The Bachelor's two-night finale event kicked off with Peter Weber's family tearfully preferring Hannah Ann Sluss over Madison Prewett and Madison quitting the show after deciding her lifestyle differences from Peter were too severe to overcome.

Monday night's Season 24 broadcast on ABC was Part 1 of The Bachelor finale.


The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Part 1

The two-hour episode began with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison live in front of an audience teasing the two-night finale by calling it "one of the most controversial and shocking endings we've ever had on the show."

Chris reiterated how Peter doesn't even know how this season is going to end for him.

Footage then played of Peter in Alice Springs, Australia, admitting he was "in love" with both Hannah Ann and Madison. He knew it was going to be so difficult to eliminate one of the women in the end and said he had no idea how he was going to make that decision.

"I trust my family so much and I'm going to take their advice and factor it into my decision because they know me so well. They know me better than anyone else," Peter told the cameras.

Peter then sat down with his mother Barbara Weber, father Peter Weber Sr. and little brother Jack.

Peter explained to his family Madison had essentially given him an ultimatum about intimacy before the Fantasy Suites and their relationship had been "a constant climb" but she was the first woman whom he had fallen in love with.

Peter's parents were concerned and called his issue with Madison a "big" one, but Peter insisted Madison meant the world to her. Jack told him that they trusted his judgment and could look past his problems with Madison during this family visit.

Peter shared Hannah Ann is the "perfect combination" of "pure, beautiful innocence with all the confidence in the world." He gushed about how Hannah Ann is the biggest sweetheart his parents could ever meet, and Peter acknowledged they're very similar.


Hannah Ann meets Peter's family

Hannah Ann was very emotional before meeting Peter's family because they could become her future in-laws. Hannah Ann said she was really excited but also a little nervous, and she teared up upon meeting Peter's loved ones.
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Hannah Ann's only goal for the day was to convince Peter's parents she was in love with their son and coming from "such a sincere place." Hannah Ann wanted them to see her heart -- and she succeeded.

Barbara said Peter and Hannah Ann looked like she and her husband did 30 years ago. Barbara called Hannah Ann "absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous," but she was a little worried because her son falls in love hard.

Barbara wanted to see Peter happy and told Hannah Ann it's important for her not to change Peter but make him better and vice versa. Hannah Ann insisted to Barbara that she really loved her son and was "all in," even if it meant getting her heart broken in the end.

Barbara could feel the love and believed Hannah Ann is so loving and caring, and then Hannah Ann sat down with Peter's father. Hannah Ann said when she looked at Peter, she was looking at her heart. She explained they laughed and cried together, and Peter Sr. could see they were very compatible.

"It was love at first sight. I haven't told him that, and that might sound crazy, but it's so true," Hannah Ann noted.

Peter Sr. gushed about how Hannah Ann is "a remarkable woman" and asked his son if he was lacking something in their relationship. Peter said nothing was missing but his heart was split between two people and he only wanted to tell one girl in the end he's truly in love with her.

Peter wouldn't reveal whether he was leaning one way or the other, and his dad could tell he was very conflicted. Peter said he just needed time to speak with Madison, who wasn't making things easy on him.

"I feel like I've known you all my life," Barbara told Hannah Ann before she left.


Peter could envision Hannah Ann becoming a part of his family, and she gushed about being madly in love with him at the end of their date.

Madison meets with Peter

Peter felt great about where he stood with Hannah Ann, but he was still confused about Madison and felt a lot of anxiety about their struggles thus far. Peter also wasn't sure how Madison was going to interact with his family.

"I'm so in love with Madison, and from my side, I want to do whatever it takes to make this work," Peter said in a confessional.

When Peter and Madison reunited, she admitted she wasn't doing well because she had walked away from their conversation at Fantasy Suites "really frustrated and really hurt."

"This is your journey and you are a big boy and you can make decisions for yourself, but I did want you to understand the weight and the gravity and the importance of that week for me and what I was okay with and what I wasn't okay with," Madison shared with Peter.

