Temptation Island featured Casey Starchak bawling over the idea of losing Ashley Howland for good and Ashley Goldson and Kalaan "KB" Brown getting into a blowout fight that ended the connection they had during Thursday night's Season 2 broadcast of the USA Network revival.

Temptation Island follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationships in which they must decide whether to stay committed to each other for the rest of their lives or go their separate ways.


The couples -- who were at a crossroads in their relationships -- traveled together to a tropical paradise, where they were given the opportunity to live the "single life" in attempt to determine whether or not being single was exactly what they wanted.

The stakes were high and hearts were on the line, but each exclusive couple seemed pretty confident their bonds would outlast and conquer any temptation. However, everyone was taking a great risk.

Ashley G., a 30-year-old store manager from Boston, MA, and Rick Fleur, a 32-year-old model from Mattapan, MA, had been dating for four years on and off prior to the show.

Ashley H., a 25-year-old dental assistant, and Casey, a 25-year-old in online sales, lived in Deland, FL, and had been dating for a year-and-a-half prior to the show.

Kate Griffith, a 34-year-old sales consultant, and David Benavidez, a 28-year-old software sales representative, lived in Hoboken, NJ, and had been dating for three years prior to the show.

And Esonica Veira, a 30-year-old former Miss Virgin Islands, and Gavin Rocker, a 26-year-old in private security, lived in Decatur, GA, and had been dating for a little over one year prior to going on the show.

The Temptation Island broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with Casey watching Ashley H. kiss a man after a date and then make out with him in bed later as he was lying on top of her.

Casey had tears in his eyes and punched the bench he was sitting on with his fist multiple times.

"F-ck!" Casey yelled, as he appeared to be totally shocked and distressed.

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Casey even admitted he felt like his life was over.

"This was her rule -- no kissing and no intimacy. That was not just a drunk decision. That was them [kissing] during the day," Casey said before he placed his head into his hands and cried.

"What the f-ck?! We didn't have a bad relationship at all. We were awesome together! And the thought of cheating on her has never popped into my head once in my life."

Temptation Island host told Casey that he had the ability to grow into the man Ashley H. didn't even know she needed.

Casey cried and told the cameras, "Those are probably two of the worst clips I could ever imagine seeing in my life. I thought for a fact we were the strongest couple here. I definitely regret bringing Ashley here."

It then became time for the ladies to attend their bonfire meeting. Ashley G. acknowledged Rick was behaving in his bonfire clips and she was "the assh-le," but she wasn't sure whether he thought their relationship was worth saving.

Ashley H. expected to see Casey doing more things she didn't like, but she admitted to Mark that Ben Knobloch, a 25-year-old site supervisor from Phoenix, AZ, made her feel beautiful and better than she thought she was.

Ashley H. called kissing Ben "awesome" and said she was "happy" and actually "thanking Casey" for bringing her to the island.


Kate watched David make out with Toneata Morgan, a 23-year-old model and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. She heard him say he was considering a move to Los Angeles to be closer to her.

Kate said she didn't even recognize the man she was just watching and she didn't think his behavior had anything to do with her. Kate said David needed to figure himself out, and she was well aware of that, which is why she didn't cry and get so upset anymore.

"Have a great time and figure out who you are, because I know who I am and I know what I deserve, and he needs to figure that out for himself," Kate announced to the group.

Esonica then saw Gavin tell Mia Metcalf, a 26-year-old model and retail manager from West Allis, WI, that she was his "favorite" girl." Gavin told Mia that he was going to pursue her, and Esonica wasn't really surprised because Gavin allegedly never gave her 100 percent of him.

It was then Ashley G.'s turn, and she saw Medinah Ali, a 30-year-old podcaster from Atlanta, GA, tell Rick that he's an "amazing" great guy. Medinah expressed shock Ashley G. brought Rick to the island to begin with, but Ashley G. said Medinah had never been hurt by him before.

