Amber Portwood has revealed she is going to enter rehab.

"I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression," the troubled Teen Mom star told Star magazine, RadarOnline reported Wednesday.

"I'm on medication at the moment to just help me relax. I'm in a vulnerable state right now, and I know people want a lot of answers."

Portwood -- who was hospitalized for three days after she allegedly threatened to commit suicide last week -- will reportedly be undergoing rehab in California but has some things to take care of first.

"Before I go to California, I'm pursuing help with a psychiatrist," Portwood told Star, adding that her two-year-old daughter Leah has been serving as her source of inspiration for cleaning up her act. 

"My daughter is keeping me strong," the 21-year-old reality TV star added.

Portwood was taken to the hospital last week after Gary Shirley -- Leah's father and Portwood's on-again, off-again fiance -- called 911 and told police he'd been speaking with Portwood by phone and she had threatened to end her life. While she didn't appear to be injured, Portwood was reportedly found unconscious with a rope around her neck when police arrived at her home.

The Teen Mom star was then transported to St. John's Hospital for further evaluation and allegedly told hospital employees she had taken unspecified pills. Portwood was subsequently released after what is believed to have been a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation, which is standard procedure for incidents involving a suicide attempt.