"Up until that point, I hadn't asked you for anything and only focused on our relationship. I had defended you and trusted you and been there for you, and I just felt like in that moment, it was me sharing my heart. And I felt like you put your feelings and your needs and your wants way above mine, and that was really hurtful."

Madison told Peter their one-on-one date in Gold Coast, Australia was the "best day ever."

"I literally looked into your eyes and was like, 'If he got down on one knee right now, I am saying yes. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.' And that night, I just felt like that road was just taken," Madison explained.


Peter apologized to Madison for hurting her and claimed he understood why this was so difficult for her. Peter, however, admitted Madison was the only one of his Final 3 women whom he wasn't really sure how she felt about him.

Peter said going into Fantasy Suites, she meant the world to him but had yet to express to him how she felt about him. Peter called their conversation "an ultimatum" -- although he was glad she had said what was on her heart -- and said it was the first time she wasn't focused on their relationship.

Madison argued she was completely focused on just them and their connection but his actions and behavior with other women would affect their relationship.

Peter reminded Madison he wasn't just in a relationship with her, but Madison reiterated how she was just trying to express her expectations to him.

"I couldn't validate in words what I didn't know was there in my heart yet. Like, I didn't know at that point I loved you. I didn't," Madison said, adding that Peter must have held back a little bit when he had gone through this process last year.

Peter had been in Madison's shoes before on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, so he kept repeating, "I get it."

Madison admitted she was "hanging on by a thread" and needed to feel "confident, sure and at peace" -- but she didn't feel that way going into his family visit. She wasn't sure what to do or how to proceed, but Peter begged Madison to fight for him and their love.

Peter told Madison that he didn't want her to leave and really wanted to get through this together.

"You just have to meet me halfway," Peter whispered to Madison.


Madison said she and Peter had so many issues but they didn't seem to exist when they were together. Madison repeated how she loved Peter on the day of their Fantasy Suite date and never wanted to leave his arms.

"Love isn't the issue, here you know? That's not the problem," Madison said.

Peter asked Madison to figure this out together because it wasn't too late to make things work between them. Madison was upset because this was supposed to be the happiest, most exciting part of the process, but Peter begged her not to let this overshadow the amazing times they had.

Madison told Peter that she was fighting by not walking away, and Peter noted he could see the fighter in her. Peter recalled how Madison had lost a tooth during a basketball game but her dad, who served as a coach at the time, asked her to get back into the game and play.

Peter was essentially asking Madison to do the same for him, and then she shared how she loved and felt safe with Peter and was going to tell him that on the night of their Fantasy Suite.

Peter said he was so excited to hear Madison loved him, and he couldn't stop smiling.

Peter just asked Madison to tell his parents about her love for him, and Peter believed the love they had for each other could conquer all. Peter had "no concerns" and "zero worries" going into the rest of their date, but his confidence was about to be rocked and shaken.

Madison meets Peter's family

When Peter and Madison sat down with Peter's family, Madison shared she had hit a roadblock before Fantasy Suites and told Peter it would be hard to continue and move forward in their relationship if he chose to sleep with someone else.

But Madison said she loved Peter and could see herself loving him for the rest of her life, and so she made an honest effort to keep going.

Peter expressed how they cared for each other deeply, but Peter Sr. could tell their connection was "strained." While Peter Sr. thought Madison was "a delightful young lady," he wasn't sure she and Peter were "completely compatible."


Madison explained to Peter Sr. that she and Peter had many differences. Peter Sr. asked if any of their differences bothered her, and Madison said her faith is her whole world and her whole life.

"He shared with me that he could grow that, and I guess that's what I kind of clung to... It's important for me and my partner to always want to grow. I want to be with someone who always wants to be better than the day before," Madison explained.

Madison told Peter Sr. that she genuinely wanted what was best for his son and Peter is "very special" and deserves to be with someone very special in return.

