Jenelle Evans is facing heroin possession and assault charges.

The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested and arraigned on Tuesday after authorities responded to a domestic dispute between Evans and her husband Courtland Rogers and discovered 12 bindles of heroin in her home, Us Weekly reported.     

"Jenelle was brought into the courtroom [Tuesday]," Evans' lawyer Dustin Sullivan told Us of the 21-year-old mom, who may face jail time.

"She didn't have regular jail garb on, they had just brought her from virtually off the street. They did a bond hearing and set her bond and then set the court dates. Her bond was set at $10,000 for simple assault and $10,000 for possession of heroin."

Evans was reportedly taken into custody after police were called to her Brunswick, NC residence and discovered the heroin in addition to a few other illegal substances and drug paraphernalia. The reality TV star was also charged with multiple assault counts for allegedly throwing a piece of furniture at Rogers, 27, during their brawl.

"Courtland and Jenelle are not allowed to have any contact with each other whatsoever, even as husband and wife," Sullivan told Us. "That is going to stay in place until the case is resolved or unless the judge changes that order. And I'm confident that there will not be any judge to change that order."

The couple could reportedly spend up to 30 days in jail if either party violates the "no contact" order. It allegedly may apply to online communication as well, as Evans and Rogers have been known to battle it out on Twitter for public viewing. 

According to Us, a court appearance has been scheduled for May 14 at Brunswick County District Court to address Evans' drug charges, while another hearing has been set for the assault charges on June 3. 

Evans and Rogers will reportedly not be allowed to contact one another until the case is closed. Sullivan said "it could be months" until both sides reach a settlement, and while a divorce "has not been discussed," the potential option would result in a very long process.

"In North Carolina, you have to have a one-year separation period before you're eligible to even become divorced," Evans' lawyer added.

Evans, who is mom to three-year-old Jace, had reportedly checked herself into rehab in late February for allegedly abusing heroin.

"Everyone has been worried about Jenelle doing heroin, even though she was denying that for a long time," a source told RadarOnline at the time. "Jenelle has been through the wringer lately. She got married to a guy that she now thinks is a disaster, got pregnant, had a miscarriage and is basically falling apart."

Evans had also filed four assault charges against Rogers and demanded a divorce via Twitter in early February. The pair got engaged in November and then wed in December in a quickie ceremony last year.