Survivor: Game Changers' format and returnees cast have been partially revealed by CBS.

CBS has confirmed Survivor's upcoming 34th edition will be titled Survivor: Game Changers and feature a cast of prior castaways returning for another shot to win a million dollars.

According to the season's theme, the veteran castaways made memorable moves, played with impressive strategies, and some of them have even won the game before -- in some cases, multiple times.

In a preview video that played during Wednesday night's live reunion special for Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, some of the cast was announced. 

The video also showed the following Survivor: Game Changers castaways in action: Aubry Bracco, Caleb Reynolds, Michaela Bradshaw, Cirie Fields, James "J.T." Thomas, Tony Vlachos, Malcolm Freberg, Ciera Eastin, Tai Trang, and Sandra Diaz-Twine.

In addition, Survivor host Jeff Probst introduced some of the returning players in the CBS studio. Michaela was sitting with the Millennials vs. Gen X cast, and then Jeff invited Tony, Tai, Caleb, Ciera, Cirie, Sandra and Ozzy Lusth to join him on the stage.

"The players have evolved the game by pushing the boundaries with risky, game-changing moves; brilliant psychological manipulation; innovating methods for gathering information; and all-in, million-dollar moves at Tribal Council," Jeff said in the preview video of next season.

"The gameplay has become so unpredictable that getting to the end now demands risking it all. Next season, we are bringing together the most competitive players ever assembled to battle it out in Fiji... launching the game into its next evolution."

Although they were not disclosed Wednesday night, according to online spoilers, the rest of Survivor: Game Changers' cast will be comprised of Andrea Boehlke, Brad Culpepper, Debbie Wanner, Hali Ford, Jeff Varner, Sarah Lacina, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson and Zeke Smith

"This is going to be so fun!... We're going to have a great time. Season 34, Survivor: Game Changers... It premieres in March and it's really good!" Jeff told viewers before the live reunion show wrapped.

Survivor: Game Changers filmed in Fiji in June and July 2016 shortly after Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X also finished production in Fiji. The new season is set to premiere Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 8PM ET/PT with a special two-hour episode on CBS.

The series will then move to its regular timeslot of Wednesday nights from 8-9PM ET/PT beginning on March 15.