The Bachelor host Chris Harrison talked to Nick Viall during one of his most vulnerable times this season and is revealing whether the "hopeless romantic" really did come close to quitting.

On the latest The Bachelor episode, Viall was dealing with the aftermath of eliminating one of his early frontrunners, Danielle Lombard, after previously ousting five other bachelorettes. He began questioning whether this process would work for him and fearing his connection with the remaining women might falter as well.

Viall had vented to the cameras, "I don't know if I can keep doing this," before expressing his disappointment and confusion to Harrison in St. Thomas.

"I think it was important for him to know that what he was feeling wasn't that unusual, and the fact that it was happening only a week before hometowns was actually normal," Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

"Being the Bachelor is incredibly hard. It's full of pressure and really emotionally draining. If Nick wanted to quit he certainly had the right to do that, but as we talked, I knew he was going to follow his heart and see all the good that lies before him."

Harrison had faith Viall would continue his journey on Season 21 because of his history on the franchise, which includes getting dumped on back-to-back seasons of The Bachelorette when he was prepared to propose to both women, Andi Dorfman and then Kaitlyn Bristowe.

"As we talked about early in the season, Nick is a hopeless romantic. He's the kind of guy that never gives up, and I was happy to see him pick himself up off the ground and get back into it," Harrison explained.

The Bachelor host therefore had no issue with the fact Viall was changing the rules a little bit and doing things his own way.

"Nick is doing things a little differently. I can't remember the last time someone skipped a cocktail party and a Rose Ceremony, but that's what Nick needed to do in order to prepare himself for some very important hometown dates," Harrison wrote. "Nick has been through that part of things twice, so he doesn't want to make any mistakes when it comes to meeting people's families."

Viall proved he's always thinking two steps ahead by declining to express his feelings to Vanessa Grimaldi after she confessed on their one-on-one date in Bimini she was falling in love with him.

"Obviously things are getting more and more serious between these two," Harrison noted. "I applaud Vanessa for having the courage to tell Nick how she felt even though she knew he couldn't reciprocate. I also commend Nick for sticking to his guns and making sure he does this the way he wants to do it."

Harrison added, "This time needs to work out for him, and no one is taking it more seriously than Nick himself."