And finally, Payton Burgess, a 23-year-old bartender from Greenville, SC, came on the camera and spoke to Ashley H. directly, telling her that she deserved a better man than Casey.

"Ashley, I feel sorry for you, and I hope and pray you have met someone who has exceeded your expectations, who is there to connect with you and bond with you when you need somebody. Because I'm telling you right now: Casey ain't it," Payton said.

Ashley H. was in disbelief that she watched a clip of a woman's warning to her instead of Casey's own behavior. Ashley H. admitted her heart was racing so fast, and she said, "Holy sh-t."


"He obviously did something. He's clearly not in the relationship or even trying to work on it," Ashley H. said.

"May or may not be true," Mark noted.

Ashley H. said she's no longer a scared girl who thinks she needs somebody in her life.

Ashley H. stopped worrying about Casey and explained she was working on herself instead. Ashley H. felt more mature than ever and expressed to Kate and the other women she was "over it" and unsure of whether she'd want to reconcile with Casey.

Mark asked the ladies to remain a little open because the boyfriends may have grown a lot too.

While Ashley H. was away at the bonfire, Deac Conti, a 25-year-old E-commerce entrepreneur from Naples, FL, decorated her bedroom with hand-picked flowers and left her a sweet, endearing love note. Deac wanted to show Ashley H. he really cared for her and was serious about dating her.

The love note read, "Like a flower you never need to be told you're pretty. However, I will always be there to appreciate your beauty. P.S. French braids so I know it's real. You're gorgeous."

Ashley H. thought that was so nice and a man had never done that for her before. Ashley H. said she liked Deac in the beginning because he reminded her of Casey in the way he could light up a room and bring joy to people's lives.

However, Ashley H. had to follow her heart and do what was best for her, and her heart apparently led her right to Ben.

At the girls' villa, Casey moped and seemed really upset, but Samantha Hoffman, a 29-year-old flight attendant from Tampa, FL, let him know that she was there for him.

Payton didn't feel bad for Casey because of the way he had treated his girlfriend.

David was then shown telling Toneata that he really liked their connection and didn't want it to stop. David, however, was clearly still hung up on Kate. He figured Kate was mad at him for having a threesome and making that mistake.


Rick felt bad for Casey because Ashley H. had hooked up with a man just like Ashley G. had at the start of the season. Rick shut down and didn't want to talk to Medinah about the bonfire. He admitted Medinah was getting on his nerves, and he still had feelings for Ashley G. and still loved her.

Meanwhile, Casey was hugging a pillow and crying by himself. He appeared totally heartbroken.

Ashley H. then took Ben to her bedroom again, and Deac was upset and a little pissed off to see she was ignoring his kind gesture. Deac vented to the guys how Ashley H. was dead to him and she had acted a bit "rude."

Ashley H. figured Deac's gesture was just coming from a place of jealousy, and Ben agreed, so neither of them felt bad.

Ben told Ashley H. that he was surprised by his feelings for her and would behave the same way in the real world, and that's exactly what she wanted to hear. The pair therefore kissed again, and Ashley H. told the cameras Casey wanted to go on the show for attention -- and that wasn't good for their relationship.

"I know Ben would never do that. Ben is just so perfect," Ashley H. told the cameras.

Ashley G. was talking to Chris Grant, a 32-year-old special education teacher from Bronx, NY, and KB, a 36-year-old realtor from Long Beach, CA, about Deac's feelings and how Ashley H. had hurt him.

It appeared KB got frustrated Ashley G. was speaking for people, and KB kept trying to hush Ashley G., which made her want to continue talking even more. Ashley G. got frustrated and left the table, calling the men "a bunch of b-tches."

KB grew angry and then he and Ashley G. started yelling at each other.

"Somebody come get this b-tch!" KB yelled at he walked away. "Shut the f-ck up!"

"Guess what?! And I'm a b-tch ass ho?!" Ashley G. shouted back. "Bye!"

