The Bachelor star Chris Soules eliminated five more Season 19 bachelorettes during the ABC reality dating series' second episode Monday night.

Chris denied the following girls a rose: Tandra Steiner, a 30-year-old executive assistant from Sandy, UT; Alissa Giambrone, a 24-year-old flight attendant from Hamilton, NJ; Tara Eddings, a 26-year-old sport fishing enthusiast from Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jordan Branch, a 24-year-old student from Windsor, CO; and Kimberly Sherbach, a 28-year-old yoga instructor from Long Island, NY.

"I never got a rose tonight. I don't know why it didn't work. If I knew then I'd fix it. I saw Chris as my No. 1, I did. I really and truly thought we had a connection, but I never seem to be anybody's No. 1. I guess that just continues. I'll get used to rejection one day. I get it a lot. I don't know why I'm not used to it yet," Tara said following her ouster.

"There they are cheering inside. I don't know anymore after this, why those girls got picked and I didn't. That just hurts. It really makes me second guess a lot of things about myself and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. That will haunt me. It always ends in heartbreak for me."

The Bachelor's nineteenth-season second episode began with Kimberly asking Chris for another chance after he had denied her a rose at the season's first Rose Ceremony. She felt she didn't get enough time to talk to him and she was meant to be there. Chris decided he wanted her to stay. The other bachelorettes weren't happy when Kimberly rejoined the group, but Chris had put her at ease.

Host Chris Harrison revealed to the ladies in the mansion that Chris was living just down the driveway. He then gave them their first date card, which set them up with a group date.

Tandra; Kimberly; Tara; Ashley Iaconetti, a 26-year-old nanny from Wayne, NJ; Jade Roper, a 28-year-old cosmetics developer from Los Angeles, CA; and Mackenzie Deonigi, a 21-year-old dental assistant from Maple Valley, WA, learned they'd embark on the first group date together with Chris.

They all enjoyed a pool party at the Ten Ten Wilshire to relax from the long night prior and then participated in a tractor race while wearing their bikinis. Ashley I. ended up winning the race and some alone time with the Bachelor.

Back at the mansion, Juelia Kinney, a 30-year-old esthetician from Portland, OR, revealed to some of the girls that her husband and daughter's father had previously killed himself and she sadly never understood why. Juelia went on the show because she thought Chris was a gentleman with strong character, however, she was afraid to share her emotional story. Juelia had been hurt and abandoned but was still completely open to falling in love with Chris.

Following their short talk in private, Ashley I. felt pressure to get the group-date rose since she had spent the most time with him. But then Chris returned to the group and said he wanted to finish the night by dating only one girl. He then asked Mackenzie to join him and she was thrilled. Ashley I. felt "gypped" and Tara cried about leaving empty handed per usual. 

Chris brought Mackenzie to a bar, where she asked him some "weird" questions in Chris' opinion, like whether he believed in aliens. He attributed their strange conversation to nerves and then things took a turn in a better direction. She told him about her one-year-old son named Kale and how she worked right up until the time she had him.

Chris admired how tough and smart Mackenzie seemed, and he was attracted to how passionately she spoke of her child. With that said, Chris offered her the group date's rose, saying he saw something "genuine and true" in her and they had a lot in common. Mackenzie later told the group of girls she had kissed Chris a handful of times while dancing at the bar, and jealousy ensued.
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The next date card then arrived and Megan Bell, a 23-year-old makeup artist from Nashville, TN, got a one-on-one. She and Chris took in the beautiful views from a helicopter as they flew around Nevada. Megan said she felt "so lucky" and was experiencing butterflies with Chris. Upon landing in the Grand Canyon, the couple had a picnic.

Megan then decided to tell Chris her tragic backstory. She lost her father from a massive heart attack just three days after being cast on The Bachelor. Her mother encouraged her to follow her heart and take a leap of faith. Chris found Megan to be "strong with a giant heart" and he could definitely see a future with her. The pair kissed and Chris called it "a perfect day with the perfect person."

Chris was extremely comfortable around Megan, as if he had known her a long time. He then gave her a rose after what he called one of the most romantic moments of his life. 

Back at the mansion, a third date card made its way into the ladies' hands.

