Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X castaway Mari Takahashi was voted off her Vanua (Millennials) Tribe during Wednesday night's Episode 2 broadcast on CBS.

Mari, a 31-year-old professional gamer from Los Angeles, CA, became the second castaway voted out of Season 33 of Survivor on Night 7 at the game's second Tribal Council session.

The Millennials tribe had to vote one of their members off after they lost the game's second Immunity Challenge to the opposing Takali (Gen-X) tribe, resulting in the younger tribe's first trip to Tribal Council.

Mari was appeared to have been completely blindsided by her vote-off and expected her tribe would be voting off Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa instead.

"I got snagged from a mile away, and I never saw it coming," Mari said following her ouster.

"Survivor is the toughest game I've ever played, because it pulls on the heartstrings, and playing with human emotion is completely different from playing on a 2-D screen.  And it hurts man, that's all I can say, it hurts."

Mari had expected Figgy, a 23-year-old bartender from Nashville, TN, would be going home because she had openly started a romantic relationship with fellow tribemate Taylor Stocker, a 24-year-old ski instructor from Post Falls, ID.

Most of the Vanua tribe members viewed the Figgy and Taylor as a threat to emerge as a power couple and believed they had secured enough votes to vote Figgy off at Tribal Council. 

However the couple's two closest allies -- Justin "Jay" Starrett and Michelle Schubert -- were able to convince tribemates Michaela Bradshaw, Will Wahl and Hannah Shapiro to change the plan and vote Mari off instead.

The vote also appeared to surprise remaining Vanua tribe members Adam Klein and Zeke Smith, who stuck with the original plan and voted to vote off Figgy.
About The Author: Steven Rogers
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