The Bachelor featured Peter Weber sending Alayah Benavidez home, a feud between Tammy Ly and Sydney Hightower that began over startling Kelsey Weier allegations, and two Rose Ceremonies in which Peter eliminated five more bachelorettes during Monday night's special three-hour Season 24 episode on ABC.

At the Rose Ceremony in Cleveland, OH, Peter denied roses to Savannah Mullins, Deandra Kanu and Kiarra Norman.

During the subsequent Rose Ceremony in Costa Rica, Peter ousted Lexi Buchanan and Shiann Lewis.


"It sucks. Rejection is never fun, but I wish maybe I would have been more vulnerable with [Peter] earlier," Lexi said in her final words.

And on her way out, Shiann told Peter he's amazing but needed to be wary of "some people in this house." Shiann warned the Bachelor that what he was seeing of the women was not really who they are.

Alayah is sent home by Peter

The Bachelor broadcast began with a lot of angry and confused bachelorettes after Peter welcomed Alayah back into the Season 24 competition.

At this stage in the game, the women left competing for Peter's heart were Alayah, Tammy, Sydney, Kelsey, Savannah, Deandra, Kiarra, Lexi, Shiann, Natasha Parker, Mykenna Dorn, Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Fuller, Victoria Paul, Madison Prewett, and Hannah Ann Sluss.

Sydney told Alayah at the cocktail party preceding the season's fourth Rose Ceremony that she wished she would just be honest with Peter and everyone else, and as the girls appeared to gang up on Alayah, Peter pulled the beauty pageant queen aside to talk.


"I don't know if Peter is ready for a Sydney. Maybe he needs an Alayah," Sydney said in a confessional.

Peter told Alayah that he could tell she has an amazing heart and was being vulnerable with him, but because of everything that had happened, it was simply "too much" for him.

"I don't want to have to put you through any more of this, so I think it's probably time to say goodbye," Peter told Alayah.
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Alayah said she understood where Peter was coming from, and with that being said, Peter walked her out. Alayah agreed the environment was "too much" for her as well and prevented her from being able to open up to him.

Peter insisted he was trying to do what was best and follow his heart, but it seemed his heart was with Alayah in that moment when he hugged her goodbye.

"That was rough," Peter told the cameras.

"I'm trying my best, but this is so hard. I hope the girls don't start to lose a little bit of trust in me, but it makes sense, I get their frustration and how it was like a slap in the face. I get that, and I'm so sorry. How in the world do I fix this?"

Victoria P. said she wanted to trust Peter but still had questions, and she didn't seem to be the only woman feeling that way.

As the cocktail party proceeded, Peter's bachelorettes just wanted to make sure the Bachelor saw them.


When Peter approached the group as a whole after Alayah's exit, he promised that he knew what he wanted and Alayah was not the girl for him. Peter didn't want the women to think he was wishy-washy, and so he told them that he trusted and valued them and their opinions.

But Deandra noted more work needed to be done in order for the ladies to feel secure and confident in Peter's intentions and decisions.

Peter pulled Natasha aside first and apologized for his mistakes. He said he "messed up" and deserved to be called out by the women, and he attempted to reassure each and every one of them why he was starring on the show.

Peter bonded with Natasha, Tammy, Victoria P., and more, and Peter was gaining confidence this process was going to work for him. He hoped the women would trust him and that he could trust himself going forward.

"If I don't get a rose tonight, I am going to set the building on fire," Tammy told the cameras.

Peter sends three more women home

It then became time for the season's next Rose Ceremony in Cleveland, OH, and Peter handed out roses in the following order: Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Hannah Ann, Shiann, Mykenna, Victoria P., Kelley, and Tammy.

Peter therefore eliminated Savannah, Deandra and Kiarra.


Deandra told Peter on her way out she was so confused and "literally in shock" over his choice to cut her. Peter bashfully admitted letting her go wasn't easy for him, but Deandra was frustrated Alayah's presence had taken away from her time with the Bachelor.

Deandra felt blindsided, but she acknowledged leaving was the right thing to do if Peter wasn't feeling her in his heart.

The Bachelor cast heads to Costa Rica

Peter then revealed to the remaining 12 women the international portion of their journey was beginning and they'd be traveling to Arenal, Costa Rica for the next round of dates, where there would be waterfalls, volcanoes and more.

Peter confessed he didn't know a lot about the 12 ladies that were left so he'd have to use his time wisely and dig deep with them in Costa Rica.

