The Bachelor star Peter Weber eliminated Victoria Paul, Sydney Hightower, Mykenna Dorn and Tammy Ly after a round of dates in Chile that included a dramatic and intense two-on-one date during Wednesday night's Season 24 episode on ABC.

Peter ousted Victoria P. during a group date in Santiago, Chile and then sent Tammy packing during her two-on-one date with Mykenna.

"I guess that's what he wants -- is a trophy wife," Tammy said in her final words.

"So, I'm not that, and that's okay, because I'm not going to change for a guy. I thought Peter was a man that could see past this childish [bullsh-t]. [Mykenna is] a child and sometimes little children get what they want... He's going to know I'm right in the end."


In addition to denying Sydney a rose, Peter also ultimately chose to eliminate Mykenna at the season's sixth Rose Ceremony.

"I don't get what just happened. If he said he wanted me here and wanted to give this a shot, then why did he keep me there? Why didn't he just send us both [Tammy and myself] home?" Mykenna questioned following her unexpected ouster.

"But I know that this girl right here is tough and strong and she is powerful -- and she's beautiful and she knows what she deserves more than anything."

Sydney also appeared heartbroken by Peter's Rose Ceremony decision.

"It sucks that he didn't get to see all of Sydney because there's so much. I came here with my heart and my mind so open and I was so willing to let those walls down," Sydney said in tears after Peter let her go.

"I want to feel like there's someone out there that can love me unconditionally, you know, be that rock for me and love me the way I want to love someone else."

The Bachelor broadcast began with Peter and his remaining 10 bachelorettes visiting Santiago, Chile.

Peter said he had his 22 stitches removed from his forehead and was ready for things to get hot and spicy.
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Peter hoped the drama would be over and gone at this point because he knew the process was getting serious for everyone involved.


But that was far from the truth, as footage then flashed to Victoria F. scolding Mykenna for pulling Peter aside to talk prior to the Rose Ceremony in Costa Rica and turning it into a mini-cocktail party.

Victoria F. said all the girls wanted extra time with Peter and good girls went home so Mykenna's behavior was "unacceptable."

Mykenna insisted, "I had to do that," but Victoria F. suggested it was disrespectful to the women, to Peter and to Peter's decisions. 

Victoria F. made fun of Mykenna for being "weepy," and she vented to cameras about how Mykenna needed to "shut the f-ck up."

"The fact is if Peter liked you, if Peter wanted time with you, he would've made time with you -- and he hasn't," Victoria F. told the cameras.

Hannah Ann gets a one-on-one date with Peter

Peter embarked on a one-on-one date with Hannah Ann, and Mykenna immediately appeared disappointed. Natasha wasn't happy either, especially because she wasn't convinced Hannah Ann -- at only 23 years old -- was actually ready for marriage.

Hannah Ann and Peter explored the local streets together and embraced the culture. Peter said Hannah Ann was "the goofiest girl" in the bunch and he loved it because he made her laugh.

The couple danced to music, tried new foods, and took in the some beautiful sights. Peter admitted, however, he was a little concerned about Hannah Ann's age.

And those concerns or doubts must have become red flags once Hannah Ann opened up about her dating history.

"I've felt love before, but I've never truly been in love," Hannah Ann shared.


Hannah Ann revealed she had never fully given her heart to a man before but she looked forward to being in love with her person.

"It is a little scary to me, like, is it possible she's ready for a lifelong commitment like I'm looking for without experiencing something as powerful as love that teaches you a lot and you see the highs and the lows and you learn how to deal with both of them," Peter told the cameras.

Peter therefore set out to connect with Hannah Ann on a deeper level and determine whether she was truly be ready for an engagement and marriage.

Hannah Ann wore a sexy white dress to dinner, and Peter said the passion was there between them and they had so much fun together earlier that day.

Peter asked Hannah Ann to reveal her goals, and Hannah Ann said she'd like to continue modeling without staying in shallow waters. Hannah Ann told Peter she wanted to go deep and not keep their relationship on a superficial level.

Hannah shared she had dated a man for three-and-a-half years from her hometown, and while they cared for each other deeply, it wasn't love.

Peter asked Hannah if this was 100 percent what she wanted and 100 percent ready to settle down, and she replied, "I am... This is what I want because I haven't found that true love in my past."

Hannah Ann said Peter has all the qualities she's looking for in a life partner, but Peter seemed hesitant and reluctant to propel their romance forward. Peter was frustrated because he wanted to know how Hannah Ann was feeling but she wasn't showing him that.

"I'm questioning if we do have that deep enough connection, and it's a shame, because there's a ton of potential with her," Peter said, adding that he didn't want to be fed "perfect answers" to his questions.


