Temptation Island featured Evan Smith developing a crush on Morgan after their big fight and Kaci Campbell tearfully regretting the ultimatum she had given Evan about marriage during Tuesday night's episode on USA Network.

Similar to the show's original seasons that aired on Fox between 2001 and 2003, USA Network's Temptation Island reboot follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationships in which they must decide whether to stay committed to each other for the rest of their lives or go their separate ways.

The established couples are John Thurmond, 35, and Kady Cannon Krambeer, 30, who currently resides in Fort Worth, TX; Javen Butler, 25, and Shari Ligons, 25, who currently reside in San Francisco, CA; Karl Collins, 31, and Nicole Tutewohl, 25, who currently resides in Chicago, IL; and Evan Smith, 28, and Kaci Campbell, 29, who currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

The significant others -- who were at a crossroads in their relationships -- traveled together to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, to live the "single life," and each of them would have an opportunity to date up to 12 singles awaiting them.

The stakes were high and hearts were on the line, but each exclusive couple seemed pretty confident at first their bonds would outlast and conquer any temptation. However, everyone was taking a great risk.

The Temptation Island broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with the ladies in relationships gathered at the bonfire to view glimpses of their boyfriends' experiences on the island dating other women.

Shari had watched a clip of Javen drunk, telling the cameras he had "f-cked up" and hoped Shari would forgive him.

"It's over. It's done. The fact I've been feeling so weird and uncomfortable and the fact he's stepped back into his old self, I'm just done!" Shari told Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg.

"I feel so hurt and betrayed. Because I still feel like I haven't made a connection with anyone in the house because I've been so focused on him. I expected him to be the most behaved... [He]'s making an ass out of our relationship."

Shari said the fact he "crossed the line" -- even though she didn't know what that meant exactly -- was enough for her to be finished with their relationship.

Kady wasn't phased by the video she watched next, as John was simply telling another woman how Kady has a temper and expects him to read her mind. Kady, who confessed to lashing out at times, didn't think John was misbehaving at all.

Nicole then watched Karl show a woman around his bedroom. He said things were "heating up" and he felt "a lot of pressure" because many singles seemed interested in him.

Nicole told Mark that Karl held her to limits that he didn't hold himself to. She wanted them to play by the same rules, but Mark reminded her that they were playing the same game now.
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Kaci was up next, and she saw Evan revealing he's "a sucker for natural beauties" but a connection means more to him than just attraction.

"To top the connection I have with Kaci might be next to impossible, but next to impossible might be here on Temptation Island for me. And that's f-cking scary," Evan said.

Kaci explained Evan deserves the best and she really wants him to be happy, and so if she's not the right woman for him, that's okay.

"I'm kind of upset with myself because I don't need a title and I don't need a ring to realize what I have with Evan, and I'm hoping this experience doesn't ruin it," Kaci admitted.

"I had something special and now I'm risking it, and he might replace me -- even though he said he wouldn't."

The men and women in relationships felt mixed emotions after the bonfire meeting, which proved to be very eye-opening.

John told the guys it stung to hear that Kady questioned whether he would be a good father to their children. John's father apparently chose a life of smoking and drinking, and so it's always been his intention to become a great dad since he didn't have one.

Meanwhile, Shari "felt empty inside," and Kaci cried because she was feeling like an idiot. She was so mad at herself for giving Evan an "ultimatum" and didn't want to be responsible for the demise of an incredible romance.

The next day, Kaci, Kady, Shari and Nicole each made a date selection.

Kaci chose Justin Sturm, Kady picked Wynn Sarden for a date, Shari selected Tyler Sabino, and then Nicole chose James Thompson.

The guys then did the same thing, with John choosing Rachel Boerner for a date because she seemed laid-back and low maintenance, Evan picking Morgan so they could fix some issues between them, Javen selecting Erica Steinhauer, and Karl picking Allie Dimeco.

Morgan was very surprised to be picked for a date because she had an altercation with Evan. She admitted to feeling "overwhelmed" by his decision.

The committed ladies took their dates horseback riding -- which Kady loved because she could embrace her country roots -- and the committed men took their dates ziplining.

Kady and Wynn definitely connected with each other. While he wasn't exactly her physical type, he had depth and she found him to be very funny.

Rachel revealed to John on their date her ex had kicked her out of the house and moved on immediately, allowing another woman to move in. John felt very comfortable with Rachel, and she got the vibe he was giving up on Kady because of her prior comments.

Morgan said there had been "a complete turn of events" because Evan actually seemed really cool. The pair agreed to start fresh and bury the past.

Meanwhile, Kaci said Justin was "an amazing guy" because he seemed sincere and was easy to talk to. She could also tell Justin had a big heart.

Kaci told Justin that Evan had cheated on her in the past, and Justin made her realize that if she didn't end up with Evan at the end of this process, she needed to cut him out of her life and move on. She acknowledged how she deserved more.

Shari enjoyed Tyler's cool and laid-back vibe, and then Erica gushed about having so much fun with Javen because he had loosened up and was coming out of his shell.

While the guys were gone, Jeffri Lauren came up with an idea to write Javen a sweet message on his bathroom mirror with red lipstick from a secret admirer. She wanted to stir things up a little bit, and Tara Oslick noted these single girls had "game" and she just hoped she could keep up.

After the dates, Val got to know Kaci a little better and he called her "a beautiful human being." He loved her giggle and thought she was beautiful on the inside and the outside. He hoped Kaci would end up with a man who treats her right.

Javen soon found out that multiple women were in on the lipstick prank, and Brittney gushed about how wonderful Javen seemed to be. She appreciated his dry wit and innocent, child-like qualities about his quirky personality.

Evan and Morgan were then shown hanging out at the guys' villa, and what started as a quest for friendship had blossomed into something more.

"I'm so glad I picked her on that date. I started the day thinking I was just trying to make ammends, and it ended up being my strongest connection in the house by far," Evan said in a confessional.

Morgan then admitted to Evan that she had a crush on him. Evan had a crush on Morgan as well and intended to see where things could go.

Afterward, the committed ladies really enjoyed themselves when the single men put on a talent show for them -- which included dancing, beatboxing, and poetry.

Nicole then talked to Jack Allen about how she tended to be a cold-hearted person, but she allowed herself to be vulnerable with him and open up.

The episode concluded with the men arriving at the bonfire to catch a glimpse of how their girlfriends were behaving on the island.

Karl watched Nicole cry over Jack's poem and then hug him, but Karl said he wasn't affected by that scene at all. Karl could tell Nicole was having fun and he was actually very surprised that poem made her cry to begin with.

Javen then saw Shari crying over Javen's previous betrayal. Shari also admitted that she had lost her personality given she's been in a relationship for so long. Javen wasn't shocked to see Shari cry because she's an emotional girl.

John was up next and witnessed Kady bonding with Wynn. Kady was shown gushing about Wynn's personality and how it meshed well with her own.

John told Mark that his father had committed suicide five years ago and so Kady's previous video bothered him more because of the comments regarding how he'd be as a father. Evan couldn't believe Kady could say something like that after learning about John's past.

Evan then watched Justin tell Kaci that a cheater is always a cheater because he clearly lacks respect for his girlfriend. Justin acknowledged someone who cheats just doesn't care about his significant other very much.

Evan was really bothered by Justin's statements, telling the cameras, "I stepped out on Kaci a long time ago. That sh-t is a very, very sore subject with me. I understand what it did to my own family, and I hold guilt for what I've done in that past. But that's so old. It's old news."
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