety.

"Victoria is not doing very well. I understand this is not an easy situation, I understand. I want to make sure that she's okay. I want to make sure that Victoria is fine," Juan Pablo told the cameras.

"I feel bad. This is difficult. And to me, it's disappointing, but I cannot judge her because I know this is not a common situation. I don't know if she's nervous... It's not easy to be in this situation. I was there too. I feel bad for her honestly, what can I tell you?"

Juan Pablo then sought Victoria out in the bathroom to talk. Victoria refused to speak with him and Juan Pablo insisted he'd wait for her outside until she was ready to talk.

Juan Pablo then decided to give the group date's rose to "the best sport" of the day, who was Kelly. She felt great and was really excited about the gesture. Juan Pablo then asked the girls for a favor, and that was to make sure Victoria got home safely because he intended to talk to her the next day.

Chelsie thought it was "honorable" how the Bachelor handled the situation. Chantel agreed it was "amazing" and Juan Pablo was "a gentleman who knows what he wants." Chantel just thought he was perfect and her feelings for her were confirmed in that moment.

The following day, Juan Pablo approached Victoria in her hotel room. Victoria apologized and said she overreacted and "set up the crazy train." Juan Pablo asked her what happened, and she explained that she feels emotions intensely -- when she's happy, she's very happy, and when she's mad, she gets very angry. Victoria said she didn't want him to see her cry and she was "mortified" about the whole incident.

"It's no one's fault but my own, what happened," Victoria told Juan Pablo. "Maybe I did drink too much and maybe I could've been more adult about it and handled it better. And I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry."

Juan Pablo told her that it was hard to see those things happen because he's a 32-year-old man with a daughter. Juan Pablo said the right thing to do was to not even wait for the Rose Ceremony and say goodbye right then and there.

It wasn't an easy situation, but the Bachelor was thinking about his family, and so he said he couldn't be with someone who couldn't handle herself well. Juan Pablo did not think she was ready to be a stepmom.

Later on, the cocktail reception kicked off, and Juan Pablo wanted to talk to those who didn't receive a date that week. Amy L. used her interviewing skills on Juan Pablo, pretending she was reporting live while asking him questions. Juan Pablo told her she was funny and had a nice smile. Sharleen then got some time with him next.

"Tonight is really important because girls are going home no matter what. So the most important thing is for him to just sort of get a feel for who I am, just because on the first night, I felt like I was really rude when he gave me the first-impression rose, like, I could not register -- I could not process -- the fact he was giving it to me. And that's literally the last impression I sort of left because I haven't spoken to him since, so I'm feeling kind of nervous," Sharleen said in a confessional.

Sharleen then apologized to the Bachelor for being "ungracious" when he gave her that first rose. She told him she felt overwhelmed and it was "weirdly nervewracking" talking to him due to the pressure.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was having a tough time being confident in herself. She feared maybe the journey wasn't worth being away from her son. She felt a connection with Juan Pablo and assumed there was potential there, but she missed her son a lot and struggled to remain strong.

Cassandra sought comfort in Renee, who's also a single mother who could relate. Renee worried that if Cassandra chose to leave, she'd regret it in the end. Cassandra then told Juan Pablo she was just being realistic about things and questioned whether leaving Trey was the right choice. She admitted she wondered at times, "Why am I here?"

Juan Pablo didn't want Cassandra to feel that way, but he understood. The Bachelor said he saw something different in her and Renee, and if he didn't feel a connection, he'd send them home immediately as to not keep them away from their families.

Juan Pablo wished he could tell Cassandra exactly how he was feeling about her and the other women, but he was honest in saying he was just still getting to know everybody. After their talk, Cassandra felt a bit more relaxed and stopped freaking out.

Juan Pablo liked how Cassandra knew what it was like to be a mom. He thought she was great and wanted her to stay. He planned to base his elimination decisions on which girls he believed would best fit into his life.

The Bachelor's second eighteenth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced. Juan Pablo said his choices were "not easy." Clare, Kat and Kelly already had roses in their hands.

Juan Pablo then gave additional roses to Cassandra, Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren, and Christy.

"I'm more shocked than anything. I just didn't expect it coming. I thought that there was a connection there and he's amazing. He had so many great qualities, like he's everything that I was looking for," Chantel said in tears following her ouster.

"It's just hard when you leave everything to come here for love and you don't get it. I don't know when I'll find love. I haven't dated in so long. I don't know. That's why I was here. I don't want to cry! It's just hard."


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