Hannah Ann then found Peter and broke down into tears. She said she was tired of smiling through the process and was actually having a really hard time.

Hannah Ann told Peter that she cared for him a lot and was "starting to fall in love" with him.  Peter therefore hugged the emotional bachelorette, who said she had completely put herself out there.

Peter then decided to give Hannah Ann a rose, saying she didn't need to be perfect or happy all the time. Peter essentially asked her to be real and vulnerable with him, and then she accepted his rose and kissed him.

Peter said he believed in his heart Hannah Ann was ready and he had a breakthrough with her.

"I can see myself falling in love with Hannah Ann," Peter told the cameras.

Meanwhile, two Date Cards arrived for the other bachelorettes.

One card revealed the following girls would be accompanying Peter on a group date: Sydney, Madison, Victoria P., Kelsey, Kelley, Tammy, Mykenna, and Natasha.

And the second Date Card disclosed Victoria F. would be going on another one-on-one date with The Bachelor star.

Mykenna wanted to "vomit" once she learned she was stuck on another group date and Peter was asking Victoria F. out on another solo date.

Mykenna cried in disappointment and frustration, venting to Kelsey about how Peter probably didn't see anything in her.

Mykenna was close to giving up because she didn't feel Peter noticed her, but she tried to put on a smile and enjoy the date anyway.

Peter goes on a group date

For the date, Peter and the participating ladies starred in their own soap opera or telenovela, a Latin American drama entitled El Amor de Pedro.

The women were given certain roles to play, and Mykenna got stuck playing a maid, which she admitted wasn't a big surprise since it was probably a role Peter would overlook and not notice.

But Kelley seemed to have it worse since she had to play Peter or Pedro's mother.


Tammy was very proud of her acting skills and performance, but Mykenna felt she was in the shadows.

"I sometimes wonder why I'm still here," Mykenna confessed.

However, Mykenna actually ended up being the star and Pedro's one true love in the telenovela. And of course, Chris Harrison made a surprise appearance in which he was rocking a mustache and played Pedro's father.

The girls agreed it was a great day, but the night took a serious turn pretty quickly.

Victoria Paul asks for reassurance and gets a ticket home instead

Victoria P. was looking for confidence and security in how she felt about Peter and whether he reciprocated such feelings. She wanted to make sure he trusted her after all the Alayah Benavidez drama.

So after Peter sat down with Kelsey and told her that he felt strongly for her, Victoria P. asked Peter not to question her heart. She didn't want Peter to have any doubts and wished they could get back to where they had been before.

Peter admitted their romance dropped off a little and the Alayah drama "put a damper" on their relationship. Victoria P. said they should move forward together and she wanted to continue fighting for him.

Peter could see how badly Victoria F. wanted love, and he said he didn't want to do anything to hurt her.


"I think my biggest concern here right now with you is maybe you are more secure and confident in us than I am," Peter confessed. "I just have to be totally honest with you, because that's what you deserve."

Victoria P. asked Peter what he was trying to say and what he meant by that, so she grew upset.

"Are you saying that you don't want me to be here?" Victoria P. asked.

"I don't know if I see you as my wife, and I'm so sorry. I'm sorry about that," Peter admitted.

Victoria P. said she had been nothing but real and vulnerable with Peter, and he understood and insisted he was hurting.

"I don't want you to be concerned about my feelings because I'm okay... I'm concerned for you because I feel that you are -- I'm worried for you, and I hope you're making the right decisions," Victoria P. said.

"This is the last conversation we're going to have. This is not love, and that really sucks."

Victoria P. broke down into tears and told Peter not to apologize. She wanted to leave right away and didn't even want Peter to walk her out.

Victoria P. wouldn't even look Peter in the eye, but he noted he was so grateful to have met her and she'd make a man "so happy one day."

"I know," Victoria P. replied, giving Peter what appeared to be a half-hearted hug.

Victoria P. cried because she had been true to herself and "so hopeful and optimistic."

Victoria P. wanted the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with to fight for her, and she said, "Unfortunately Peter wasn't him."

Tammy and Mykenna argue as Madison earns the rose

Peter then addressed his remaining group of women and said Victoria P. wasn't going to be his wife and saying goodbye to her sucked.

Peter found solace in joking around with Madison, and she said she felt really good about their relationship. Madison said Peter always made her feel like she's the most important person in the world and he was always very intentional during their time together.

Tammy was then shown calling Mykenna out, saying Mykenna lived in "a fantasy world" and put on a show. For example, Tammy said Mykenna had an emotional breakdown on the same day Mykenna had insisted it was the best day ever.