Jack then asked Peter privately if the Bachelor would be okay with not having sex until they're officially married.

"Is that something you realistically see yourself doing?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, if it's with someone I love and I chose. It's not like I was forced into that. I chose it," Peter replied.

Jack pointed out Madison was "big into ministry" while Peter enjoyed clubbing, line dancing and partying. Peter confessed his lifestyle was very different from Madison's but it wasn't a bad thing.

"I just want to make sure you're not compromising any level of  yourself and how you would normally be in a relationship," Jack said.

But Peter argued that's what relationships are all about -- compromise, and that he was ready and willing to do that for Madison.


"I'm going into it with a little bit of concern," Jack said.

"I see a seemingly perfect girl on one side with no issues whatsoever and then I'm seeing Madison, who's just raising a lot of concerns and red flags. I am feeling a little bit scared about the whole situation."

Peter told his dad he was being torn in two totally different directions, and he just wished he had clarity. Peter told his dad that his parents didn't know the Madi he had gotten to know.

Madison clashes with Peter's mom Barbara

Barbara was then shown sitting down with Madison alone for a chat, and Barbara revealed Peter is very spiritual but he definitely wasn't on Madison's level of faith. Barbara also pointed out Peter loves to socialize and party and so Madison's lifestyle was quite different.

"I don't want anyone to change him, because he is who he is, and we love him the way he is. I respect you for your values," Barbara began.

Barbara said she understood why Madison would want to turn down a Fantasy Suite given her morals, but then she gave the bachelorette a piece of her mind.

"But to tell someone else when there are other girls he has very strong feelings for that he wants to get physical with or emotional, that's up to him," Barbara insisted.

Madison interrupted Barbara's statement and said her feelings and values mattered just as much as Peter's did. Madison said the journey belonged to the both of them and she didn't feel the need to apologize or be remorseful over her expectations.


"I didn't tell him what to do. All I said was, 'It's going to be hard for me to work through this if this happens, but I just want to be open and honest about how it will make me feel,'" Madison told Barbara.

Madison said her differences from Peter were obvious but it's about determining whether a relationship is worth fighting for. Her "hard" and "exhausting" day with Peter's family, however, had apparently opened Madison's eyes to issues she had been running from.

"We are kind of on different pages in what we want, what we need, what we expect and how we live literally in every way," Madison told the cameras, adding she had a lot to think about even though she loved Peter and cared about him.

Before Madison left, Peter told the bachelorette he loved her courage and strength. He called her the "most selfless person" he's ever met and noted his family simply didn't know her well enough.

"I am crazy in love with her," Peter told the cameras.

Peter's mom Barbara tearfully begs him to pick Hannah Ann

Peter hoped his family would eventually grow to see what he saw in Madison, but when he returned to his parents in the house after Madison left, Barbara broke down into tears and hugged her son close.

"She's not there for you. She's not there for you, bud," Barbara began.

Barbara revealed she had said a prayer the night prior to guide Peter on the right path and allow Madison to see where she was at in their relationship.

"Because you have a gem waiting for you who is madly head-over-heels in love with you," Barbara said of Hannah Ann.

"And God put her there for you. I think God has answered my prayers and put the right person in your path. Maybe deep in your heart, bud, you knew that because of all the issues that were already surrounding the situation."


Barbara told the cameras Madison is a sweet and lovely girl but Hannah Ann "is an angel on earth." She said she wanted her son to make the right choice and Hannah Ann would be great for her son.

Barbara hoped God would send Peter a sign as to who the right girl was for him, and she claimed a mother's intuition is never wrong.

The next day, Peter sat down with his family again and disclosed how he was "crazy" about Madison and had a lot of love in his heart for her. But Peter Sr. asked his son if he was willing to risk something "so perfect" in order to "hope something might materialize."

Peter assured his family he was also on "the Hannah Ann train," but then Peter Sr. said he didn't understand why the decision seemed "so antagonizingly tough" for him.

