Thayne Jasperson tried to stay positive prior to So You Think You Can Dance's live results show on Thursday night, however he also could "feel" that being among the bottom three vote getters was once again a likely destination for him since he had the "disadvantage" of already being there three times before.

"I had been reading this book that the mind is a powerful thing.  So I thought, 'Okay, I'm going to go into this with a completely positive attitude with a mentality that whatever it is I'm going to take it on and I'm going to go hard,'" Jasperson told Reality TV World during a Friday conference call. 

"But at the same time I was nervous in the back of my mind because I'd been in the bottom already three times, so I was hoping that maybe this week would be different and America would choose to vote for us and keep us out of the bottom.  But I think I was scared and I kind of felt it was coming.  So when they told us we were in the bottom, I wasn't surprised."

The 27-year-old contemporary dancer from Springville, UT found himself among last week's bottom three along with Will Wingfield and Twitch Boss, and he knew it was not a good position to be in.

"When it happened I was like, 'Well, it looks like I'm going home," he told reporters.  "I was nervous.  But the thing is that I think any of the dancers that could have been down there, they were all so great that no matter who it was it would have been a hard fight.  You would have had to go down trying your best and it would have been difficult for the judges to decide."

Immediately after So You Think You Can Dance judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed the decision to boot Jasperson and his partner Comfort Fedoke, he told Jasperson he would have rather cut another female finalist instead of him.

"That did make me feel good. It was nice to hear him say that actually," Jasperson told Reality TV World.  "Going out there with my solo, I felt really strong with it and that I wanted to go out there and go down in flames if I'm going down.  When he said that he would have rather sent home two girls I was really happy.  I was glad that I at least performed my guts out."

In addition, Jasperson was constantly praised by frequent So You Think You Can Dance guest judge and choreographer Mia Michaels throughout the fourth season.

"That made me feel amazing when Mia was telling me the kind of dancer that she felt I was during the show.  I was beaming.  I couldn't have been happier," he told Reality TV World.  "She's somebody who I've looked up to for so long and have wanted to work for, so to hear her those words I was the happiest dancer alive."

Of the five male finalists who have been eliminated so far four of them have been contemporary dancers -- including Jasperson, who said having a contemporary background might have led to higher expectations.

"There was a lot of contemporary dancers, which was true in the beginning," he explained.  "But there's also been a big hip-hop push, which is great but it is kind of hard because sometimes when you're a contemporary dancer they know that you've studied a lot of different styles  so they expect you to be able to pick it up quicker.  That's not always true.  I think it just depends on the kind of dancer you are."

Jasperson was also hindered by the fact that he didn't receive Fedoke as a partner until the fourth week of the competition on the heels of his original partner -- Chelsea Traille -- receiving the boot.  He described switching partners as both "hard and exciting."

"It was fun to kind of have something new and to have a new challenge," he said.  "But I guess I didn't look at it as the way that America kind of looks and sees a couple together who they start to fall in love with, they love the idea of them being together.  They want them to date and they love the chemistry they have together.  With us being new, it takes a little bit to seep in first."
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Jasperson and Fedoke were criticized for their lack of a connection during Wednesday night's performance episode, however like Fedoke, he told reporters that he felt the couple had chemistry.

"I feel like Comfort and I had a really good chemistry together but I guess it just didn't show enough because the judges told us so," he said.

In addition to Michaels' offer, Jasperson also left his So You Think You Can Dance experience with a better understanding of various dance styles and how to perform under the gun.

"I feel like I learned so many dance styles and I learned what it is to be able to perform under pressure, to work hard and to not get any sleep and be able to pull out a great performance," he said.

As for what's next, Jasperson said he's "ecstatic" to be given the opportunity to participate in So You Think You Can Dance's North American tour this fall and isn't limiting himself to just dancing.

"I really want to be in movies and on Broadway," he said.  "I've always wanted to be in film and musicals.  I love to sing and act and I want to take on those things.  I would also love to go to Broadway and do shows and hopefully get lead roles.  That's what I'm hoping."