Mykenna argued she was ready for love and on the show for the right reasons. Mykenna felt attacked and was tired of Tammy making her feel immature just because she's 22 years old.

"You act like a child," Tammy said.

"She doesn't act like a child, Tammy," Kelsey noted.

"I'm not talking to you," Tammy told Kelsey.

Mykenna said she was tired of people bringing her down, and Kelsey accused Tammy of hurting others.

Natasha told the cameras Tammy was more concerned with eliminating girls who allegedly weren't right for Peter instead of attempting to progress her own relationship with The Bachelor star. Natasha claimed Tammy brought up drama at opportune times -- right before Tammy knew she'd be talking to Peter.

While Peter kissed Madison, he could hear yelling from inside. Tammy and Mykenna's fight turned into a screaming match, and Mykenna yelled at Tammy that she was all about drama and needed to "grow up."

Tammy walked away from Kelsey -- who was trying to support Mykenna -- and said, "Bye b-tch. Be an alcoholic."

Mykenna said she had to raise her voice because she wasn't going to allow Tammy to bring her down. Mykenna called Tammy "a liar" and said the controversial bachelorette had attacked two other girls so far this season.


Mykenna then sat down with Peter and said she didn't want him to have any doubts about her because of what Tammy might claim. Peter was surprised Tammy had called Mykenna out, saying he had no concerns about Mykenna and he didn't want her to second guess how he felt about her.

Mykenna was holding onto something in her heart for Peter, and she noted she did feel a strong connection with him.

After a difficult night, Peter gave the group-date rose to Madison, who had made him feel "really, really excited about the future."

Mykenna felt Tammy had ruined her night, and she worried Peter was going to question her.

Victoria Fuller goes on a one-on-one date with Peter

The next day, Peter and Victoria F. rode horses together in the countryside. Victoria F. said this date was "super important" because she and Peter had to deal with her ex-boyfriend, country singer Chase Rice, during their first one-on-one date of the season.

The couple also watched a rodeo together, and Peter acknowledged he was "really into" Victoria F. because they had "so much fun together" and there a lot of passion between them in that they couldn't get enough of each other.

Peter could definitely picture Victoria F. as the future Mrs. Weber. Victoria F. said she really liked Peter but sometimes got stuck in her own head about the other girls and considered leaving.


Victoria F. cried, saying it was hard to watch Peter with other girls. However, she told the Bachelor he was doing an amazing job and nothing wrong.

"I really am feeling very strongly for you," Peter assured the bachelorette.

But Peter asked Victoria F. to be honest with herself and not let their relationship get too far if she wanted to leave. Peter felt caught off-guard because she was still struggling with the process.

"It just scares the hell out of me I don't really know where her head's at," Peter explained.

"We need to have a very honest talk tonight because it's definitely a fear for me that I end up falling for her and she just can't let herself get there."

That night, Peter was left with some doubts and questions although his chemistry with Victoria F. was "bliss." Peter didn't want to be "all in" with a woman who wasn't feeling the same way.

Peter told the bachelorette he asked her on a second one-on-one date because he wanted to spend more time with her in order to figure out if they truly had what he thought they had.

Peter admitted, however, Victoria F.'s comments from earlier hurt his confidence in their romance and made him sad. He asked Victoria F. why she put walls up and attempted to sabotage their relationship when they had so much potential.

"Why can't you just let this be?" Peter asked.

Victoria F. couldn't explain why her guard was up.

"If you truly see something with me like I see with you, then just try your best to show me that and not put up these walls and put up these defense mechanisms," Peter requested.


Victoria F. said she was trying but maybe she just wasn't cut out for this process. She said maybe Peter would be happier with someone who could be more open with him at this point.

"Can you please stop thinking about that? If I wasn't crazy about you, I wouldn't have asked you [out on this date]," Peter said. "Do you want to be here?"

"Yes! I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be," Victoria F. replied with an angry tone.

Peter just wanted Victoria F. to tell him that she felt as confident in their relationship as he felt, but the more he pushed for reassurance, the more the bachelorette shut down. Victoria F. finally said she felt sick and was going to throw up, so she left the table.

Victoria F. told producers she was disappointed in herself because she couldn't give Peter the answers he deserved and she didn't feel ready for this. Meanwhile, Peter believed Victoria F. didn't want this with him.

When a producer asked Victoria F. if she wanted to go home, she said, "I don't know." The bachelorette clearly wasn't ready for marriage, but she just kept repeating that she didn't know what to say.

Peter was left alone and believed Victoria F. was two seconds away from walking away with him, and he admitted that would be "devastating" because he felt "so strongly" for her.