Peter landed near the girls' house in a helicopter and flashed a big bandage on his forehead.

Peter made up a story about how a puma had attacked him, but then he told the truth -- that he actually bumped his head a golf cart and then accidentally stabbed himself in the head with a drinking glass he was holding. Peter had 22 stitches and felt embarrassed, but he attempted to laugh it off.


Sydney has a one-on-one date with Peter

Peter then whisked Sydney away in the helicopter, and Kelsey admitted it was tough watching a man she was falling for go on a date with another woman. Kelsey said she never expected the show to be so hard.

Peter and Sydney took in some beautiful lush, jungle landscapes from the sky, and they were blown away by the sights. Sydney felt her relationship with Peter was taking off as they were flying high.

Peter said Sydney had been looking out for him and he wanted her to know how much he liked and valued her. And after they landed, Peter and the bachelorette enjoyed a picnic with champagne.


Peter called Sydney "mysterious" and "sexy," but Sydney explained she's still open. She wanted Peter to understand her better, saying she comes from a diverse family and loves to emerge herself in different cultures.

Sydney also reminded Peter her mother is Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes while her father is African American and Dominican. Peter shared his mother is Cuban and his father is German, and then he shared with Sydney she was "the best kisser" in the whole group.

Peter said he and Sydney had "definite" and "easy" chemistry.

Sydney explained she had trouble opening up because she had been through a lot in life, as her parents divorced before she was four years old and she was raised by a single mother.

"I've seen him five times in my whole life," Sydney revealed, adding that she and her mother went through financial troubles and she had a target on her back growing up mixed race in Birmingham, AL.

Sydney said girls made fun of her and people would vandalize her home. She admitted to Peter she had to hide in a bathroom stall her entire senior year of high school.

Peter said Sydney was the epitome of a strong woman and that's exactly the type of partner he was looking for. Peter wanted a girl with whom he could take over the world.


Peter gave the date's rose to Sydney, saying he could picture her being his wife and he'd love to be her rock in life. The rose meant the world to Sydney, and she felt like it was just the beginning for them as a couple.

Sydney gushed about her strong connection with Peter and noted she could see him being her husband. Peter said Sydney has so much love to give and they had an undeniable spark.

The couple made out underneath a waterfall for what seemed like hours, and Peter said it was "a perfect night" with "the most beautiful girl."

Kelsey vents to Tammy about Sydney

Meanwhile, Kelsey vented to Tammy about how Sydney was "a dramatic b-tch" and was over petty drama.

Tammy called Kelsey "a hot mess" and said she had been crying for weeks.

The girls gossiped about how "crazy" Kelsey seemed to be, and they agreed this process was "too much for her" and Peter should know and be warned.

Peter goes on a group date

The next day, the following women accompanied Peter on a group date: Shiann, Kelsey, Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Lexi, Hannah Ann, Tammy and Mykenna.

That left Kelley with a one-on-one date, and Mykenna was upset and frustrated.

For the Group Date, the women participated in a photo shoot with Peter in and around a romantic waterfall. Jessica Pels, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, and Tyler Joe, a photographer, observed all the action.


The women posed for Cosmopolitan and learned they'd be featured in its March issue. She also revealed the winner would be featured, along with Peter, on the cover.

Hannah Ann grew up reading Cosmo and knew she was in her element, so she was ready to crush the competition. As for Kelsey, she was in her head and knew she needed to step it up a little bit and stand out.

During the photo shoot, Victoria F. kissed Peter when the photographer asked for a more dramatic look, and Kelsey -- who was part of the photo -- felt particularly awkward. Kelsey was admittedly struggling and hated watching Peter give other girls attention.

"This is just ridiculous. I've never had to share a guy with somebody before, and I don't like it," Kelsey said in a confessional.

Victoria F. wins the challenge

In the end, Jessica said the woman who stood out the most for her personality and apparent intentions with Peter was Victoria F., so she and Peter posed in matching red bathing suits and kissed for the cameras -- over and over again, much to the dismay of Peter's other bachelorettes.

That night, Peter snuck in some alone time with Victoria F. and said every second with her was never enough. He felt great about their potential as a couple and couldn't stop kissing and admiring her.

Hannah Ann then promised Peter she'd give him 100 percent during all dates, and Peter called her "the cutest thing ever." And he told Madison that he loved how she made him feel.

Once Kelsey got a moment alone with the Bachelor, she opened her heart to him and apologized for not being herself earlier that day.


