The Bachelor drama between Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan is already heating up, and according to Nick Viall, it's going to explode next week.

Monday night's "cocktail party took a fast turn," Viall wrote in his People blog. "It's hard for me to comment on the Corinne and Taylor fight -- yet."

The Bachelor episode concluded with Olympios and Nolan going head to head in a heated argument. Nolan accused the bubbly blonde from Miami, FL, of not being emotionally intelligent or self-aware enough to consider accepting a marriage proposal from a 36-year-old mature and experienced man.

However, Olympios, 24, felt attacked for no reason and griped about how Nolan, 23, could possibly be a mental health counselor when she's so condescending and allegedly treats people like they are "idiots."

"Taylor is like the sh-t I scooped in my shovel," Olympios said in the latest broadcast. "She is rude, mean and nasty. I literally wanted to punch her in the face."

Viall teased that the dispute will pick up next week right where it had left off.

"This argument picks up pace and continues... It's important for me to make sure that we all hear both sides of the FULL argument before talking about it," Viall wrote. "What we saw here is just the start of what becomes a full on blowout."

Even The Bachelor host Chris Harrison teased in his Yahoo! TV blog that lines in the house will be drawn next week.

"You'll have to tune in... to see how not only Corinne and Taylor hash out their differences -- but how I handle their feud as well," Viall revealed.

"But this fight doesn't just stop at the Rose Ceremony, I decided to put all our relationships to the test and have a two-on-one date with them."

Viall has already heard complaints from bachelorettes about Olympios' wild behavior since she tends to lead with her sexuality and seems to have no shame -- like, for instance, when she ripped her bikini top off during a group date -- but fans haven't seen anyone voice concerns to Viall yet about Nolan, whom Olympios called "fake" and snobby.

"Believe me," Viall noted, "what happens on the two-on-one next week will shock you -- it certainly shocked me."