Peter acknowledged there was a disconnect but all he wanted was a chance with the bachelorette.

When Victoria F. and Peter reunited, they hugged it out and she apologized. Victoria F. said Peter deserved a confident girl and she didn't understand why she was acting so bizarre.

Victoria F. said she had issues and didn't want Peter to have to deal with them, but he insisted he cared about her so much and would not stop trying.

Despite having a difficult night, Peter offered Victoria F. his rose and she accepted it with a kiss. She said she was very happy but pissed at herself for being closed off.

"I care about him," Victoria F. told the cameras.

Peter had a real sense of doubt and realized in that moment a relationship is a two-way street -- even on The Bachelor -- and he might still get his heart broken and not receive validation he needed from a woman.

"If she can do this, anyone can do this. And that's terrifying for me," Peter told the cameras.

Tammy and Mykenna face off on a two-on-one date

The following day, another Date Card arrived, which shocked the group of girls.

Mykenna and Tammy learned they'd be going on a two-on-one date with Peter, which would take place right before the cocktail party. The Date Card read, "Enough is enough."

Mykenna said she saw this coming because she had been honest with Peter about how Tammy had made her feel. Mykenna said Tammy was flat out mean, but Tammy was "sick of the Mykenna show."

Tammy didn't think Mykenna knew what she wanted, and she was ready to share everything with Peter that he supposedly needed to know.

At the start of the date, Mykenna told Tammy she's a strong woman who's proud of who she is and "bringing people down never wins." Mykenna argued love would win and she had the best of intentions.

During the two-on-one date, Peter hoped to get to the bottom of things. Peter pulled Tammy aside first, and Tammy said Mykenna wasn't on the show for the right reasons. Tammy said Mykenna was trying to create hashtags for herself in order to build her brand.

"She packed her bags before the group date, Peter, and was ready to leave," Tammy alleged, adding that Mykenna planned to leave.

Tammy said the process was getting "very serious" for her and Mykenna was taking things "lightly." Tammy told Peter drama had been a speed bump in their relationship but she had done nothing but trust the process.

Tammy apologized for the distractions but promised Peter that they were meant to be.

Tammy felt Mykenna was on "borrowed time" and this day was going to be Mykenna's "funeral."

Mykenna told Peter that Tammy found joy in bringing people down and she was focused on him. Mykenna said she had a weak moment and packed her bags because not getting a one-on-one date with him had hit her really hard.

"But that would've been the biggest mistake I've ever made," Mykenna said of potentially leaving Peter.

Peter said it freaked him out Mykenna was allegedly about hashtags and things like that, but Mykenna said she was just speaking her truth and Tammy was bending and twisting the truth.

Neither girl thought she was going home that night, and then they reunited, more bickering went down.

"He's going to watch this over and see who you really are. I'm not the villain of the season, honey," Mykenna told Tammy.

"That's not even what I'm concerned about. But you are," Tammy said.

"Shut up, like, honestly, I just can't deal with you anymore," Mykenna told Tammy.

Tammy advised Mykenna not to lead with her emotions, but then Mykenna told Tammy not to lead with anger. Mykenna finished their fight by saying Tammy meant nothing to her.

Peter sends Tammy home

Once Peter joined the conversation, he told Mykenna that he trusted her. Peter therefore asked Tammy if he could walk her out.

Peter apologized to Tammy, who said she hoped he would make the best choice for himself.

Peter then returned to his remaining group of women and asked them to leave all drama in the past, and then he engaged in conversation with several beautiful bachelorettes.

Peter told Natasha he felt a connection with her and hoped he had made some moves that made a statement about what he was focused on moving forward.

All of the girls expressed their growing feelings for Peter, and Victoria F. told Peter she no longer wanted to push him away and would give him all of her in the future.

Peter was so happy and could picture a future with all of the women left. Peter was therefore worried the process was almost working too well for him, and he wasn't sure whom he was going to send home.

Heading into the Rose Ceremony, Natasha admitted she'd be devastated if Peter didn't give her a rose.

Peter sends Mykenna and Sydney home

Peter then handed out roses in the following order: Kelsey, Natasha and Kelley.

As a result, Peter sent Sydney and Mykenna packing.

Peter told Mykenna on her way out that he knew she was going to make someone very happy someday.

"For him to say he knows I'm going to find someone great, it's like, I wanted that to be him... Even though I wanted to end up here in love, I feel like I'm more madly in love with who I am than anything," Mykenna told the cameras following her ouster.

At the conclusion of the episode, Peter told his six remaining bachelorettes they'd be traveling to Peru next!


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