Kelsey explained group dates were hard for her because she was taking their relationship very seriously and had never expected to feel the way she did about Peter.

"And that terrifies me. I am falling in love with you. I am," Kelsey told Peter. "It's scary! It's really scary."

Peter kissed Kelsey and told her if she knew how much he thought about her, she'd no longer be scared. Peter promised her that he was "feeling it" with her and cared for her immensely.

Tammy gossips to Peter about Kelsey

Meanwhile, Victoria F. shared with Tammy and Natasha that Kelsey had called every girl on the show "fake" except for herself. Tammy was comforted in knowing she wasn't the only person observing Kelsey to be crazy.

Tammy then shared with Peter that Kelsey had a mental breakdown the day prior in which she cried her eyes out over his date with Sydney. Tammy accused Kelsey of "drinking excessively," which upset Peter because he just had a beautiful moment with Kelsey.

Peter said he liked Kelsey a lot and felt a connection, so it bothered him to hear she was struggling so much. Peter hadn't seen what Tammy was alluding to, but Tammy's allegations raised a red flag for The Bachelor star.

Peter confronts Kelsey

Peter confronted Kelsey about her "emotional breakdown," and Kelsey said she was just emotional trying to process the fact he was dating other women. Peter assured the bachelorette that he was developing sincere feelings for her, but Kelsey repeated she was just "sad" and did not have any type of breakdown.

Peter also warned Kelsey this process wasn't going to get any easier, but Kelsey promised she'd tell the Bachelor if she couldn't handle it anymore.

Kelsey was annoyed someone had brought her name up, and she told the cameras it was "not cool."

Kelsey lashes out

Once Kelsey returned to the group, she asked everyone who had thrown her under the bus and dubbed her "emotionally unstable." Kelsey said she was proud of her emotions and not ashamed of wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Lexi told Kelsey her behavior was "a lot," especially since Kelsey allegedly said Sydney wasn't right for Peter. The girls agreed everyone was having a tough time, and Victoria F. reminded Kelsey she needed to be strong as well.


"Mind your own f-cking business. I don't talk about other relationships when I'm with him," Kelsey said, adding that she seemed to be the only woman getting emotional and being expressive with the pilot.

Victoria F. argued that just because the girls weren't outwardly expressing their emotions, it didn't mean they weren't being vulnerable with Peter and on-camera. The girls also made fun of Kelsey for being upset over a bottle of champagne "for days."

Victoria F. was tired of dealing with drama, and she just hoped for a rose.

Hannah Ann gets a rose

The group-date rose, however, went to Hannah Ann because he said they had solidified their relationship was about more than just having fun and she had been honest and real with him that night.

Kelley has a one-on-one date with Peter

The next day, Kelley had her first one-on-one date with Peter. He checked off a lot of her boxes, but she set out to discover whether she was really into him and could see a future with him.

At a minimum, Kelley looked forward to having a fun date with the pilot.

Peter said he and Kelley had a "unique" relationship because they met before the show and he had wondered whether fate played a role in them meeting again; however, their romance had plateaued a little bit.

Peter said the process was getting serious for him and so he couldn't continue to give her roses and second chances just because of what he was holding onto from the start of the show. Peter therefore needed to see a lot from the bachelorette that day.


For their date, Peter and Kelley participated in a local spiritual activity, including a cleansing ritual.

Peter wanted to explore whether they had a deeper connection and their wants and desires aligned.

At one point, Peter and Kelley had to write down their intentions, and Peter said he was looking for a life partner who was willing to give as much love as she'd receive. Kelley was trying to come out of her shell, but she said it wasn't easy to just showcase her "all."

Peter felt Kelley was only giving 25 percent energy and effort compared to his 75 percent, and he admitted that's not what he wanted. The spiritual healers also insisted the couple wasn't on the same page and Kelley was pushing back on Peter's energy.

Peter and Kelley worked on trust and communication, but Kelley wasn't giving everything she had to the process.

"I do like her a lot and I did feel an initial connection, but at some point, I can't keep making excuses for her," Peter told the cameras.

Peter noted it was a possibility he might say goodbye to Kelley that night.

Meanwhile, Tammy told Kelsey she wasn't handling her emotions well, but Kelsey pointed out it was none of her business and she didn't appreciate being called "wasted" when she was just tipsy.

That night, Peter had some questions and doubts about Kelley, and he wished he was feeling more secure in their romance. He thought Kelley was beautiful, passionate and well-traveled, but he wanted more from her.

