Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall's chemistry was off the charts in New Orleans, but The Bachelor star watched her confidence crumble in St. Thomas.

Lindsay, a spunky yet guarded Dallas attorney, has definitely been a frontrunner for Viall's heart, but the former software salesman noticed a change in her behavior on the group date in St. Thomas.

Lindsay "was someone I had just come off a phenomenal date with the week prior," Viall wrote in his People blog. "I was a little nervous about why she wasn't having a good day."

Lindsay's sudden shift in attitude appeared to come out of nowhere. As other bachelorettes lamented about not receiving enough time with the Bachelor or having to constantly compete for his attention, Lindsay confessed to the cameras she no longer felt like one of Viall's "top picks."

"I know it has to be hard coming back into a group-date setting right off a one-on-one, but I thought that we had a secure enough connection to override any doubt," Viall wrote.

The couple managed to turn things around later that night, but Viall alluded to the fact their romance didn't feel the same.

"Even though we ended our conversation on a high note, I was worried that she was getting too into her head," Viall admitted.

Viall was well aware of how difficult this process can be considering he was dumped by both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette's tenth and eleventh editions.

"I felt terrible for how emotional the women became during the date. I know for people like [Vanessa Grimaldi] and [Danielle Maltby] it's hard because they had such early one-on-ones. Did they feel like our connection was slipping?" Viall explained.

"I couldn't help but wonder what was going wrong. Was it me? Was it the date? Was it really just reality sinking in that things were starting to get serious? All I knew was that I wanted to make it clear that these women were important to me."

Viall eliminated Jasmine Goode, Danielle Lombard, Whitney Fransway, Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters and Jaimi King during Monday night's episode. The women still in the running are Grimaldi, Maltby, Lindsay, Corinne Olympios, Kristina Schulman and Raven Gates.
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