The Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. ousted Caroline Lunny and Brittany Taylor during the latest episode, but did Krystal Nielson's impromptu Rose-Ceremony conversation with Arie change anything?

The 36-year-old pro racing driver turned real estate agent from Scottsdale, AZ, disclosed in his People blog that his mind was made up before the Rose Ceremony in terms of which bachelorettes were going home.

In that case, Arie confirmed Krystal was going to receive a rose no matter what and her last-minute conversation with him held no weight on his elimination decisions. (Krystal was the last woman to receive a rose for the night).

"I decided to cancel the cocktail party that week in Tahoe because by that evening, I felt strongly in who I was ready to say goodbye to," Arie wrote.

"I didn't want to waste Caroline and Brittany's time when I knew that I didn't see a future with them. They are two incredible women who both deserve so much happiness and love, but I knew in my heart it wouldn't be with me."

Many fans were especially surprised to see Caroline go so early considering she reminded them of Arie's ex-girlfriend Courtney Robertson, who is also a striking brunette real estate agent.

Arie has also made it known that actress Kate Beckinsale is his celebrity crush, and it's not a longshot to say Caroline boasts a similar look.

"She was very much my type," Arie confessed to Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on their Almost Famous Podcast this week. "We just didn't land on the conversation."

Arie continued of Caroline, "I really wanted it [to work]. I think we had a lot of time where we sat down and I just could feel there was a disconnect. She was so beautiful and it was hard to send her home. That was a tough goodbye because I did really want that potential there."

Caroline and Brittany may not have been shocked about their eliminations; however, because Arie was pretty easy to read while taping Season 22 of The Bachelor.

Arie had trouble pretending a connection existed when it didn't, and it was pretty obvious when he was or was not interested in a particular woman.

"I think that's something I wasn't really aware of. I think I'm the type of person that definitely wears my heart on my sleeve and I think I have a really bad poker face," Arie said on Almost Famous.

"If I feel a certain way, it's going to show in my body language, and that's something that is just very apparent now watching [the show] back... If I'm uncomfortable or I'm in a situation where I don't feel like it's going somewhere, then it's hard for me to act a different way."
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But Arie is actually proud of his predictable behavior on The Bachelor, telling Ben and Ashley that his lack of a poker face should be indicative of the fact he was genuine and authentic during the reality dating process.

"I think it would be a lot worse if I just put on a face and acted as though I was into that person," Arie argued.

"I think because I'm doing it more in a natural way, it's letting the [bachelorettes] know [I'm not into them] right away... It's hard, but that's just the way that I am, I guess."
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