The Bachelor bachelorettes from Ben Higgins' season, Caila Quinn and Olivia Caridi, admit they don't think Nick Viall is going to propose to anyone on the show -- or maybe even truly fall in love.

"I'm not getting the vibes" Viall will propose," Caridi told People during a live streaming event with Quinn at her side.

"Yeah, I'm not either," Quinn agreed. "We all just feel sad for him, like, 'Ugh, he's tired.'

"There are six people left at this point," Caridi explained. "To see the Bachelor come in at that point and say, 'Oh, I don't know about this,' that's like, 'Uh oh, we're getting low on people here.' So if you're not getting the vibes, this is not good."

Viall still has Raven Gates, Vanessa Grimaldi, Danielle Maltby, Kristina Schulman, Rachel Lindsay and Corinne Olympios in the running for his heart.

However, during Monday night's episode, Viall informed the girls in tears he was worried this process isn't going to work for him. Viall seemed to be losing hope he'd find his future wife on the show after eliminating two women -- Danielle Lombard and Whitney Fransway -- on a two-on-one date.

When asked whether she's surprised Viall is so uncertain about the potential to find love on this season, Quinn replied, "I'm not surprised."

"All of these women are telling him that they love him," she elaborated, "and if he's unsure in any way, he's like, 'Why don't I feel this way too?' But we all fall in love at different times. And my thing is, he just needs affirmation! These women need to stand up and tell him, 'You're my man and you're doing a great job.' Because he's being vulnerable and he needs some affirmation too."

But Quinn is hopeful Viall can embrace love again at some point in the future.

"I think he will, eventually, I don't know! Maybe he's a cynic. It looks like he's not going to fall in love, which makes me really sad," Quinn said.

Viall's apparent lack of feelings definitely isn't due to a lack of amazing women. Quinn and Caridi touched about Schulman, a Russian-born adoptee, in particular.

"I think she really opened up and made herself vulnerable," Quinn said. "This is the kind of vulnerability he's looking for -- not just a sexual foot. And so I think she has really high chances now."
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"I think they have a lot in common," Caridi added. "They come from such different worlds, but I really like their connection. She's good."

The girls weren't sure what to make of Jasmine Goode though after she had jokingly threatened to choke Viall when he clearly wasn't turned on by the idea.

"She was acting out," Quinn noted. "She does not read signs well, seriously."

"It's hard to be the girl who never gets a one-on-one," Caridi recalled. "I was her. I never had that desperate of a meltdown, but I understand. It's frustrating to just constantly be passed up. It's like, 'Why am I here?' I think this was her last ditch sexual effort. She was self-destruction from the get-go."

"She's promoting 50 Shades of Grey the sequel," joked Quinn.

Caridi was famously dumped on a two-on-one date during Season 20 of The Bachelor on which she was portrayed as the villain, while the bubbly and sweet Quinn was eliminated by Higgins after his round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.