The Bachelor alum Erica Rose has welcomed her baby girl into the world with boyfriend Galen Gentry.

Rose, 33, and her newborn Holland Rose Madeleine Gentry are doing well after a Monday C-section.

Rose said she had a "very smooth and easy delivery, despite needing a C-section" and noted that she had opted to turn the placenta into a smoothie "to help in the recovery process," Entertainment Tonight reported.

The newborn weighed six pounds and 13 ounces at the time of delivery, and Rose probably can't wait to dress her up in little tiaras since she's always been such a girly-girl.

"We are so happy to welcome Holland Rose Madeleine Gentry into the world. We added the middle name Madeleine because Galen's mom just passed away in the last two weeks," Rose explained to ET.

"We named her Holland after my late Aunt Holly and a nod to Galen's Dutch ancestry. The baby is bringing so much love and light into our lives."

Rose's late aunt Holly reportedly passed away from Stage 4 cancer following a courageous 15-year battle.

Rose announced she was pregnant in February and then revealed she was expecting a daughter one month later. Although she never officially got engaged, Rose revealed at the time a wedding was in the works for shortly after the baby was born.

The former Bachelor Pad contestant and Gentry began dating in November after meeting at work. Rose is the director of business development for Gentry's Gentry Law Group law firm.

"They fell in love at first sight! She was really ready to have a baby and they started trying," Rose's representative told E! News in February. "Erica's family is super excited."

Rose initially vied for the affection of Lorenzo Borghese on The Bachelor's ninth season. She then competed on the second and third editions of Bachelor Pad and later appeared on VH1's You're Cut Off! reality series.