Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers voted out Ali Elliott during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Ali, a 24-year-old celebrity assistant from Eastvale, CA who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, was voted out of her "Soko" tribe on Night 16 of the game through a 3-1 vote instead of her personal target, JP Hilsabeck, a 28-year-old firefighter from Los Angeles, CA.

"I guess I let a little twerp like [Ryan Ulrich] ruin my whole game. And [Chrissy Hofbeck] is the liar of all liars. If she lies that way for the rest of the game, she's going to win," Ali said following her ouster.

"I came into this game thinking that I was just going to play with all of my head, and maybe I did add my heart in. Maybe I trusted people a little too much and that's what got me."

On Night 14 of the game, the Soko tribe was adjusting to its new dynamic after voting out Roark Luskin.

The Soko tribe was comprised of original Heroes, Chrissy, a 46-year-old financial analyst from Glen Gardner, NJ, and JP, a 28-year-old firefighter from Los Angeles, CA, as well as original Hustlers Ali and Ryan, a 23-year-old bellhop from North Arlington, NJ.

Chrissy said Ryan how he believes he can get further in the game with herself rather than Ali, but Ali was really upset since she and Ryan had been the tightest of allies since the beginning of the game. Ali wished Ryan had told her the plan to vote out Roark, saying she would've been fine with it -- which Ryan wasn't buying.

Ali accused Ryan of not trusting her, but he assured her that it was only Roark whom he did not trust. Ali told Ryan that she would've done whatever he told her to do, but Ryan argued that wasn't true because she had become close friends with Roark.

Ali felt very alone in the game and didn't think she could trust Ryan again. Meanwhile, Ryan said it was "a really bad look for" Ali to get so angry with him, and considering it's very bad to have enemies in this game, he might have to take her out next.

Footage then flashed to the "Yawa" camp on Day 15 of the game.

The new Yawa tribe was comprised of (Healers) Jessica Johnston, a 29-year-old nurse practitioner from Cape Girardeau, MO who currently resides in Louisville, KY; Mike "Dr. Mike" Zahalsky, a 43-year-old urologist from Parkland, FL; and Cole Medders, a 24-year-old wilderness therapy guide from Little Rock, AR; as well as (Hustler) Lauren Rimmer, a 35-year-old fisherman from Beaufort, NC, and (Hero) Ben Driebergen, a 34-year-old U.S. Marine from Boise, ID.

Mike went spear fishing and caught a tiny fish that he was so proud of. Mike was excited to provide for his tribe -- even though it wasn't much -- and prove he can play this game. The tribe was proud of Mike for his accomplishment, but they got a few laughs out of him at the same time.

Ben realized that Mike shared a tiny fish with the tribe but Cole caught a large fish and ate the whole thing himself. Ben told the cameras it was alarming that Cole was only thinking about himself. It also became apparent that Cole was always hungry when the rest of the tribe was pretty satisfied.
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Cole explained that he needed enough food to ensure he could perform well in challenges, but he was really butting heads with Lauren since he became a little irritable when hungry.

Lauren was also concerned about Cole being a power couple with Jessica. Lauren told the cameras, however, that Jessica was starting to see Cole's true colors, about how he lives in a van and "throws a fit" when he doesn't get his way.

Lauren felt much better about Ben and herself being at the bottom of the tribe since Cole was basically digging his own grave. Lauren was also pretty certain they could convince Mike to work with them instead of Cole and Jessica.

On Day 15, the three tribes gathered together and met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

"Levu" was comprised of (Healers) Joe Mena, a 34-year-old probation officer from Bronx, NY who currently resides in Tolland, CT, and Desi Williams, a 27-year-old physical therapist from Peachtree City, GA who currently resides in Newport News, VA; (Hustler) Devon Pinto, a 23-year-old surf instructor from Carlsbad, CA who currently resides in Solana Beach, CA; and (Hero) Ashley Nolan, a 26-year-old lifeguard from Satellite Beach, FL.

For the Reward Challenge, each tribe was required to race out to a set of poles and then use those poles to transport a buoy across a balance beam. The buoy released a boat, and then they must pull the boat to the finish line, where one player would use a giant slingshot to knock down two targets.

The winning tribe would receive 10 pizzas in addition to ice cold soft drinks, while the second tribe to finish would get to share one pizza.

Mike sat out of the challenge, and thanks to JP, Soko ended up winning Reward. JP felt good about the fact his tribe needed him "100 percent" to win challenges.

Yawa finished in second place, leaving Levu upset and hungry. Joe and Devon had struggled to knock down the targets for Levu.