Alissa; Juelia; Ashley Salter, a 24-year-old hairstylist from Brooklyn, NY; Kelsey Poe, a 28-year-old guidance counselor from Austin, TX; Tracy Darakis, a 29-year-old fourth grade teacher from Wellington, FL; and Jillian Anderson, a 25-year-old news producer from Washington, D.C., were selected to go on the group date.

The rest of the girls chosen for the date were Becca Tilley, a 25-year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, CA; Amber James, a 29-year-old bartender from Chicago, IL; Kaitlyn Bristowe, a 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, BC; Trina Scherenberg, a 33-year-old special education teacher from San Clemente, CA; and Britt Nilsson, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, CA.

The girls were broken up into teams of three and asked to shoot and kill "zombies" with paintball guns. Britt noted in a confessional she's amazing at paintball. Ashley S., on the other hand, shot at zombies when they were already down and later said she saw angels in a candle. The other bachelorettes dubbed her "crazy" and her behavior didn't really prove otherwise. 

Afterward, the group enjoyed champagne with Chris and someone else at the mansion probably was too. Jordan was accused of being drunk all the time -- as she was bouncing and yelling around the house -- and she made fun of Jillian, saying she had "the hairiest ass" she's ever seen.

On the group date, Chris called Kaitlyn "a firecracker" because she was cool, smart, funny and easy to talk to. Chris was so impressed with her that he said he didn't understand why she was there for him, and then they kissed.

Chris didn't know what to make of Ashley S., who would apparently say intelligent things to him and then "drift off to something" he didn't understand. When Ashley S. interrupted a Chris confessional, the Bachelor asked her if she was holding up okay. Throughout this whole time, all the bachelorettes were making fun of her. 

"I don't even know what you're asking me right now," Ashley S. replied.

Chris then sat down with Britt, whom he was clearly looking forward to spending sometime with. He told her that he had been thinking about her because she was thoughtful and amazing.

Chris told the cameras he couldn't deny how he felt for Britt because things felt perfect with her. Chris gave her a "free kiss" card as a gift, and Britt immediately took advantage of it. She realized through such a nice gesture that he was treating her differently from the other girls.

Chris opted to give the group date's rose to Kaitlyn, and Britt was especially bummed.

Later on, the cocktail party commenced.

Whitney Bischoff, a 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, IL, didn't get a date that week, so she pulled Chris aside and gave him a bottle of his favorite whiskey from Iowa. She toasted him and explained that she understood he had a lot of tough decisions to make.

Ashley I. then revealed to Mackenzie and Megan she's a virgin. Mackenzie admitted she was "super jealous."

Despite Ashley I.'s lack of dating experience, she had a heavy makeout session with Chris outside the mansion and gave him three wishes on her belly-button ring. A lot of the girls watched them go at it, and Britt called it "a tough pill to swallow." She cried about how much she liked him and how hard it was to watch her "boyfriend" date other girls.

Amber also got a kiss at the cocktail party.

"I get it. I get why these girls fall so fast. I'm on Cloud 9," Amber said in a confessional. Meanwhile, Jordan was clearly drunk. When it became her time to talk to Chris, she had trouble striking up a normal conversation.  

Once the season's second Rose Ceremony began, Chris handed out roses to the girls he wanted to keep around one at a time.

Besides Megan, Mackenzie and Kaitlyn, Chris also gave out roses to Britt, Ashley I., Trina, Kelsey; Samantha Steffen, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Los Angeles, CA; and Juelia.

Jillian walked out thinking Chris had called her name, but he didn't. If things couldn't have gotten worse, she slipped on the carpet and started cracking up at herself.

Chris then continued his call-out order. He handed roses to Amber; Tracy; Jillian; Jade; Nikki Delventhal, a 26-year-old former NFL cheerleader from New York City, NY; Becca; Carly Waddell, a 29-year-old cruise ship singer from Arlington, TX; Whitney; and Ashley S.

"That was brutal. He gave me a second chance but it didn't change how he felt about me. I definitely think that there could've been something. He's kind and generous and loving and a gentleman," Kimberly said following her ouster.

"I didn't know why he didn't want me in the first place, so it's hard to fix it. I've had a lot of love in my life, a lot of happy relationships. I know that it's real. I know that it's possible. I just feel like I'm meant to have a family of my own."