The Amazing Race's editors didn't edit a Speed Bump task out of Sunday night's broadcast -- there was none.

While they had finished last in the competition's sixth non-elimination leg, "Dating Couple" Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola weren't required to complete a Speed Bump task in the Race's seventh leg due to production problems which had impacted several teams during the prior leg.

"There was a production glitch during [the prior leg] that essentially led to numerous time delays for several of the racers," a source close to the production told Reality TV World.  "In the interest of fairness, the producers decided Nick and Vicki would not have to perform a Speed Bump."

However the fact the leg was a non-elimination leg was unrelated to the production issues and had already been determined in advance, according to the source, who declined to comment on online rumors that the maestro in the leg's "Classical Music" Detour task had incorrectly told Nick and Vicki one of their answers was wrong.

The Amazing Race's sixth episode had concluded with Nick and Vicki arriving at the leg's Pit Stop in last place and host Phil Keoghan informing the couple the leg was a non-elimination leg and they would therefore get to continue in the Race.

But Phil's comments had noticeably omitted any mention that the couple would have to complete an additional Speed Bump task -- the last-place non-elimination leg penalty task The Amazing Race has used for the last six seasons -- during the Race's next leg.

"Nick and Vicki, I'm sorry to tell you, you are the last team to arrive -- Very sorry to tell you that you gotta run another leg because you guys are still in the Race! This is a non-elimination leg, and you will get to race another day," Phil said.