SyFy has announced it has ordered Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, a new reality series starring Top Chef second-season runner-up Marcel Vigneron.

Each Marcel's Quantum Kitchen episode will follow the molecular gastronomist and his new catering and event company as they concoct a theme and cuisine at the request of different clientele.

Some of the events Vigneron will plan will include a fairytale graduation party, a Goth-rock fashion show, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new subway line.

SyFy began developing Marcel's Quantum Kitchen in March and it is being produced by Intuitive Entertainment.

In addition to Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, SyFy also announced it has ordered Paranormal Witness, a new reality series that will mix firsthand testimony and realistic drama to recreate paranormal experiences that defy explanation, and Face Off, a competition/elimination series that will pit special-effects make-up artists against each other.

"We couldn't be more excited to see these shows move forward," said SyFy executive Mark Stern.

"Whether it's pushing the scientific boundaries of cooking, immersing us in first-person accounts of paranormal encounters, or exploring the creative artists behind special effects make-up, each of these series underscores the increasing breadth of Syfy's diverse brand."