Barbara said this situation reminded her of Hannah Brown and Peter's relationship. She recalled that although Peter was head-over-heels in love with Hannah B., she went and picked "the wrong person."

Barbara said a perfect girl was right in front of Peter and he was about to risk that relationship.

"Why is it that you're not immediately like, 'Yeah, Hannah Ann is the answer here?'" Jack asked.

Peter insisted his entire relationship with Madison had been absolutely perfect with no hiccups until now. Peter said he could see past their current dilemma and her family had not been dating both girls for the last two months.

Peter was obviously growing frustrated and asked his family to trust him as much as he trusted them. With that being said, Barbara started to cry again, and Peter Sr. attempted to comfort her.


"Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart. Don't let her go. Don't let her go. Bring her home. Bring her home to us! We will welcome her with open arms," Barbara cried.

"We will welcome her with all the love in the world. She is a dream come true and God has placed her there for you. That's what love stories are made of -- someone who is so madly in love with you."

Peter replied by repeating, "You've got to stop doing this."

Peter said his mother's emotions were destroying him and pushing him.

"Come on, this is insane right now. Please don't do that to me," Peter begged.

Barbara insisted she trusted her son and loved him so much, and then she embraced him tightly. Peter said it sucked to not have his family's support when it came to Madison, and he beat himself up for not explaining better why he was so in love with the religious bachelorette.

"They just see other things. But the way I understand it, if I can understand it, why does it matter? I'm the one that's going to spend the rest of my life with her -- no one else," Peter said.

Peter confessed love might be blinding because he was truly in love with Madison.

"I know how I feel right now about Madi, and I can't help that I want Madi more than anything," Peter said in a confessional.

Peter has his date with Madison

The next day, Peter embarked on a one-on-one date with Madison in Uluru.

Madison was a little frustrated by how her visit with his parents went and how he felt the need to defend her. Peter was impressed by how Madison had handled herself and that she wasn't ready to give up, and he said he could see Madi in his life forever.

"Throughout this entire journey, I could see it being her in the end," Peter said.

Peter just hoped Madison felt the same way and could stick it out until the end.

For Peter and Madison's date, they flew in a helicopter and took in some beautiful sights. Although Madison cared deeply for Peter and was trying to fight for their relationship, she acknowledged it was "time to surrender."


Madison tells Peter she's quitting the show

While enjoying some glasses of champagne, Madison said she really wanted Peter and a life with him but she hadn't been seeing clearly.

"As much as we want this, I don't know if we can give each other what we need," Madison confessed.

"Sometimes I think being a great warrior and being a good fighter is knowing when to surrender, and I do still think that love conquers all because I am willing to walk away so that you can get what you came here to find."

"Why don't you think that you're that person?" Peter asked.

"We see things so differently. We expect such different things. There's always going to be this level of misunderstanding, and I don't want us to feel like we have to work into overtime to love each other," Madison replied.

But Peter was so confused. Peter reminded Madison that she loved him and could envision them getting engaged, so he said her change of heart made "absolutely no sense" to him.

Madison explained she could see all of that on the day of their Fantasy Suite but what happened that night -- and afterwards -- changed everything for her.

Madison said they were so different when it came to marriage, faith and lifestyle, and she didn't want him to feel like he had to change himself to be what she wanted in a man and future husband.

But Peter insisted he was ready and willing to do whatever she needed so he could be with her.

"But compatibility -- I have to think about those things. I don't know that we're the best for each other," Madison admitted.

"And you really believe that?" Peter questioned.

"Yeah," Madison responded.

With that being said, Peter surrendered as well, although this scenario was not what he wanted, and walked Madison out.

The couple hugged and cried in each other's arms, and then Madison took off.

"Even though I want to be with him, I feel in my heart it's the right thing to do," Madison said. "I'm going to miss him every day. To walk away from somebody you love, it's the worst feeling in the world."

