CBS has announced that they will be revealing which "Survivor: The Australian Outback" contestant gets to take home the $1 million dollar grand prize on Thursday, May 3, in a special two-hour finale. The show will then be followed by a live one-hour reunion of all 16 contestants, hosted by "The Early Show's" Bryant Gumbel.

In the final episode, the last three outbackers will be whittled down to two in a final Tribal Council meeting. The two contestants left will get to state their case of why they should win the $1 million to a jury made up of the last seven contestants voted out of the Outback. (Note the change versus Survivor 1's finale in which FOUR survivors were still alive when the episode began.)

Additionally, the actual CBS press release finally officially confirms the voting lockbox, stating that "The votes cast during the final tribal council in the Outback were sealed and have been kept under lock and key so that the outcome can be unveiled LIVE during the final show."