"It was a struggle doing this sh-t with you!" KB yelled.

"Oh it was such a struggle -- but you was still in my bed every day, right?" Ashley G. countered.

"I didn't want to be," KB replied.


"Guess what?! Rick is still bigger and better!" Ashley G. pointed out. "I'm so sad for you."

"Take that wig off. Show your real hair," KB added. "You ugly f-cking b-tch, get out of here!"

Ashley G. insisted she'd still be beautiful without her long hair and KB was showing exactly who he is.

"I can't even look at you. You're f-cking presence annoys me!" KB screamed.

The next day, Ashley H. and Ben woke up together and Deac was still pissed off over the way Ashley H. had treated him, and Esonica seemed to be getting closer to Kareem Thomas, a 27-year-old financial consultant from Queens, NY.

KB said he was cool on his end and the fight was a mistake, but Ashley G. said she had no desire to continue getting to know him. Ashley G. told Ashley H. that KB was "egotistical" and came to Temptation Island just so he could say, "I f-cked the girl."

Ashley G. told the cameras that she had "done everything wrong" when Rick honored and respected her. Ashley G. completely regretted her actions, because she believed Rick was trying to show he could be loyal and faithful.

Casey was also struggling to enjoy the rest of his time on Temptation Island. He missed his girlfriend and felt like a part of himself was missing, but he was "more open to" the idea of spending the rest of his life with Ashley H. than ever before.

Everyone else was having fun, but Rick decided to spend some time with Casey because Casey appeared to need a friend to confide in.


Mark then approached the committed ladies in relationships and told them they could send one or more single men home in order to improve their journeys on the show.

The girls agreed to send KB and Deac home because those two men were interfering with their progress of either finding themselves or falling in love with someone else.

Ashley G. told KB their dynamic had become more "toxic" than "beneficial" and his presence did not help her to work on herself. With that being said, KB apologized for things escalating, and he said he took "full responsibility" for his actions.

KB added that he respected Ashley G. as a woman and as a person and he wished her only the best in the future.

Ashley H. then told Deac she had tried to have more with him but it just wasn't working. She hoped to have a friendship with Deac and that he'd leave the show without being bitter. Deac told Ashley H. he was leaving Temptation Island happy and wasn't bitter at all.

Ashley H. realized the last thing she needed was to keep a guy around who reminded her of Casey. Still, it hurt Ashley H. to say goodbye to Deac, and she cried.

The guys then faced the same elimination, and David was torn because he had been forming strong connections with multiple people.

David, Rick, Gavin and Casey decided to send Samantha home because he wanted to pursue Toneata without his history with her impacting that relationship in a negative way. Samantha and David had been "frisky" before, according to Samantha, so she figured he didn't want to be tempted by her going forward.


Samantha said she looked forward to going home and finding "a real man," and she accused David of not being used to being with an independent woman. She even said he had acted "like a little b-tch."

Mark then told the guys they would be able to film a 30-second video clip to send their girlfriends. Casey thought this would be his "last chance to save [his] relationship." Casey desperately wanted to move past everything that had happened on Temptation Island.

Esonica's thoughts were "all over the place." She said she was thinking about Gavin a lot, but at the same time, Kareem was really nice.

And Ashley G. acknowledged her mistake was not sending KB home, it was "entertaining" him from the start.

Ashley H. wanted to make sure her voice was heard. She didn't know what the result of being on Temptation Island was going to be, but she admitted she'd be just fine being alone if that's how things turned out.

That night, the guys had some fun at a black-and-white party, but Rick was acting like a little bit of a loner. Medinah complained Rick didn't give her the attention she needed and was used to.

Medinah said it wasn't Rick's job to check up on Casey during this journey, insisting that's not the reason why he came to Temptation Island, but then Rick flipped out on Medinah and started yelling at her.

Rick called Medinah "selfish" and couldn't believe she was upset about him trying to make sure another guy was okay who happened to be going through a similar difficult time.