After the challenge, Ryan called JP "a 10," complimenting the player's ability in physical challenges. While it was great for their tribe right now, Ryan said it made Ryan a huge threat come the merge.

Ryan noted that JP was also tough to read because he never talked much strategy and never really spoke his mind. Ryan joked about how JP just spoke of "chicks and bars" and didn't understand that Survivor is largely a social game.

Ryan realized it should be priority "number one" to take out a big physical threat before the merge, adding that it was amazing JP was even still in the game.

Over at Levu's camp, Ashley explained how she's in "an unbreakable alliance" with Devon. They were ready to make the vote 2-2 at Tribal Council, thinking there was a decent chance Desi might flip on Joe.

Devon thought everything Joe did was "suspicious," and he never left the player alone in order to make sure Joe didn't find another hidden Immunity Idol. Ashley told Desi that Joe was a very dangerous, strategic player, and Desi totally agreed.

While Desi trusted Joe at least for right now, she acknowledged he would probably drop her no problem in order to advance himself. She therefore admitted she'd have no problem him out, because if he got to the end, he'd probably win.

Meanwhile, Joe was well aware that Devon was watching him like a hawk. Joe bragged about being "dangerous" in this game because of his ability to control the situation and manipulate others. While walking around, Joe actually found another clue to a hidden Immunity Idol -- a similar clue he had found before at the Healers camp.

Joe therefore knew he had to dig near the well in order to find the hidden Immunity Idol, and he accomplished the task later that night. Joe was going to keep his idol a total secret, because he didn't really like the fact Cole had knowledge of his last one. Joe was confident he'd find the idol come the merge as well.

On Day 16, Cole randomly fainted at camp and didn't remember what happened. Jessica allowed Cole to eat her food for that day, and the tribe also made sure he was hydrated. Jessica just wanted to hold Cole, and she realized in that moment how much she truly cared for him. Jessica wasn't ready to play Survivor without her guy.

But Mike noted that Cole had become "a liability" because everyone would have to drag him along. Mike figured the tribe should get rid of him next, and Ben agreed, saying that he was tired of "babying" and "catering to" Cole. Lauren was also onboard with targeting Cole next, but Jessica had no idea.

It then became time for the season's next Immunity Challenge.

Each tribe was instructed to stand in a circle and pull on a rope suspending a disk in the middle of all of them. They had to work together to stack blocks while balancing that disk in order to spell "Immunity." If at any point the blocks fell, the tribe had to start all over again.

Yawa sat out Lauren for the challenge. Soko and Levu were in the lead, but then both tribes dropped all of their blocks and had to begin again. But when Yawa had a huge lead, they also dropped their blocks.

The competition was extremely close, but in the end, Yawa won and Levu placed second. That meant that Soko would be going back to Tribal again.

Later that day, on Day 16, Ali knew her name was on the line, and she was really nervous about getting eliminated. JP pointed out to the cameras that Ali was next and there was nothing she could do about it, but Ryan was wavering on the decision since Ali was the obvious target but JP was a big physical threat.

In order to vote out JP, however, Ryan felt the need to make up with Ali and apologize to her so that they could become friends, or at least allies, again.

As a result, Ryan confessed to Ali that he should have warned her about Roark's vote-off and would absolutely have her back going forward. Since Ali just needed to survive one or two more votes to make the merge, she put on her best face for Ryan.

Ali then talked to Ryan and Chrissy separately about how big of a threat JP would be at the merge. Ali seemed to whole-heartedly believe that Ryan and Chrissy were going to team up with her to take JP out. Ali thought she could trust the pair.

But Chrissy didn't know whether she could really trust Ali moving forward since the original Hustler had voted for her at the prior Tribal Council. Either way, the decision was in Ryan and Chrissy's hands, and Ryan couldn't believe that both JP and Ali wanted to work with him considering he was a self-declared "weasel."

At Tribal Council that night, JP admitted to Jeff that guys like him are typically voted off at this time so he was definitely worried. Ali added that no one ever knew what JP was thinking, which was scary, and Chrissy agreed that he played a quiet game.

JP was reluctant to defend himself in this situation because he didn't want to shine a light on himself even brighter.

Before casting his vote, JP announced that he should be more of a social player and probably should've played a better social game from the beginning. JP said that if he survived the vote, it was going to serve as a wake-up call.

Jeff then read the votes aloud: Ali, JP, Ali, and Ali.

"You're kidding me," Ali said with her face in her hands. "Good luck beating [JP]. Wow."