Survivor: Ghost Island's Lavita tribe voted out Chelsea Townsend during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

Chelsea, a 24-year-old EMT and former professional cheerleader from Salt Lake City, UT, was voted out of the game on Night 32 through a 5-3 vote at Tribal Council instead of Wendell Holland, a 33-year-old furniture company owner from Philadelphia, PA.

Chelsea therefore became the sixth member of the Survivor: Ghost Island jury.

"As a Survivor fan, I am so grateful. I actually have no regrets with this Tribal. I knew I wanted to make a big move tonight and I'm proud that I went for it. Even though it didn't pan out in my favor, I can go out saying I went out with a bang and I went out fighting," Chelsea said following her ouster.

The Survivor broadcast began on Night 29 of the game, with Kellyn Bechtold admitting to the tribe she was the person who had an extra vote. But by announcing that, Laurel Johnson realized Kellyn -- her supposed ally -- had put two votes on her.

Kellyn explained she figured she'd be getting one vote at the previous Tribal Council and she didn't want to be the person going home in case Michael Yerger really had a hidden Immunity Idol to play.

Laurel acknowledged Wendell and Domenick Abbate had stuck by her but the game was starting to become every man for himself.

On Day 31, the Lavita tribe met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

Each castaway was required to race to retrieve a sandbag, move through a series of obstacles to the finish, and then attempt to land his or her sandbag on a small table.

The winner of the challenge would be taken to a beautiful spot, where the castaway would enjoy chicken, burgers, ribs, pastries, and ice cream.

But first, Jeff announced each player was going to receive a visit from a loved one, which immediately got the tears flowing.

Wendell was reunited with his father Wendell Sr., Kellyn got to see her older brother Clay, and Donathan Hurley hugged it out with his aunt Patty.

Angela had an emotional moment with her daughter Paige, Chelsea got some love from her sister Sydney, Laurel was so glad to see her big brother Frank, Sebastian Noel was reunited with his beloved little sister Grace, and Domenick got to see his wife Kristin again.
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Although the castaways gave the challenge everything they had, Sebastian ended up being the winner.

Sebastian got to choose one person to join him on the Reward, and he picked "the biggest family man" on the show -- Domenick. Sebastian got to choose a second person to join him, and he picked Wendell. And finally, a third player could go on the Reward, and Sebastian selected Donathan.

Sebastian had another tough decision to make. Jeff asked him to send someone to Ghost Island, where an advantage definitely awaited that person.

Sebastian could choose to send himself to Ghost Island -- but then he'd miss out on the Reward with his sister -- or ask one of the three people chosen to enjoy the Reward with him to go.

If either Domenick, Wendell or Donathan opted to pay Ghost Island a visit, he would have to say goodbye to his loved one and miss out on the feast. However, if Sebastian was unable to pick a person, the decision would be handed over to the four girls.

Sebastian announced he did not want to go to Ghost Island, but then he asked either Domenick, Wendell or Donathan to volunteer. Domenick seemed to consider the opportunity, but Wendell wanted the advantage and immediately stepped up to the plate.

Kellyn couldn't believe the boys were confident enough to leave four frustrated girls back at camp by themselves. Kellyn thought the guys had reason to worry, and she intended to orchestrate a plan with the ladies.

Once Wendell said goodbye to his father and arrived on Ghost Island, he earned Malcolm Freberg's second-chance advantage from Survivor's 25th season. When Malcolm played, he received a second chance in the Individual Immunity Challenge, which required the castaways to balance a ball on a cylinder. 

Despite having two attempts to win that Individual Immunity Challenge, Malcolm still lost and was voted out that very night.

While at Ghost Island, Wendell was also apparently able to practice the challenge.

Meanwhile, Domenick insisted to Donathan and Sebastian on their Reward he was committed to them going forward in the game.

But Donathan was well aware Wendell and Dom were the biggest threats left. Donathan confessed to the cameras he needed to be more aggressive and take shots if necessary.

Back at camp, the girls made themselves a meal and were pretty pissed off. The girls therefore agreed to pull Donathan in with them and vote out Domenick or Wendell. The girls agreed both guys had been running the show and they needed to be split up.

The girls also decided they should try to blindside Domenick first since Wendell might have "tricks up his sleeve" after going to Ghost Island.

Laurel didn't trust Kellyn, but she noted it could be "mutually beneficial" to work with each other on this vote. Laurel said it was time to make a big move; however, she was nervous knowing both Domenick and Wendell had an idol to play if they felt they were in trouble.

On Day 32, the Lavita tribe met Jeff again for the season's next Individual Immunity Challenge, and Wendell returned to the group.

For the challenge, Jeff instructed each player to hold two handles at either end of a wooden cylinder and balance a small ball on that cylinder. At regular intervals, more sections would be added to the cylinder, making it more difficult to balance the ball.

If a ball dropped at any time, that person would be out of the challenge. But the winner would be guaranteed a one in seven shot of winning the $1 million grand prize.

Before the challenge commenced, Wendell announced his advantage.

The order in which the castaways lost the challenge was as follows: Kellyn, Angela, Wendell -- who dropped both of his balls back to back -- Sebastian, Laurel, Chelsea, Donathan and finally Domenick.

This marked Domenick's second Individual Immunity win of the season, and he was thrilled. Viewers, however, could see the annoyance on Chelsea's face, as she was shaking her head side to side in disbelief and frustration.

When heading back to camp, Kelly pointed out that Laurel and Donathan were in the middle of two sides, and both the girls and the guys were going to need their votes.

Wendell felt secure within his alliance, and Domenick suggested the four guys, plus Laurel, should get rid of Chelsea since she was an Immunity Challenge beast. Meanwhile, the girls plotted to vote Wendell out, although they would pretend to still be "Naviti Strong."

Chelsea, Kellyn, Laurel and Angela then spoke to Donathan about their plan to take a shot at Wendell when they had a chance. Chelsea pointed out how Wendell was smart and strategic and the biggest threat left in the game.

But Wendell and Domenick were convinced they had Laurel, Donathan and Sebastian working with them, but Wendell was ready to play his idol at the next Tribal Council even if someone just blinked at him the wrong way.

Donathan was then shown telling Laurel that he wanted to "go big or go home."

Laurel's dilemma was that she trusted the guys but figured she could not beat them in the end, whereas she assumed she could beat the girls but did not trust them enough to take her to the end.

Laurel feared Wendell and Domenick's idols, but she also knew this next Tribal Council would probably be the last time the two guys truly felt safe enough to keep their idols in their pockets.

Laurel recognized this would be the time for a successful blindside, because Wendell would not see his ouster coming.

At Tribal Council that night, Donathan announced there was a crack or an opening in the "Naviti Six."

Domenick and Wendell appeared concerned over Donathan's statement, and Kellyn also admitted her heart was in her throat. Laurel, an original Malolo, had a secret alliance with Domenick and Wendell, so she pretended to be in the dark over whether there was a crack in original Naviti.

Donathan was also blunt with Jeff, saying the girls and guys had approached him separately with different plans.

Chelsea explained the game at this point was like Bumper Cars, because everyone was heading in different directions and no one knew when they'd be targeted or get hit.

When it became time for the castaways to play any idols or advantages after votes were cast, Wendell chose not to play his idol.

Chelsea was then voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island with five votes from Domenick, Wendell, Sebastian, Laurel and Donathan. Chelsea, Kellyn and Angela had voted for Wendell.

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