Hoping to squeeze every last ratings point out of 'Survivor: The Australian Outback' CBS will air the one-hour special 'Survivor: Back From the Outback' a week after the contest's $1 million winner is revealed.

'Back From the Outback' will air May 10 at 8 p.m.; the special follows the 16 'Survivor' contestants as they return home and deal with their newfound fame. The hour also will feature interviews with the original 'Survivor' castmates.

'Back From the Outback' pushes the 'Survivor' franchise into the third week of sweeps. It also sets up a battle between old-school 'Survivor' and new-school 'Survivor': The second half-hour of 'Back From the Outback' airs against NBC's special half-hour edition of 'Weakest Link' featuring a handful of original 'Survivors.'

Source: Yahoo!/Variety"