Over dinner, Peter asked Kelley if her heart was really in the process, and she insisted she hadn't received much opportunity to progress their connection -- but Peter disagreed.

Kelley was in her head for a while, but she revealed that she had an epiphany in Cleveland she must be herself and have fun. Peter, however, insisted he wasn't starring on the show to just have fun.

Peter said he was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, and so he asked Kelley if they were on the same level.

Kelley admitted she and Hannah Ann were in two different stages in life, and she was actually the one who's ready for that next step and to get married.

Kelley, however, owned up to the fact she was questioning whether Peter was ready to settle down based on comments other women had made in the house. For example, Kelley said it "irked" her that Peter had rewarded drama.

Peter explained he was trying to figure out his relationship with Alayah and did what he had to do in order to feel confident in all of his decisions.

Kelley promised Peter she'd be ready to get engaged if they continued down a good path, but at this point in the process, she wouldn't allow Peter to put a ring on her finger. Kelley didn't feel like they were there yet, but she maintained hope she could get there.

Kelley wanted a man who would challenge her and vice versa, and she convinced Peter she was in it to win it.

Peter therefore gave Kelley a rose, but he begged her to trust in the process and trust him. Peter promised the process would work as long as she invested her heart into it.

With that being said, Kelley accepted Peter's rose, and the pair sealed the deal by kissing. Kelley acknowledged the connection was there and she wanted to let it grow.

Kelsey tells Peter he may hear drug rumors about her

Before the Rose Ceremony, Tammy wanted Peter to see how "crazy" Kelsey was and how she was "nuts" and "an emotional wreck." Tammy, once again, accused Kelsey of drinking away her problems and having "destructive behavior."

"She's probably the most insecure girl I've ever met in my life," Tammy said in a confessional.

Kelsey was then shown walking over to Peter's place before the cocktail party and Rose Ceremony.

Kelsey said she just wanted to hang out with Peter, and she explained to the Bachelor she had isolated herself only because she didn't want to listen to other women's experiences with him.

Kelsey didn't want Peter to be confused on where she stood with him, but Peter felt great about their relationship and how direct and intentional she had been with him.

Peter hated hearing that other bachelorettes were making Kelsey feel bad, but he asked her not to listen. Kelsey then cried about how Tammy had accused her of getting drunk and popping pills.

Kelsey admitted she had a little bit too much to drink one night but wasn't wasted, so she wanted to squash those concerns about her as well.

Kelsey said Tammy's accusations hurt her, but Peter gave Kelsey all the reassurance she needed.

Peter gives Kelsey a rose

Peter told the cameras he didn't fault Kelsey at all for having a hard time on the show, and he felt bad the other girls were ostracizing her from the group.

"I really see something with you. I really do. And to be completely honest, I don't need a Rose Ceremony tonight to know how I feel about you," Peter said.

As a result, Peter gave Kelsey a rose and said he really loved and appreciated how she came to visit him. Kelsey accepted the rose with a big smile, and Peter told her not to worry about the other girls.

Kelsey felt their relationship got stronger that day and Peter accepted her for who she is.

Kelsey returns to the house with her rose

When Kelsey returned to the house with a rose, all the ladies appeared furious and jealous. Kelsey politely and quietly addressed her rose with the group, but she just got a bunch of stares in return.

Tammy said Kelsey just went to talk to Peter in order to save her ass, and she wasn't happy.

When it became time for the cocktail party, Mykenna said she could see herself falling in love with Peter and so she hoped for more one-on-one time with him.

But Chris Harrison suddenly arrived and informed the cast the cocktail party had been canceled because Peter had all the clarity he needed to make elimination decisions.

Kelsey told the girls she was "genuinely sorry" and had never intended things to turn out this way.

All the girls wondered whether Peter would have called off the cocktail party had Kelsey not stolen him away earlier.

Tammy and Kelsey argue

When the ladies were waiting for the Rose Ceremony to begin, Tammy asked Kelsey what exactly she told Peter during their previous conversation.

Kelsey said she wanted to clear the air about Tammy saying she "had a drinking problem and was popping pills," but Tammy replied, "I never said 'popping pills.'"

Lexi called Tammy out on saying it to Victoria F. and herself, and then Kelsey said such an allegation was offensive since it would be extremely out of character for her.

"I didn't start the popping pills thing; I heard that from someone else," Tammy claimed.

