The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik says he believes bachelorette Courtney Robertson's apology to the other women during last night's The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special was genuine.

"Oh Courtney. I don't think I even know where to begin with this one. Believe me, I appreciate what she did by coming on Women Tell All and apologizing for her actions and it seemed genuine to me," Flajnik wrote on his People blog of Robertson, who during Monday night's special, tearfully told her fellow bachelorettes she had many regrets about her aggressive and two-faced behavior throughout the season and wished she could take back all the bad things she ever said about them.

"I'm glad there was some sort of resolution with the women because it needed to happen. To see an emotional side of this woman was a good thing and it makes her feel like she is human, and a softer, sweeter side is shown. It's a side that I saw throughout the journey that no one else did."

Robertson wasn't the only bachelorette whom Flajnik was pleased to see attempt resolution with the other women after a controversial appearance on The Bachelor.

"Poor [Shawntel Newton]. I still admire the fact that she followed her heart and came back to see me. The women were so cruel to her and my heart still goes out to her," Flajnik said, adding that there could have been a spark between himself and Newton had the environment and situation they were in been different.

"I won't deny that there might have been a connection with her but it was all about the trust I had built with the women I had at that point and couldn't break it. In her defense, I knew her better at that point than any other woman, but it was circumstantial and I had to ultimately say goodbye."

Similar to Robertson and Newton, Flajnik also had nothing but good things to say about bachelorettes Nicki Sterling and Kacie Boguskie, who both admitted they were truly in love with The Bachelor star and couldn't speak a negative word about him. 

"Watching Nicki and Kacie B. take the stage made me smile. I have nothing but respect for these two women and wish nothing [but] the best for them for the rest of their lives. I think that I got to know them both so well that there will always be a mutual respect between us. Saying goodbye to both Nicki and Kacie was easily the hardest decision I made all season. I actually don't know which goodbye was harder," Flajnik explained.

"It still breaks my heart to watch these women go through the pain I caused them by ending our relationships. I feel so lucky to have gotten to date them. They are women of a high caliber and I truly appreciate the honesty and vulnerability they showed me throughout our time together. Ugh. Still tough."

However, Flajnik had a different perspective on his relationship with bachelorette Samantha Levey and her character in general.

"As far as Samantha goes, I wish I could say something nice but honestly, I think you can all see why she went home earlier than expected based on the way she spoke to the women. I'll leave it at that," he added.