Kevin O'Connor and Drew Feinberg, best known from their popular fan-favorite appearance on the first season of CBS' Emmy award-winning reality series The Amazing Race, will star in their own three-part Kevin and Drew Unleashed travel adventure series on the Discovery Channel. Kevin and Drew Unleashed will premiere Thursday, July 8th, from 10-11PM on The Discovery Channel.

In the premiere episode, the duo head to Florida to work at an alligator farm - harvesting eggs from under the nose of a watchful gator mother and cleaning the baby gators tanks. As if fear and cleaning fluids aren't enough, they come face-to-face with a feisty, fully-grown alligator. This on-the-job training goes from a friendly competition to an all out fight to the finish, with the alligators showing these two who's in charge. From Florida, they hit the road for New England and take on the unusual job of harvesting a cranberry bog. Think it's simple? Not for these two. And when the contest ends up in the kitchen, anything can happen.

In the next episode, scheduled for Thursday, July 15th at 10PM, Kevin and Drew find themselves in what should be a relaxing environment - a new-age health spa in upstate New York. But for these two, it's not necessarily about massage and yoga. Drew has to climb to new heights, while Kevin faces the ultimate humiliation - let's just say it involves Drew and some mud. But life in the spa isn't just about trust and treatments. The competition heats up in well-known frat form, with the difference between winning and losing clearly defined and this is one competition neither wants to take second on. The next stop on their tour should feel like home sweet home - a brewery where the challenge is to learn to make beer without drinking it all first.

On Thursday, July 22nd at 10PM, the final episode shows the boys at home on the range as Kevin and Drew travel to Oklahoma to work on a ranch as cowboys. From branding colts to riding mechanical bulls, they prove that once they get off the New York subway, anything goes. Next stop - South Carolina - to see if they can handle the deep-water world of shrimping, without suffering from seasickness first. And finally, they head home to work the field at the Yankees minor league team on Staten Island. But this isn't as easy a job as you might think. And with the threat of an easy day or a worst-case scenario job hanging in the balance, it's do or die as they try to complete their new jobs.