Peter said he was in shock that Madison was gone because he was head-over-heels in love with her. Peter was going through heartbreak, and he noted his feelings for Madison were not going to disappear over night. Peter was doubting how much more his heart could take.

Peter meets with Chris Harrison

Peter was then shown sitting down with Chris Harrison in Alice Springs. Peter said when he loves someone, he doesn't care how hard it looks. Despite his differences from Madison, he said he was ready to do life with her.

Peter wasn't sure how to proceed and admitted he was emotionally drained.

"I am mourning this relationship right now and it being over, but I also know I am in love with Hannah Ann... and it's very tough," Peter told Chris.

Peter said this was the most difficult thing he had ever been through.

When Chris asked Peter if the journey was over for him, Peter admitted the second he realized he was in love with two people, he wasn't sure how the show could end badly for him.

"I still know that I want that love, and that's kind of all up in the air right now," Peter explained.

Peter goes on a date with Hannah Ann

Peter, however, decided to go on another one-on-one date with Hannah Ann, who hoped Peter would determine he wanted a future with her.

Hannah Ann and Peter went to a refuge for kangaroos, and Peter was trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. He knew he had a woman who loved him and would always be there for him.

"This is my last chance to see if I can move past everything and be true to myself about how I feel for Hannah Ann and there's no questions and there's no doubts she's someone I want to pick first every day and every day for the rest of my life," Peter told the cameras.

Peter told Hannah Ann that he appreciated her support throughout the entire experience. He felt no pressure from her, and Hannah Ann wanted to be the first and the last to have his heart.

But looking into Peter's eyes, she could tell something was off. Hannah Ann's heart was on the line, but she knew the decision was ultimately his and she had one last chance to show the pilot his future should be with her.

Hannah Ann wanted Peter to have no doubts about her and the life they would have together.

That night, Hannah Ann wore a very sexy orange dress, and she once again voiced how much Peter meant to her. She said their love was something she never wanted to lose and every minute counted.

The Final Rose Ceremony would be taking place the next day, and Hannah Ann hoped she made Peter feel loved.

"This love for you is truly different. When I voice how I feel for you, I'm just speaking from my heart," Hannah Ann said, adding that she wanted Peter to choose her for who she is.

Peter confessed this had been the hardest week of his whole life and he knew what he had with her. Peter said he never questioned Hannah Ann's heart and just wanted her to be happy.

"My heart is being pulled in two different directions," Peter said. "It's just been really, really tough for me."

Hannah admitted it was hard to hear Peter was so torn, and then she started to cry.

"It just hurts when I am so sure -- and you're not. That's what it hurts to hear. But I respect your honesty and I know from my standpoint I can't do anything more," Hannah Ann shared.

"And honestly, I've given and I've given and I've given, and I just want something in return. You know what I mean? It's just getting to the point where it's hard. It's hard being so certain and so sure of someone and just not getting that in return, just seeing you're not completely there like I am."

Peter said he just wanted to be so certain about his decision and Hannah Ann deserved that.

Peter told Hannah Ann that she deserved his honesty and his truth.

"I'm just at my breaking point, honestly," Hannah Ann cried. "This is the most painful experience, but I'm here and it's not going to change how I feel about you."

"Thank you for that. Just thank you for being there every single step of the way and being that rock for me," Peter told the bachelorette in reply.

Hannah Ann had poured her heart out to Peter and had no idea where his head was at. It was the first time she felt truly scared to lose Peter.

"It's just really overwhelming, and I feel like my heart is already breaking," Hannah Ann vented to the cameras.

Hannah Ann just wished she had an idea what was about to happen the following day.

Chris Harrison teased at the end of the broadcast fans haven't seen the last of Madison -- or Barbara.

"If you think you know how all of this is going to end, prepare to have your mind blown," Chris teased of Part 2 of the finale.

Part 2 of The Bachelor finale will air on Tuesday night, March 10 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

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