The Bachelor's Kelsey Poe, dubbed the most controversial bachelorette of Chris Soules' nineteenth season, is now basically suggesting the Iowa farmer wasn't good enough for her in one major way.

After her experience on the show and getting heat from most of the girls for being condescending or fake, Poe told PopSugar she learned some new things about herself and what she wants.

"I think that I've learned more about the type of man I want to be with, just in comparison to Chris, really. That's not to say that I want to be with someone the opposite of him or someone just like him; it's just that he had attributes and a character that I really admired, and then there were some things I couldn't gel with," Poe said.

"He's not as articulate. If you saw that Jimmy Kimmel episode with the chalkboard, that annoyed me -- a lot. It's hard to develop a relationship, and I'm a very intellectual person and I like to bond by talking, and so it was difficult to have that all the time."

Poe was attacked at The Women Tell All this season because many of the bachelorettes thought she had used the story of her deceased husband to gain an advantage in the competition -- through getting sympathy roses.

"This Women Tell All was a highly anticipated event, and I'm relieved it's over, and I'm glad I was able to voice some things and clarify some things. I'm still feeling anxious, but I think that's just the nerves of coming back into The Bachelor world after being gone for a while," Poe said, explaining that watching the show back didn't really change how she felt about some of the other women.

"Despite what the girls have said about me and the confrontation at the very end, they were always so nice to me in person. So I was under the impression that we were developing healthy relationships, and so I can't resent them or have hard feelings toward them because I see them in the light of what I experienced when we were living together in the house," Poe said.

The school counselor, who reportedly quit her job and moved to Paris recently to become a writer, admitted it was difficult to watch the girls talk about her.

"It was hard, and I think everyone on the show can agree with that to some regard, because we don't realize the gossip that goes on until we watch it air. And with that in mind, I think we all have to take it with a grain of salt and remember that we're talking a lot, and so words are going to be said, and hopefully we can all forgive each other," she said.

Poe believes it's "very possible" to make friends with people who are sharing a boyfriend because, in this journey, they stuck together considering it was such a scary, foreign environment to them.

"But as the weeks progress, and as the hearts start to develop feelings toward Chris and as tensions get high, you start to feel a lack of confidence in your ability to stay, then that's when I think the claws come out. I think people who are the most insecure are the ones who tend to attack the most," Poe noted.

Poe at least owned the fact her laugh is, well, different.

"My laugh is annoying. I feel like I need to go to voice training lessons or something to get it worked on. I'm super-self-conscious now," she told PopSugar.
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Sadly enough, Poe came home from the show "really broken" because of all the drama. She wasn't excited to be at home and had just been through what she called "a roller coaster."

"I needed time to heal," she said.

"To be perfectly honest, I'm still healing from this experience, because it was not what I would have expected, like the outcome is not what I would have expected. We've been watching the shows, and especially episodes five and six and the last two episodes, I was witnessing another person on TV. I was just in shock; I was devastated."
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