Rick realized he didn't like the person Medinah was showing herself to be, and so he told her to get away from him.

However, Rick didn't like how he had just behaved. Rick apparently used to argue with Ashley G. all the time, and instead of blaming the girls, he told the cameras he might've been the problem all along. Rick therefore appeared to apologize to Medinah, and the pair made up.

It then became time for each person in a committed relationship to view his or her video. However, each person was given the opportunity not to record one.


Ashley G. received a video message from Rick, who said he still cared about her and loved her. Rick insisted he had become a man on the show and he hoped she was growing in the same way. Ashley G. was so glad to hear that she was still on Rick's mind.

Rick watched his video from Ashley G. next, and she told her boyfriend that she had learned so much about herself and needed to focus on trusting. She said, "Through it all, I still love you."

Although the message was nice, Rick didn't see any love in Ashley G.'s eyes or heart in her words. He wondered in that moment whether Ashley G. had checked out and their relationship was over.

Following Rick, Kate was shown watching her video from David, who said, "I love you and I miss you." David said he was growing into a deeper and more emotional man and they definitely had some things to talk about.

Kate felt herself becoming a weak and emotional girl upon seeing David's face again, but she wasn't convinced he truly loved her and meant his words.

As for David, he saw Kate saying she felt confident and more secure in herself than ever.

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me here... I know what I deserve and exactly what I'm looking for. You always tell me that actions speak louder than words, and I have carried myself with nothing but dignity and respect from Day 1, and I really wish I could say the same for you," Kate told him.

David sobbed and cried after watching the video, and he felt horrible for having disrespected Kate and their relationship. David said he never intentionally hurt somebody in his life, and he couldn't believe how he had treated Kate, his best friend and partner in life.

"It's just the worst feeling ever," David admitted.

Esonica was hoping for confirmation on where she and Gavin stood, and Gavin said he had grown into a man she would probably be proud of. Gavin said he was a better man and he hoped she had grown as a woman too.

Esonica had to figure out what she wanted and what she deserved. She wondered if she should walk a different path than returning to Gavin, but she wasn't sure.


The journey had made Gavin realize he "really loved" his girlfriend, and he watched a video of Esonica saying she had evolved as a person. Esonica admitted she was questioning whether Gavin was The One for her, and she was questioning his genuine growth in this process.

"This experience has confirmed our relationship, and I'm realizing I really do love Esonica and I do want to be with her. But at the same time, it looks like she might be realizing the opposite. I know she's been going out with Kareem a lot," Gavin told the cameras.

Ashley H. was hoping to see Casey had improved as man, and when she watched his video clip, he gushed about his love for her.

"Ashley, it's been so hard without you. You're the only thing I ever talk about and the only thing that's keeping me going, is just thinking about your beautiful smile and your gorgeous eyes looking up at me when I hold you," Casey told her.

"I've seen some things that really hurt, but I want to let you know it's okay because I love you. And since our first day apart, I've realized that I cannot live without you. I am ready for our lives together and I want to marry you and I want to have a family with you."

Casey concluded, "I'm sorry I made you feel like it was your issue -- it's been my issue the whole time. But I'm a better man and I love you, baby baby."

Ashley H. had been waiting to hear that for so long, and she couldn't believe it took Temptation Island for Casey to realize he wanted to marry her. Ashley H. still didn't regret anything she had done.

Casey was terrified Ashley H. chose not to leave him a video, but she did.

Ashley H. told Casey that she thought about him and woke up a happier person every day because she had become a stronger woman. Ashley H. said she had no more jealousy issues or insecurities.

Ashley H. thanked Casey for bringing her to Temptation Island and said she didn't regret anything.

Casey said Ashley H. was all happiness and smiles while he was miserable and just wanted to be back with her. He was upset Ashley H. didn't express love for him, and he wondered whether she was just happy with this new guy who had apparently given her clarity.

"She is happy without me," Casey said in tears.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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