The Amazing Race's nineteenth season eliminated Liz Canavan and Marie Canavan during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition.

The "Twins" team became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's fifth Pit Stop at the M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home, the home of a former Thai prime minister, in Bangkok in last place.

"We think about our Dad everyday, every second. I think he would have been proud of us. He'd probably be like, 'I can't believe you guys did that!' And now, no one can take this away from us, because we've done a lot," Marie said following her team's ouster, referencing the twins' father who had passed away in December.

The fifth episode of The Amazing Race's nineteenth season began where last week's broadcast left off, with the Race's eight teams meeting with The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan and leaving the course's fourth Pit Stop at Koh Panyi, a floating village, in Thailand.

Since they had been the team to finish in first place at the Race's fourth Pit Stop, "Friends and former Olympic Snowboarders" Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin were the first team to depart from the floating village at 10:07AM. 

They were then followed by "Siblings" Justin Young and Jennifer Young at 11:01AM, "Dating Couple" Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi at 11:44AM, "Father/Son Adventurers" Laurence Sunderland and Zac Sunderland at 11:45AM, "Engaged Couple" Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang at 11:52AM, "Married Couple" Marcus Pollard and Amani Pollard at 11:53AM, "Grandparents" Bill Alden and Cathi Alden at 12:22PM, and Liz and Marie at 1:35PM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to make their way by local taxi to an adventure destination where they must travel by local transportation -- four-ton Asian elephants -- up a river where they would find their next clue.

Meanwhile, because they had finished the Race's fourth leg in last place, Liz and Marie had to complete an additional Speed Bump task before they could ride their elephant. They were required to wash and clean up after their local transport and once they finished their tasks, they could make their way to the Roadblock.

Andy and Tommy were the first team to ride their elephant and receive the next clue, which instructed them to complete a Roadblock task. The Roadblock task required one member from each team to follow the sound of music, leading them to a waterfall and a traditional Thai flutist, and then search a remote pool for their next clue.

Following Andy and Tommy were Justin and Jennifer, Jeremy and Sandy, Laurence and Zac, Amani and Marcus, Ernie and Cindy, Bill and Cathi, and Liz and Marie.

Andy opted to do the Roadblock task for his team, and he was later joined by Justin, Sandy, Laurence, Marcus, Cindy, Cathi, and Marie.

The teams seemed to complete the Roadblock task with ease. Andy and Tommy found the clue first in the pool and finished the task before any of the other teams. They were then followed by Justin and Jennifer, Laurence and Zac, Jeremy and Sandy, Amani and Marcus, Ernie and Cindy, Bill and Cathi, and eventually Liz and Marie.
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Upon finishing the Roadblock task, the teams received their next clue and learned they had to travel by taxi to a local shop where they were required to disassemble a local shrine known as the Spirit House and then deliver all the pieces to a temple where they would receive their next clue. Each team could work together to disassemble their Spirit Houses. 

Andy and Tommy arrived at the local shop in first place and began disassembling their Spirit House together. Following Andy and Tommy were Justin and Jennifer, Laurence and Zac, Jeremy and Sandy, Ernie and Cindy, Amani and Marcus, Bill and Cathi, and finally Liz and Marie.

Once the teams finished the task and arrived at the temple, they then learned it was time to complete another Roadblock task. Their second Roadblock task of the day required them to re-assemble the Spirit House they had just taken apart exactly the way they had originally found it on the grounds of the temple. Once they successfully put their houses back together, a monk would hand them their next clue.

However, the clue required the team members who did not take on the first Roadblock task -- which had required one member on each team to search for a clue in the pool after riding the elephants -- to complete the task on behalf of their teams. 

As a result, Tommy was forced to complete the Roadblock task alone for his team, and he was later joined by Jennifer, Jeremy, Zac, Amani, Ernie, Bill, and Liz.

Andy and Tommy had a steady lead on the other teams, but Tommy realized he hadn't paid good enough attention to how they had assembled their Spirit House. He decided to travel back to the place where they had picked up their house to memorize how it was supposed to look. Tommy was frustrated how his inability to assemble the house wasted time for his team.

After Laurence and Zac assembled their Spirit House, unlike mostly all of the other teams, they chose to not take notes on the finished product. Laurence convinced Zac they'd be fine and should get a move on, while many of the other teams took the time to take pictures of draw themselves diagrams.

Zac then learned the hard way he should have followed his gut by taking notes because he failed to remember how the house was supposed to turn out. Like Tommy, Zac and Laurence had to go back to the local shop for visual help because Zac couldn't figure it out, allowing Jeremy and Sandy to pass them.