When Kelsey asked who said it, Tammy admitted she didn't even know what kind of medications Kelsey was on, which prompted Kelsey to admit she was on birth control and Adderall.

Lexi and Sydney appeared shocked Kelsey felt the need to admit that, so they teamed up on Tammy and said it was inappropriate for Tammy to say such things when she clearly didn't even know what she was talking about.

Tammy insisted she had just expressed concern over Kelsey drinking too much, but Kelsey reasoned that didn't mean she had a problem.

Lexi blamed the "stupid fight" for affecting everyone and taking girls' time with Peter away.

Tammy blames Victoria P. for drug rumor about Kelsey

Tammy then said she had heard Kelsey was popping pills from Victoria P., but Victoria P. wouldn't really take ownership of that. However, Sydney said it didn't matter who started the rumor because Tammy had repeated it out loud.

Sydney and Lexi wanted Tammy to accept fault in the situation since she had started off denying things.

Things escalated once Sydney accused Tammy of being wishy-washy, and then Victoria P. announced Tammy was trying to pull her into the drama and she didn't belong in "this mess."

Tammy told Kelsey she had never brought up to Peter that she was doing pills, and then Mykenna suggested a girl talking to Peter about other girls showed massive insecurity.

Tammy argued that Peter deserved to know she saw alcoholic tendencies in Kelsey, but Lexi said Tammy was just blaming them for her relationship not moving forward.

Tammy and Sydney go at it

Sydney said she just wants to talk to Peter about their relationship when they're alone, but then Tammy reminded her she had brought up Alayah to the Bachelor.

Sydney insisted Peter had brought up Alayah and asked her about the beauty pageant queen, and so she yelled at Tammy for crossing the line.

"I'm going to lose my sh-t on you. I never f-cking brought up Alayah. Shut the f-ck up, Tammy!" Sydney yelled.

"You shut the f-ck up!" Tammy shouted back. "There were people on that f-cking group date and you said, 'There's someone here that isn't here for the right reason.' And you didn't think he was going to ask you?"

Sydney kept repeating, "No," as Tammy was talking, and then Tammy told Sydney to be her own person.

"You can't go anywhere without your little posse," Tammy said.

Sydney then started laughing out loud and called Tammy "so crazy," as Lexi and Natasha also both had smirks on their faces.

Sydney kept repeating that Tammy was crazy and "nuts," and then Tammy countered with, "You are such a diva, Sydney. You are such a princess."

Sydney later told the cameras Tammy was "psycho" and she hoped Peter would send anyone like that home.

Mykenna breaks down

Mykenna then broke down into tears and was distraught because she had been planning to tell Peter something "big."

Mykenna felt robbed of her opportunity to get closer to Peter, and she cried in front of everyone.

Tammy was also crying in a confessional, saying if she got sent home over this drama it would be "ridiculous" because she had been waiting her entire life to be on this show and find love. Tammy didn't want Peter to think she was "a certain way" due to this feud.

Tammy interrupts the Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony then commenced, and Peter revealed he felt "extremely confident" in his decisions. But just as Peter was about to hand out his first rose, Tammy asked him to speak to him in private.

Tammy basically asked if she had said something to upset Peter, and his response wasn't shown. Tammy assured him that she was coming from a good place and never had malicious intentions. Tammy promised Peter she was on the show for him.

Mykenna follows Tammy's lead

Mykenna then interrupted Peter's conversation with Tammy and asked him to have a quick chat as well. Mykenna told Peter all the drama had broken her down and taken so much away from her.

All the girls were annoyed because none of them had a chance to talk to Peter at the cocktail party, and he seemed to suddenly rethink his decision after speaking to Tammy and Mykenna.

Peter then handed out roses in the following order: Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Mykenna, and Tammy.

Shiann and Lexi were therefore ousted.


Lexi and Shiann vent

Lexi cried on her way out, and Peter explained he was just following his heart.

"I'm really bummed I didn't get the cocktail party to talk to him more, because there was a lot I wanted to say. And it's really annoying two girls used the time right before the Rose Ceremony to make it a cocktail party. I don't know if that affected his judgment. I don't know."

And Shiann admitted to cameras she was "not expecting to go home" at all.

"I just don't understand... There's so much more to me that he [didn't see]. My fear was going home before he saw that, and I'm tired of feeling like this," Shiann vented.

"If it's not me, I just want him to end up with a good person. He needs to look out for the divas and bad-attitude girls that are in there. What he's seeing is not who they really are."


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