Survivor: Game Changers featured a two-tribe Tribal Council twist that resulted in Malcolm Freberg's ouster during Season 34's third episode Wednesday night on CBS.

After losing the season's fourth Immunity Challenge in which a "caller" on each tribe had to lead castaways through a series of obstacles before solving a table maze, the new Nuku and Mana tribes were forced to attend Tribal Council on Night 11. In a 6-5 vote with Malcolm's Nuku tribe having the majority, Sierra Dawn Thomas was technically voted out of the game with six votes.

However, thanks to information James "J.T." Thomas leaked to a close ally on his former tribe, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang played a hidden Immunity Idol for Sierra and therefore sent Malcolm, a 29-year-old from Hermosa Beach, CA, packing since he received the next highest number of votes.

"I'm going to vomit," Malcolm said at the end of the wild Tribal Council session, before telling the cameras in his final words, "I'm a little in shock at the moment. It's nice to go out at the most ridiculous Tribal Council in the history of Tribal Councils, but right now, I'm pissed."

The former Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites and Survivor: Philippines castaway continued, "[James "J.T." Thomas] isn't getting a Christmas card. Stupid kid couldn't keep his mouth shut, and [with that], one of the biggest experiences of your life just came to an extremely premature end, and it's hard to swallow." 

The Mana tribe wanted to take out strong physical threats at this point in the game, and all signs pointed to Malcolm.

Mana's players Brad, Tai, Sierra, Hali Ford and Debbie Wanner voted to oust Malcolm from Survivor: Game Changers. Nuku's castaways Malcolm, J.T., Jeff Varner, Michaela Bradshaw, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Aubry Bracco attempted to vote Sierra out of the game.   

At Tribal Council with 11 players present, it quickly became clear that Hali was on the outs of Mana, and J.T. Thomas was a wild card on Nuku since the players he previously worked with and became close to were on the opposing tribe after the three-tribe swap.

Hali made it known she was willing to make a big move and potentially flip on Mana, but Sandra ordered everyone to vote before Hali really knew what Nuku's official plan was and consented to it. Hali told Sandra she'd probably regret not talking things out more.

J.T., on the other hand, swore he was loyal to his new Nuku tribe, especially his buddy Malcolm. But while the castaways were running around, whispering in each other's ears and chatting about strategy at Tribal Council, J.T. had a chance to run over to Brad and tell him that Nuku was voting for Sierra.

But it appeared each tribe questioned and wavered on their choice of whom to vote for from that point forward. Sandra told Nuku that Hali wanted Brad out and so maybe they should vote for him. J.T. later told Brad to vote for Sandra.

However, Brad ordered his tribe to keep their original plan, which clearly turned out to be the Malcolm vote. J.T.'s leak of information also allowed Mana to play their idol for Sierra in the hope she was the actual target.
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When Malcolm left the game, J.T. appeared to be crying, and Michaela pointed out that J.T. had probably pulled a fast one on them and set them up.

Earlier in the episode, J.T. and Malcolm had discussed how Mana might try to go after Sandra since she was a big threat. The guys seemed to agree that voting Sandra was the way to go in order to take her out early. J.T. had also thrown out Tai's name as a possible vote target since he's so "sneaky."

Nuku had also won the Reward Challenge thanks to J.T. and Malcolm, who enjoyed coffee with their tribe.

Cirie Fields on the new Tavua tribe -- which was also comprised of Troy "Troyzan" Robertson, Sarah Lacina, Zeke Smith, Ozzy Lusth, and Andrea Boehlke -- had revealed after the challenge that Troyzan was hanging on by a thread.