The Amazing Race viewers will be able to see a lot more of Jaime Edmondson soon.

The former fourteenth-season contestant -- who finished in second with friend Cara Rosenthal -- will appear as Playboy's "Miss January" centerfold in the magazine's January issue, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

"I never really saw all of this happening," Edmondson told the Daily News about both The Amazing Race and Playboy. "Every time I make a plan in life, it goes another way."

The 30-year-old former police officer and Miami Dolphins cheerleader from Ft. Lauderdale, FL said both she and Rosenthal were approached to appear in Playboy after The Amazing Race's fourteenth-season finale aired in May.

"She said no. She's in law school and hopes to be governor someday," Edmondson told the Daily News about Rosenthal before adding she "never saw this coming" for herself.

"Here I find myself going to be on newsstands on my 31st birthday."

In addition, Edmondson said she spent a few months living at the Playboy Mansion to work on the photo shoot and participating in E!'s The Girls Next Door reality series.

"I keep waiting for Ashton [Kutcher] to jump out and tell me I'm being punk'd," she told the Daily News.

With a second-place finish on The Amazing Race and a Playboy spread under her belt, Edmondson added she isn't opposed to more reality television.

"I would love to do Survivor," she told the Daily News.

"I could do another one. I came out of this a stronger, different person. Things like that can teach you to be mentally, physically and emotionally tougher. I can appreciate that. I'm all for it."