Although they lost a little ground, Andy and Tommy still maintained their lead and finished the second Roadblock in first place. They were then followed by Justin and Jennifer, Jeremy and Sandy, Laurence and Zac, Amani and Marcus, Ernie and Cindy, Bill and Cathi, and finally Liz and Marie.

Upon completing the Roadblock, the teams were instructed to travel by bus 550 miles to the city of Bangkok and then make their way to the Bangkok Noi Canal where they would have to feed fish in order to receive their next clue.

Andy and Tommy, Justin and Jennifer, Jeremy and Sandy, and Laurence and Zac all arrived at the bus station around the same time. All four teams booked tickets on 4:30PM departures that were due to arrive in Bangkok at 5:30AM. However, Laurence and Zac, unintentionally bought tickets for a first-class trip which put them on a different bus than the other teams.

After their bus departed, Laurence and Zac became concerned their bus was a violation of the Race's rules which prohibit teams from booking first-class airplane tickets so they got off the bus and desperately searched for another bus.

Amani and Marcus then arrived at the bus stop and grabbed a 5:30PM second-class bus to Bangkok that happened to also have Bill and Cathi on it. Meanwhile, Ernie and Cindy struggled with their taxi driver because he wouldn't accept American dollars. After they fought with him and finally made a deal, they got on their own bus.

Laurence and Zac headed back to the bus station just after the 5:30PM bus took off, and they found out their next option was going to be a second-class bus leaving at 8PM.

Liz and Marie finally got to the bus station except they realized they didn't have enough money to settle their taxi fare after purchasing their bus tickets and missed their bus while they were attempting to bargain with the taxi driver.  However the driver eventually drove them to the bus -- which bus employees had stopped to wait for them -- after he decided to accept all their remaining money as full payment.

Andy and Tommy, Justin and Jennifer And Jeremy and Sandy's bus ended up running a half-hour late, while Ernie and Cindy's bus moved fast and arrived in Bangkok earlier than they had anticipated.

As a result, Ernie and Cindy were the first to arrive in Bangkok on their bus. The next bus to arrive was carrying Andy and Tommy, Jeremy and Sandy and Justin and Jennifer. The third bus that arrived in Bangkok had Amani and Marcus and Bill and Cathi on it, while Laurence and Zac's bus arrived afterwards. Liz and Marie were on the final bus, straggling behind in last place. 

The teams then rushed to secure taxis, but Liz and Marie had given all of their money to their prior taxi driver and initially planned to make it to the Bangkok Noi Canal by foot until a local told them it would take them five hours to walk there. Frustrated and distressed, the twins eventually found a cab driver who was willing to drive them to the canal even though they didn't have any money.

The cab driver ended up giving the girls a ride, despite receiving no compensation for his generous act.

Ernie and Cindy were the first team to arrive at the canal thanks to their speedy bus ride, and they were then followed by Bill and Cathi, Amani and Marcus, Andy and Tommy, Jeremy and Sandy, Justin and Jennifer, Laurence and Zac, and Liz and Marie.

The teams all fed the fish in the same order they had arrived at the task in, and after they received their next clue, they hopped back into their taxis and made their way to the Pit Stop -- which was the M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home.

Many of the teams fought bad traffic, while Liz and Marie had to convince another cab driver to give them a free ride. Liz and Marie got their wish and Ernie and Cindy decided to hop out of their cab and run the rest of the way because the traffic wasn't moving. However, their sprint to the end got them a little lost and they ended up finding another taxi to take them to the Pit Stop.

Although Andy and Tommy had been in the lead for most of the Race's fifth leg up until the time their bus had arrived in Bangkok, Amani and Marcus were the first team to greet Phil on the mat at the M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home, arriving at the Pit Stop in first place. For winning the leg, the team received a trip for two to Bali.

Bill and Cathi were waiting in the wings right next to Amani and Marcus and heard of their fate before Phil even had a chance to tell them. They were thrilled with their second-place finish and were happy for their friends who had come in first.

Following Bill and Cathi, Ernie and Cindy arrived in third place and Justin and Jennifer subsequently finished the leg in fourth place.

Andy and Tommy then arrived and they were followed by Laurence and Zac. Phil then clarified to Laurence and Zac that the Race's rules only require teams to avoid traveling in first class when it comes to flying and they had gotten off a first-class bus when they had not needed to, a mistake that almost cost them the Race.

Following Laurence and Zac was Jeremy and Sandy, and then Liz and Marie finally arrived at the Pit Stop in last place.